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  2. Yep, latest forum software update. I was going to turn it off...then thought, nah. Shame it's not retrospectively counted, so everyone's a newbie.
  3. I'm pretty new to the forum, just wondering if a meet has been arranged before? It would be great to get a decent amount of Lupo's in one place.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Almost Oxfordshire... Definitely up for a meeting too
  6. Yes! Be aware they are also magnesium, and they are narrow, made for 155/65 tires.
  7. I'm smitten with my Mini Cooper's and now rarely drive my 'rosa so considering passing it on. 175K Miles, mine since 2014, 6 previous owners, all in South Wales, so no rust issues. New shocks, lowered springs, reconditioned gearbox, several pairs of new discs, Arosa Sport interior, black roof, both inside and out. Rear spoiler, manual windows fitted as it will come with a spare steering rack, spare rear lights, a VW radio and CD player, and a black bonnet. The car is described as grey on the V5 but I'd say it was closer to silver, usual £30 in tax and 60 mpg. The best bit though is that it was remapped by James Hawkins of Hawkins Automotive Tuning a Llanelli based company, Much much quicker than the previous TDI's that I have owned, 100bhp+ I'm looking for £750, photos tomorrow
  8. Jason 74

    Wiper linkage

    Hi, Thanks for your reply. I think I've sorted the problem but will be in touch if I do need the wiper linkage. Thanks Jason
  9. Will a set of the Aluminium rims for the 3L fit straight on a standard Lupo? (SDI to be precise). 4 wheel nuts and looks like it should, but anything else to be aware of with them being Alu?
  10. Please can you send me a pic of what you looking for and I will look around
  11. Zip lock bag and vacuum cleaner... Or roll it up? XDP couriers do a to and fro SA? Or his relatives could bring it back in suitcase... @Rich let me know what bits you can source/supply and when I go to the breakers in the next wekk or so I can get the rest for him/order from new suppliers.
  12. Hi... Given this thread was active in 2012 I’d be amazed if I get any help but here goes: Before I start the above easy to follow guide, I’m sure my issue is electrical or not; passenger side works fine as it should. drivers side button for passenger will only go up, not down. drivers side button for drivers window makes a noise for up, lights up when lights are on & if by some miracle you are able to fiddle the wires just right you can get the window to edge down a cm or two, but jams. How can I troubleshoot the electrics here? Many thanks to anyone who can assist. Vince.
  13. Last week
  14. I can cover some of that list with shite lying around. Handles, clips, seat rails, etc. Cupholder, if you mean the nice double din one, that's not happening. I have a load of black interior plastics...
  15. Surely a carpet can be compacted and shipped back the same way?
  16. Actually, to reach speaker wires you will only need to remove instrument cluster, which is very easy, just few easy visible and reachable screws. First one is under sun shield, all the rest are visible and easy to notice. I only removed drivers side vent to place there crossover. If you want to remove it, you must push in light swich and turn from off to on, it will hold in, if you will do it properly, and you will be able to pull it out very easy. Afterwards remove screws around light swich and finally pull vent out like passengers side. You can also install rear speakers behind rear side panels, they are same like door speakers - 165mm. But rear speaker panels are very rare.
  17. Ttazic

    Wiper linkage

    Hi, I'm breaking a Lupo tdi that the wipers where broken when i bought it. The previous owner said he changed the wiper linkage which didn't fix the problem. But long story short the wiper stalk was faulty so the linkage is good. It's of unknown origin but it works fine if you're interested. Thanks Coll
  18. my car is with left steering wheel, so i managed to reach the passenger seat tweeters(removing the vent) and im able to run the new cables from there directly to the door protective hose. Now I need to figure out how to remove the vent on the driver seat because the panel is connected with my headlights switches and bolted. I guess if i manage to remove that part it will be the same as the passenger side?
  19. I finally have a clutch again! Managed to source a spring locally. Got the 3371 tool but is far to big lol, luckily got it for not too much. So had to try the zip tie trick again. 2 zip ties nice and tight around the spring and twisted tight with pliers. Then i still had to compress it a little to get into place. Once in place used a set of small side cutters and stanley knife to cut the zip ties.
  20. Yeah you can have them back if you want. Just let me know how/where you want them sent. Yeah it's coming from behind the timing belt cover so i hoped it was the water pump.
  21. This is interesting, because you dont need mid range frequency for coaxial speekers, therefore you cant use crossovers for them. Without crossovers stock tweeters sooner or later will be not able to handle any aftermarket speakers.
  22. It is no long available for purchase.... I am looking for whole world and still not find one.....
  23. what if i get a coaxial speakers, will the stock tweeters still work? Cant i just run a new cable from the same way the original tweeters go from the dashboard to the door ?
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