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  2. I've never seen a throttle body fail. Actually not true, I did once on a lawn mower. Usually what happens is that they get gummed up and simply need a good clean and lube. The butterfly valve bearings can get sticky making precise adjustment difficult (what you need around idle). The TPS (throttle position sensor) can fail or become loose, so it reports to the computer that the throttle is in a different postion to what it actually is, leading to wierd running- but that's easy to check with diagnostics. My guess is that it just needs a clean.
  3. I had the same problem and the nut was seized on. This lead to the threaded insert failing. Cue a hammer and knocking it up into the car. If you lift the carpet, you can simply use a screw through the hole and a large diameter washer or some suitably sized piece of metal to clamp the cooler back in place.
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  5. Yes. that was my plan my question was any advice on what make of throttle body is reliable? prices vary greatly
  6. Hello I have nothing to compare with so im asking you guys. Even if I made a basic setting i hear small cluck noise when it change gears. Do you also have it likke this or should it be silent?
  7. Get a visible deterrent so they don't drill your lock out or smash your glass only to find they can't start it. Disclock is thatcham category 3. I've had one on all of my cars for the last 20 years. Fit a snap off steering wheel boss, removing the steering wheel at night would be a good deterrent.
  8. I have a Phaeton that is going full custom, which might be done by August. A 9N3 polo that needs a full body rework, two of my Lupos... And that dreadful Mk4. Urgh. And I would like to make a start on the UK's only mk2 Golf country- in RHD, with a 1.9 PDI 130. There are enough fully restored minters out there already, so it's not really sacrilege. And in between I need to earn some money going to work. Seriously, I'll be honest and say I don't think it'll happen. I can help out on quick jobs that take an hour or two, but being your pride and joy, I know if it were me, you'll want the full restoration.
  9. When do you think you would eventually get the time to take on something like this?
  10. Thanks guys ill have a look at fitting one soon since i don't trust it on my street since i overheard some people talking about it made me and my partner a bit concerned for it even though its parked outside my bedroom window every night
  11. 100k for me. Still got a GTi and remains of one sitting outside. Guess I must have enjoyed them.
  12. I'll do it for £15 posted But yes, a washer or a flat piece of metal with a hole in?
  13. I spent 80 odd thousand miles in mine (bought with 90k, sold with 172k) and I wouldn't change those miles/memories for the world. Yes it was slow.... yes it was irritatingly agricultural, but it was so disgustingly reliable that every time I've had a problem with a car since, BMW, Audi, etc, I've thought "uhh, never had this with the SDI". Was a great car and I probably got it wrong selling it when I did really, but we live and learn.
  14. Me. I'm flat out doing projects right now. I can't fit anything in, but will help best I can on here; while I'm having a cuppa.
  15. So who is Frank? Can he see my post?
  16. Frank is close enough! And touts for work. Personally, I would suggest rings and valve seals, possibly guides once you're in there. Asides from that I'd leave bearings alone and wouldn't actually take the engine out of the car.
  17. Thanks again. So if I were to go the route you suggest, do you know of somebody who could do the work..... given that I am in South London and so is the car?
  18. Well, the car has been in the family since 2004 and it had the problem pretty much from day one. Low idle and fall in revs when pulling away or trying to keep the revs higher. When the revs fell they would then surge and the accelarator pedal would drop under your foot it would stall too. My sister lived with this but in November whe I took ownership this was a problem that had to be fixed as my school run is in stop go traffic. I cleaned everything and exchanged all electrical consumables and a new alternator. In the end I took it in to JP Garage in Hampton Court who have looked after my Golf gti MK2 in the past. They checked it out on the VAG computer and updated the software this has made it 90% better with correct idle. it will still dip the revs occasionally. They say the remaining problem is most probably the body
  19. With used engines, it's usually a gamble, but I've only ever had one that had to be returned. Usually, to check the quality of a used engine before fitting it, you have a good look at the cam shaft and followers. It is a good indicator of wear. Also the plug tip colours of the old plugs. And the surface of the flywheel, where it rubs on the clutch. Ultimately, you'll only really know if it's any good after 5h of refitting it and then starting it up. And once it's properly heated up and all the running clearances are open again. Milage doesn't seem to affect engines that much. An engine that's been used to drive kids to school and back and poodle down to the local shops and back, that may only have 25k miles on it, may be much more worn than a 200k mile engine that has been used on nothing but motorway miles by a sales rep. It's the heating and cooling cycles that do the most damage (running an engine cold).
  20. If you can get that nut off, simply put a big penny washer in place to hold it. 2p fix...
  21. Thanks so much for that great advice. I'm a bit old-fashioned in wanting to keep things in as much of their original form as possible. But I understand what you are saying about the comparative costs. The other thing is, how can I know about the state and longevity of a secondhand engine? With one that has been worked on by someone that I know... I would have had to bear the cost, but I would know where it stood. My thinking was that at least I would have an engine that would be as new. In fact it could even be as good (if not better) than the two supplied new by VW themselves!
  22. Fire and brimstone etc. doesn’t sound good, so buying a spare sounds like a plan. How much am I looking at?
  23. It'd be so so so much cheaper to simply get a secondhand engine. You can have one delivered to your door or local mechanic. A basic engine swap and full service would be something like £500 I'd guess, plus the cost of the engine. Any local mechanic should be able to do that. It's a pretty basic job. A full rebuild; crank regrind, rebore, new pistons, rehone, new cam, tappets, rebuilt head, full bearing set, gasket set, oil pump and other bits would cost well over £1k. Plus the cost of removing and fitting the engine. If it's smokey after idling, it might just need some valve stem seals, which any local mechanic could do in about 3h. If blue smoke under full power and high revs, then yes, piston rings probably are probably a gonner = engine worn out. And lastly, welcome to club lupo
  24. Welcome to Club Lupo Can elaborate on the fault or symptoms a bit more?
  25. Send it to Frank. I'd do it but I'm further afield.
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