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  2. This has just got to be code for something....? frappes. Parmo. Must be the northerners' way.
  3. Its all good, it was more just to keep the GF safe when driving at night, so just incase she forgets to hit that lock all button on the door it would do it automatically. The windows thing was more for me the amount of times on nice days i get out the car and leave the window open, wish the windows would go up on the key fob button, rather than having to put the key in the door but does make it easier than going back into the car etc.
  4. Not what the op asked though.
  5. I can’t get original seats to fit in my 02 plate car but seats are out off 52 plate one I don’t understand and I got cuppa r seats any way monting any off them
  6. It'd need to be edited individually, unfortunately. Once the site goes dead, the links will too.
  7. Replace as they're always ****, rusty and I usually end up taking off with an imperial socket.... I had a frappe earlier, it was okay but not great, also free so perfectly fine. Just made a few parmos, amazing.
  8. Many thanks once again for the diagrams, photo and information. LR5V - I assume you had a lot of masking off to do when powder coating the spacers. Regards Chris
  9. Last week
  10. Yep agree'd really handy can go get parts, or have them delivered real quick never had a problem with them before ordering parts, but ordered parts for my Arosa and been nothing but wrong which is annoying. Autodoc is handy but its around a week or two from time of order to delivery.
  11. Between cp4l & euro car parts as there the same business they probably get 30% of the orders I place wrong and I must buy something at least every other week. There hopeless but convenient.
  12. carparts4less ordered loads of parts never a problem before ordered parts for my Arosa and been nothing but wrong parts and issues. I found if you have the waiting time, Autodoc is far better to use, can cross ref parts against the VIN of the car to make sure what comes is correct and right and never had a problem with them. Hope you get the problem solved mate
  13. Rich

    How many?

    No, unfortunately you need a job to do that. Hence no time to break cars these days
  14. I am sadly selling my car. It is a special car, but a new house and the cost of them, so its up for sale.😪😪😪 feed back would be great https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201908161222323?onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=New&make=VOLKSWAGEN&radius=1500&model=LUPO&sort=price-desc&advertising-location=at_cars&postcode=l237tr&page=1
  15. Make: Lupo Model: Gti MOT: 12 Months TAX: Engine size: 1.6 Fuel type: Petrol Description including modifications:For sale is my 2002 VW Lupo Gti. This has to be one of the best spec and condition cars on the market today. It has covered 74k with a full service history and last serviced in the last 500 miles, mostly done by VW including the last service.The car has every MOT, receipt of any work carried out with the car with a massive folder full of information on the car. Not a penny has been spared in the upkeep of this car. It has 4 brand new tyres on the car New Cambelt put on 05/18. It will have a 12 MOT on the car prior selling the car. It has covered 1500 miles since the last MOT as I use it as a show car, and to keep mileage down.As I said on the Ad this is an VW Press car and believed to be the first 6 speed car in the UK. I have the original VW Driver magazine the car featured in, in 2002 with a 6 page spread about this exact car. It comes also with 2002 Brochure and even VW Lupo branded Matches. Yes Matches! With other Magazines that featured the Lupo Gti, With it being a Press car it has every option was ticked.Heated Leather Seated Seats,CD Player,Electric Sunroof,Air Con (re-gassed recently)Privacy Glass rear windows.This car must go to an enthusiast. If you're into modifying cars sadly this isn't for you. This Gti is for somebody to keep as stock and appreciated as it is.If you are interested and not time wasting you will be investing in an appreciating classic and this maybe one of the best on sale in the UK today. Location: Liverpool Images: Price: £6500 https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201908161222323?onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=New&make=VOLKSWAGEN&radius=1500&model=LUPO&sort=price-desc&advertising-location=at_cars&postcode=l237tr&page=1&modal=photos
  16. Ok, so maybe not everyones idea of a fun thing to do, but here're some pics... Pull injectors out. Dismantle on a bench by simply unscrewing the nozzle cap. It is very tight. Remove the Nozzle and injector pin that slides down the middle. Remove guts of injector- but make sure you keep everything in the right order. If you drop everything the first time (like I did), you do have 3 more that you can copy. But make sure you don't mix up bits between injectors, as each one has been hand calibrated (shimmed) to deliver exactly the same quantity per squirt. Means you keep a nice smooth idle (VCDS will tell you if they're out of balance). Clean everything properly. I mean 'operating theatre' level of clean. The nozzle holes are the width of a human hair and are easily blocked from inside, if something gets trapped just before reassembly. Make an LED light that you can poke down the middle of the nozzle. Inspect under a microscope and clear out any blocked or partially blocked holes with some fine steel wire. I used a strand of thin flexible rope- like bicycle gear cable wire. Smaller than 0.15mm diameter ideally. Wash with some solvent and reinspect. keep clean. Then reassemble. Grease the nozzle retaining cap thread before tightening up.
  17. Really happy with the stance now. 1.5'' front 2'' back lips and some - camber added to back. Now they are flush with the fender. Color came out nice too although a bit brighter than I was intending.
  18. Not quite what i am after. As in how many of each colour is more what i would like.
  19. mk2

    How many?

    Is there still any money breaking cars? (As in enough to make a living and pay off a mortagage) I still do it for pocket money or when I get bored. I'd say maybe £1k for all the bits/metal for just about any older vdub these days.
  20. Rich

    How many?

    I have one sorned vin...... I have one sorned car. That's all. I've broke about ten.
  21. LR5V

    lupo tdi

    Probably with a lot of lead! Dont know how much metal they have - understand they machine off the lip and barrel to accept the split dish and barrel form behind, seen quite a few 80's 90's OEM wheels tarted up like this, the Teddies are a extreme but poor example, early smaller rims are ideal leaving space for the dishes:
  22. The stub axle set is similar to Mk4 Golf, I had seen a thread where someone had removed their mk4 stub axle without touching the bearing - I tried to do this on the Lupo, but you can only get good access to 1 bolt, partial access to 1 more, leaving 2 you cant get at - afraid its still bearing off. if its any help, this is my spacer before powder coating: IIRC its the RH one, the non rusty area is covered by the stub axle - From this I can confirm the order is splash guard, spacer and then stub axle, all bolted together by bolts in the green. There are spring dowels that keep the stub axle to the spacer- iirc only to in the right hand holes That surprised me! - have you been Frape'd?
  23. Hope this works out, I get the feeling it will be a good @mk2 restoration its a good idea, I may be wrong, ignoring the spacers behind the stub axle, I thought the Gti beam was wider - I can measure mine in the day light
  24. Grey cable ties look oem to me and the ecu can be re-flashed via the VCDS port, so the reason its flapping around may not be bench remap -But considering the care your Lupo has had in the past, I would be surprised if it was actually secured! When you get VCDS you need this info on measuring blocks: https://www.ross-tech.com/vag-com/m_blocks/
  25. LR5V

    How many?

    According to how many left they think there is 550 on the road and 250 Sorn'd - much of the latter by @Rich The 150 apparently been scrapped and broken up - but his doesn't sound right
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