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  1. Because it having problems with mine. Immo 2 I believe
  2. Has anyone removed there's? If so how did you go about doing it and have you had any problems after? Any info would be great.
  3. belts look good dude just need the interior now ;)
  4. doh it be pretty standard looking soon
  5. cheers Joe!! once ive sorted some bits out it be up for sale
  6. well done dude! car was clean! starting to take mine apart today!
  7. heres my build atm soon to be for sale
  8. lupos last show sunday parts still for sale car be up for sale in the next few weeks
  9. cheers Ed! adverts are up now! more items will be up shortly any intrest on anything just contact me
  10. most bits for sale now contact me for details
  11. keep your eyes out as could be for sale soon
  12. come on rich you should know this being a forum guru
  13. Few more photos New engine before After Fitted New Radaitor and front end fitted Snow Foam Front shot
  14. Heres a few pictures and up dates from Ultimate Dubs New audio all now in Also had the rear bumper recess shortend to match the short plate Enjoy
  15. well if u change ur mind its here
  16. Yummy theses are nice! Would look great on my wagon but can't be spending out so I'll have to stick with my standard sized G60s. Good luck with the sale
  17. I'm in the same mind Alex mine could be for sale sometime this year!!
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