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    i love my lupo
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    my sexi dark grey lupo!!!

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    i love carss.... LUPOS woop woop. errrrm clubin carrs carrs n clubbin

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  1. yes i wish i could tell you but the bloke that had it before me done it sorry x
  2. Ive had it for 2 years its such a good looking car in and out runs perfect and sounds great.its a 51 plate with a privet plate which is M10 OPO.it use to be silver and now its dark grey with green accessories, it has a mk 5 golf boot handle, sound system with alpine sub and amp in boot, custom door speakers and tweeters..... kw coilovers colour coded calipers and bbs 2split rims sprayed a shade darker then the car with a glitter finished lip.... rolled arches, colour coded indicators back lights break light and side mirrors, flushed front bumper, half swede half leather seats and swede dash,short shift gear box and lots of little finishing touches.this lupo is so perfect it get so many looks and ive looked after it very well. im sellin my baby because im moveing in to my 1st housse and need the money i wish i didnt have to sell him but i really want him to go to a nice home. full survice and mot history from 1st 2nd and me the 3rd owner. please call carly on 07837 578666 80700 miles £5,700 ono
  3. hi iam Johnboy from Glasgow,pretty new here as well carly.who duz the graft on yer motor,i know a couple of chics who do all the work on their own cars which is pretty cool,either way take it easy mate.John Glasgow

  4. i think i see you and a couple of girls in your car at southend x

  5. hi i have a grey gti wif green bits... my red seat belts are really clashing... i just want plain black ones.... does anyone want to do a swap... my red ones for plain black ones with a little bit of extra cash???.... i live in essex so they would have to be kinda near xxx
  6. lillupo


    went shopping in freepot braintree essex and see it in the car park would of been really smart if it wasnt smashed up frount and back... nice colour was like the ST orange x
  7. i c it 2... all the frounts all scuffed up tho x
  8. Allways see ure car up lakeside but im never in mine allways in mates r32.

  9. hahahaha how funny ive been looking for that on youtube and couldnt find it... awsume how funny.. love it
  10. every1 after souithed gos up there gets packed... cars drift around the roundabouts and n all meet and park up in the tescos car park
  11. my new bbs middles my smoothed frount bumper x
  12. i no cant wait 2... the bbs bit in the middle is green now 2 x
  13. thanks and oi u what do u mean nasty u little git!!
  14. lol sorta.... 1 controlls the radio and its the main cd played and the top 1 controlls the 11 over speakers that i have in da car all the sub and amp and that i dont really touch it coz its all confusing keep it on the all around the same vol lol... i wanna get a screen but need dolla 1st lol n want the rest of the things i want sprayed 1st tho lol
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