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  1. A couple of recent photo's of the TT, no major changes but it was clean so snapped the opportunity for some photos
  2. The Lupo is coming on great Amber, seats look right at home, should definitely apply for UD!
  3. A few plans but nothing major for now.. i'm not going to be showing it like I did with the Arosa, i'll be driving it and enjoying it. Did spend all day yesterday however giving it it's first detail since i've owned it, still a way to go until it's at my standards but it came up pretty well!
  4. Picked up the Arosa's replacement this week. Can honestly say i'm really happy and cannot wait until i've made it mine tidied it up Emz style! Audi TT 1.8T 225bhp. 03 plate, Full Service History, Only 80k miles. Well looked after. Good spec. I'm pretty happy!
  5. All Arosa bits now sold! New car hunt well under way
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