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Best Lupo GTi

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Lupo GTi's ONLY

Nominations to be made here. You cannot nominate yourself. Any nominated cars will make it to a vote.

No pictures please, and discussions kept to a minimum. Ideally your post should only contain the name of your nomination and, if you wish, a short message to say why.

Thanks :)

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Colin - speaks for itself really.

Fattty - lovely car, red interior, wheels and mirror caps compliment the silver well

John (Casper) - supercharged bliss, sits so well on polished Bathursts with spacers

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I belive all of these below should be nominated










Harry (the white one, brother has a white S3 dunno his username)

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I'm only going to vote for one person. One person who has stood far above the rest, not only in terms of ingenuity, but also with regards to the relentless pace of his work...

Casper GTI.

And if he doesn't win this, Then you'll all see me on youtube, eating my hat. :coffee:

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As I can't decide ..and only want to vote for mine. :rolleyes:

John (CasperGTI)... Black one with a supercharger thing ;)

Colin(Bluloop)... Blue one with polished wheels and some Scirocco trim ;)


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Colin Bluloop - from the day i joined this forum his car has always stood out head and shoulders above anything else for me, ive always told him its my favouite and it always will i think

Casper - however has to get a vote mainly due to his thirst for engineering knowledge and his skills to over come every problem he has faced during a truly epic build, producing what is so far a unique car.

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Are their any standard gti's in these nominations. I like tidy well preserved and original examples too. Anyway Casper obviously.

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