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  1. Just saw you at junction 10 in Ashford. I was like 'I recognise that car!'. Pulled up alongside you in the red Clio 172 at the lights. What were you doing down here?
  2. Just wanted a change. A guy called Pete on here has it now. Have you messaged Reed?

  3. Aww Why was that then!? any other friends of yours that would be interested?

  4. Hi. yeah I did. I don't actually own a Lupo anymore, sorry. Sold it last May. Regrettably!

  5. Pics on black bathursts please. I always wanted to do them red.
  6. Haha. After depreciation and general wear and tear after sell on, I offer you the £4k you paid me for it back. And Croakey, sorry for making you jump earlier!
  7. I wish I still had mine. Always see the raven GTI, don't think he's on here though.
  8. Seen this about, not on here I don't think. Chavvy iirc...
  9. cafcross

    V23 DUB

    Keep seeing this about in Harrietsham...
  10. I really want this back Looks tip top matey! And do what I said in the text tonight!
  11. Seen a raven blue GTI in South Ashford, standard, with a number plate something 1UPO or something like that. Also seen a black non sport with white checked roof and petrol cap. And finally the other day saw a raven GTI along the A20 towards Harrietsham with some dished polished wheels.
  12. see you in your red thannnggggg i got a new motor to :) you copying jamie now? haha x

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