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  2. https://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?/topic/103569-how-to-sdi-cambelt-change/
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  4. Could you post a link to the guide?
  5. I read the guide and paid someone else to do it.
  6. Hi all new here. I'm an Mechanic (of sorts, not generally on cars) I have a 1.7 sdi 2000 lupo needs a timing belt. More than happy to do myself but would appreciate some pics of what to do. Don't fancy braking my trusty little motor. I know MK2 said he has posted how to previously however I can't seem to find it. Any help would be a massive help.
  7. Yep that looks a really great job. I would say the GTI badge on the front grille is not quite sited in the right position.
  8. Very Nice! That's two saved between us!
  9. It started off as a cheap car for my son to get him more interested in driving. His friend had a Lupo Sport that failed it's MOT on emissions despite having a new cat fitted. We offered what the scrap man had and I told my son I'd get it sorted for him... Turns out the engine was burning oil and clapped out. Suspect previous owner had let it run very low on oil. Not going to be a quick fix and I don't have much spare time. Anyhoo, I bought a second hand engine and lined someone up to carry out the exchange. In the meantime a local girl was selling her Lupo 1.0E with a bit of test on it fo
  10. Welcome along, not many 3L's over here as they were never sold officially in the UK. Post some pictures of the Lupo!
  11. Last week
  12. Hey, Maccaman! Sounds like a pretty sleek plan, good luck with everything.
  13. Hello, bunglebus! Nice to meet you. Hope that you enjoy your stay here.
  14. Hello, everyone! My name is Alvis and I'm from Latvia. Recently I obtained a sweet, small car called Volkswagen Lupo 3L. I immediately fell in love with it. Bought it as a second hand car, love the thing. I'm quite a friendly person, open to new things and positive about most stuff in life. I also recently started to understand more about cars - how they work, electronics etc. I'm more keen on computer electronic and mobile phones per say. Not a geek in any way, just interested in those things and also I do repairs on my own devices and sometimes I give a helping hand to others.
  15. Where did you get the wheel arches from mate?
  16. Stainless steel decat manifold for 1.0 -1.4, good condition £80 Winchester area Pics on request
  17. Cheers. If you ever get a chance to find out, would be really grateful
  18. I managed to source the last of each side from VW in October as I broke both of mine changing my headlight bulbs! I think there were a couple of sealers in Ireland that still had stock, but as VW's part locater system is down at the moment, I am unable to give you addresses.....
  19. I changed my drivers one maybe 6 months ago for an Ebay special. it's still good now, so for the money I paid I'm happy with it. It was pretty straightforward to change, think that's the video I used for reference aswell actually!
  20. Thanks folks, I'm loath to give VW the money as clearly the original design isn't fantastic! I'm told many of the eBay specials replace the rubber part that breaks with a metal part that is less likely to. I have seen the bodge in the how to section but would rather just get it done properly, this video makes it look fairly simple(!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmGxBtAn7HE
  21. A bit of a job as the black gum is difficult to remove, I did one on the drivers side, but gave up on the 2nd one
  22. The N/S headlight washer nozzle has pretty much just crumbled into loads of pieces on my GTi (managed to save the cap) Looks like the extending spray nozzle is a separate part from the main washer unit and I just need 6E0955103 (I think) Vindis VW spare parts says these are no longer available - from Aug 2020. Assuming that’s true, has anyone had to replace one recently and where did you source from.? Thanks in advance.
  23. They were never an option on the GTI so have been retro-fitted. Car looks awesome! I also follow you on insta (@lupogtiboy)
  24. Oo handy to know many thanks, went of the halfords guide 🤦‍♂️
  25. Yeah i always found myself grabbing the keys to this out of the two. Really is a nice example, so am glad it's stayed.
  26. Looks really good. Bet you are pleased your Clio went instead.
  27. You decided to keep it then I'm assuming? Not sure how bothered you are about this but I used to have the wrong length wipers and they missed a spot at the bottom of the screen it annoyed the hell out of me! The wipers should be 21' and 19'. not 18' and 19'. You can get a twin pack which is what i use, search up Bosch A928S
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