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  1. It's not bad, it's sure got the looks and sounds great too especially now that I've bypassed the centre exhaust resonator. Personally I believe the "M" version is the best option having 343bhp over the 3.0si's more civilised 265bhp, but it's mostly wasted as the 0-60 time only comes down from 5.3 Sec to 5.0 Sec, thus making it not quite worth the £7000 premium over the price of a 3.0si. So far, it's my favourite out of all the cars I've owned
  2. Working with Volkswagens and VW Group cars for the past 8 years, I've slowly gotten a bit bored of them. Had a craving of something rear wheel drive and have always loved the body shape of the Z4 Coupé, so thought... why the hell not So far, I absolutely love it to bits!
  3. Well, The Jetta left at the back end of last month and I now have a BMW Z4 Coupé 3.0SI So far, I love it! Didn't think the 'M' was worth the £5,000+ premium and double the road tax after road testing both.
  4. If anybody is interested - My jetta is currently up for sale at £7,950.00. You will not find a better example or a better looked after one in the UK! Drop me a PM if you would genuinely like to own this car!
  5. This just keeps getting better all the time... Amazing work Alex.
  6. So... I spent a little money and this happened... And got a couple of nice pics of the car today too:
  7. nfbr

    Identify coils

    They are definitely really really really crap ones, and totally knackered really really really crap ones at that.
  8. You know me Keep it subtle. The less people recognise your modifications the better it is
  9. People like you are the reason why cars like the below image still exist today. What you have done on the FRP is just excellent! Not just creating a show car, but preserving automotive history. Alex - You have a huge amount of respect from me!
  10. And finally some update images of the car itself
  11. Update: * Loba Motorsport high pressure fuel pump fitted * Front end removed and Golf-R intercooler fitted * KO4 DV Relocation parts all fitted and wired in Performance figures should now be somewhere around 265-280bhp, 320lb/ft Torque ish. Not had it on the rolling road, not really bothered about doing so as it drives real nice! * Mk5 GTI OEM front lower spoiler fitted - Fills a massive gap left by the original front valance. Next up: A major detailing session as the car is mucky... Then I'll get some nice pics of the car itself.
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