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  2. Back to to story.... again.. first week of use and I took it to work. I shoved it on the two poster ramp and properly inspected it... One hole, near side drain plug surround, thin jacking point humps on the floor then came the scary bit.. a brake pipe that could only be described similar in looks to a heavily frayed handbrake cable where all the outer strands have gone to just leave a couple of inners held together! Omg 😱 I left the car at work that night as that SURELY WAS DANGEROUS! mit had only done 418 miles from its last mot six months ago but no way can it deteriorate
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  4. No I just took them off thought might as well keep as spares but if you want them i would still sell
  5. Spotted on Varley road Slaithwaite Huddersfield silver lupo GTI
  6. The course is a no brainier.got (free) tea and biscuits when I went 10 years ago!
  7. I agree. "£$^*^#"!!! Not happy. 7mph above the limit and just cruising same speed as everyone else. My GPS dash cam says I was doing 55. Speed awareness course selected. Cheaper than points in the long run (insurance premiums go up by 20% for 5 years otherwise).
  8. 4x Original VW Spa 15” alloy wheels with tyres to fit Polo 6n and 6n2 and Lupo. The wheels are immaculate, they have covered around 20 miles. The tyres are all matching Accelera 195 45 15 and have also covered 20 miles. These are not replica wheels, they are genuine VW wheels made by Ronal. They have not been refurbished, they were purchased from Germany as brand new old stock. £399 ono
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    In the olden days, you could drop in a frame and hide it. Not sure if the forum template would allow that, but it might work. So basically bung in a frame, make the size something like 2 pixels square, shove it to the background then bung the ads in there? Some browsers (and ad blockers) don't like it though, with lots of click jacking warnings! @Skezza might know a trick? Maybe even @RAB? Who's that guy that moved to Spain or Switzerland- I think he's also html savvy? Just one thing, please can you exclude script and animated ads. They sap browser performance.
  11. I’m on ‘The Triumph Forum’ as they have a successful premium ad free policy for £5 pa. This is optional to whoever is happy with the payment. I’m happy to double that because a good percentage of info on here is useful to me. If people just come on here occasionally then adverts won’t kill them but regularly users might also be happy with ad free for a running cost fee.
  12. I have the original Lupo GTI catback exhaust system for sale. I have upgraded the exhaust so it is no longer required. Collection only from Derby £100 ono
  13. A lot of car for not a lot of money,just what we like here in Yorkshire.
  14. Yes the rear lights finish it off nicely,for me it’s sat a bit too low but it’s your car and as long as you’re happy.All the mods are a improvement on the Lupo without spoiling it.
  15. Not sure if boot carpet comes out I wedged it up while fitting Bosch S4 005 which is fine but is wedged in with a wood block.Next time I’d get one that sits fully in the tray.
  16. The ads are an unfortunate necessity to cover both the forum and hosting costs. All in, it costs just over £350 to keep this place running for the year - with the rise of ad blockers I don't even cover this cost, and I reduced the amount of of adverts and their size about 6 months back to try and make it as unintrusive as possible. I do use the hosting for a few personal things these days though so I'm happy to just pick the rest of the tab up myself. It's a difficult balance...happy to hear any suggestions. We did have a CL "Premium" which was a cost option, but I stopped this because th
  17. Did you see the photos? It was quite shabby particularly inside, low mileage and a rare colour but needed work to bring it up to scratch. I've been around here long enough and you undoubtably have too to know the general consensus is bodywork over mechanics as the latter is often easier and cheaper to fix/DIY. I was mainly thinking about that raven for £6k last year, and a black one with a custom leather interior that I almost bought for a little under £5k from an independant on eBay in January, a couple photos here but he sent me a video and it was in great shape with a recent cambelt ch
  18. I think you're right! It did have a Gti spoiler on though which is what I look for when moving rapidly. Some other mods too. I'll amend the title. Thanks for looking closely at the pic and telling me!
  19. I use android. It is really is honestly.
  20. The ones you "may" of seen might of been Jap imports. Being a import they would be priced slightly lower as you have to factor that in where insureing the car. There is a Red 51 plate on Autotrader (5 speed, 69k miles, no options) and they are asking £7500. Then the others that are around on ebay are around the £4500 to £5500 but have over 100000 miles. The black one being less as that has a after market sunroof fitted. Swings and roundabouts i say. But would say some may be reaching the £7000 mark now due to being not easy to find a low mileage one/rare options etc.
  21. I enquired about this and the seller said it was his own car of 15 years, yet his latest review was from someone saying that he had bought their Lupo GTI from them for a fair price in part exchange! It isn't listed anymore so someone must have bought it, but given there have been a few minters for far less recently I can't imagine it went for more than £5 or £6,000...
  22. Call me old fashioned but I just don't get the same excitement from the Up! GTI, there isn't the feedback through the steering wheel like you get on the Lupo. Absolutely crap if you live somewhere hilly too being a 1L, I prefer my sister's 1.4L Fox in Brighton! It is good fun though - I've probably covered circa 1000 miles in my Mum's since she bought it in late '18 including a British holiday around Dorset last year.
  23. I'm still a Fox fan - boot is cavernus with the seats down and still highly usable with them up on the Urban model with sliding back seats. Have just moved and the Fox was invaluable! If it wasn't my sister's and therefore fitted with a black box, I'd probably drive it all the time.
  24. I learnt to drive a bit late and have had a GTI ever since ~ 8 years, albeit I'm on the second one as the first was taken out by a bus. It was MOT day today and just needed a CV joint boot, generally they've both been trouble free driving although I've had to replace 2/2 alternators! Now on a smidge over 102,000 miles meaning I did barely 2000 since the last MOT and to be honest I'm quite happy to keep the mileage down. I intend to always have one and it puts a smile on my face every time I have a chance to put my foot down 😁
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