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  2. Seat arosa 1.4 16v sport 39500 miles on the clock will go up as its a daily. In red with polished vw golf le castellett 15" alloys, scorpion exhaust. Twin cup holders rare, rare rear mudflaps colour coded floor matts, seat belt pads, comes with cd player. Loads of paper work great little car mot till May 2021. This is 1 of 74 left so these are become extremely rare. Great example £3750 ono
  3. Just checked mine, locked flashes once and interior light goes out, unlocked flashes twice and interior light illuminates until ignition started or time elapsed. One press on the remote unlock symbol opens drivers door, second press in succession opens both doors and tailgate, single press of lock symbol locks everything and activates the interior anti theft (assuming its not turned off with the button in the rear footwell). This is how the manual describes it ......... it says the indicators flash but not how many times, however the Mk5 Golf does the same sequence. The master door lock h
  4. Cornwall is close to the sea at all times so salt in the air can be an issue, you are right about road salt though, mild winters
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  6. Thanks to everyone for your compliments. I'm including the original wheels in the sale for the full asking price.
  7. Bargain. I've seen imports in much worse condition, no history and higher milage go for more. Don't accept anything under full asking price. Are you selling the original wheels separately? (I'm interested...) Being cornwall (no road salt), i suspect no rust.
  8. I think it will be sold this weekend.
  9. Hi Sole Queen. I have sent you a PM about this. Thanks.
  10. That is pretty nice i have to say (05 plate gti too). Also i think you could ask for more to be fair.
  11. Hello, excellent advert. A couple of questions (in addition to that posted about the underneath) - do you have any service history papers from the two previous owners in addition to the service book with the stamps, a scan would obviously be very useful. Second question - is the car on 205/45 15 tyres - probably Toyo, or a different size. I am not sure how to make contact as I am new to the Lupo website. Located in Sussex, so not close but that should not be insurmountable even in these current difficult times. Steve
  12. mk2

    New to LUPO

    Don't mod. Not worth it. The amount you spend will be a lot more than simply upgrading your car! Been there, done that.... welcome to club lupo
  13. No its a 3 cylinder diesel
  14. I'm in Cheltenham close to the M5
  15. so its a petrol model 1.4 16v so would i be able to put a diesel manifold on the petrol engine and then adapt my own turbo to the setup ?
  16. The 1.4 diesel is a turbo, its arguably the best all round model to buy too
  17. Hi, New to the world of Lupo ownership and I wanted to throw myself in at the deep-end with a turbo conversion anyone done something similar or have any advice. I'm a fairly competent with my hands so all suggestions are welcome. Regards, HGP
  18. Happy to listen to reasonable offers. 12 months MOT. Worth something to someone who could replace alternator themselves and sell on or keep as as a donor car?
  19. Very nice, are the subframes as immaculate as the exterior?
  20. Last week
  21. That's a beaut - good luck with selling. Regards. David
  22. I’m selling my pride and joy. A genuine UK Lupo GTI, registered 5th May 2005, in excellent condition with only 55k miles on the clock. In Reflex Silver, 6-speed, with factory fitted upgrades of air conditioning, heated front seats, and electric sunroof. The service book has 15 stamps – one for every year since new – either VW main dealer or VW specialist. Service record: - 2006 – 3,457 miles – VW - 2007 – 7,253 miles – VW - 2008 – 9,925 miles – VW - 2009 – 11,789 miles – VW - 2010 – 14,046 miles – VW -
  23. Looking for a positive battery terminal for lupo gti same as below Thanks
  24. Fab info. Thanks @yeha 👍🏻
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