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  3. Ok, here we go... (I'm assuming good head gasket, normal fuel mixture, ok brakes, ok cat and normal ign timing. is there coolant in the system? does the water pump run ok and circulate coolant? does the thermostat open and keep the temp gauge at 90 without moving once warmed up and driving normally? Is the right thermostat fitted... do the fan(s) work? does the interior heating work? does the coolant level stay constant (no leak or crack somewhere)? does coolant circulate through the radiator (can you feel warm fluid leaving the rad through the hose, when engine is hot?)
  4. You would give Florence nightingale a run for her money nursing that issue for 6 years!
  5. can leave the car running, within 15 minutes of stand still I'm over heating.
  6. I'm still on going with this problem ;( lol been a while
  7. Any Gti Alternators 70amp knocking about ?
  8. Clearly you don't need to translate it as Pete clearly understands Japanese now and has done the job for you. Clearly the picture was clear enough.
  9. Obviously that sticker is telling you not to stick your hand down where the cooling fans are.
  10. If you send me a picture of the Japanese writing I will translate it for you. Make sure it’s super clear tho - this is also me being deadly serious x
  11. You could get a multimeter, set it to continuity and then use the access post bits on the fuses?
  12. Now I believe that due to how badly burnt the clutch coil was there is a possibility there is a bad fuse somewhere. The ones on top the battery look good, I pulled a couple from the panel in the parcel shelf but they look fine. Just have the symbols to go by as the owner's manual is in Japanese too. Anyone know which fuse it is? 26 was my best guess and it looks fine. I could pull them all one at a time I suppose...
  13. Printed that off yesterday got spare bam loom here as well so that will help as well
  14. Correct! Far easier to repair as is. You have to be pro-active as far as maintenance goes for 3L's. If you are, they are very reliable. All three of our cars have their original gear actuators and hydraulic stations; the original clutch actuators were consumable but you can now convert them to a Hall sensor. RAB
  15. Far too early to tell if it has worked. He didnt wait to see what happened after flushing, so the old catch 22 of was there a problem or did someone put oil in the water by mistake and he's wasted £40? If it is a leak it could well be quite slow anyway otherwise a cup of oil will be off the dipstick and obviously being lost and would have shown up in routine maintenance. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sodium_silicate#Automotive_repair interesting stuff...
  16. Is that what the stuff is? Interesting. So Mr. Chemist, how does it work? Does it just coat everything or react with oil or CO2...?
  17. mk2

    Change gear ratios...

    Yeah I know. Heard the same. But where to go definitive... I can see me pulling box after box to pieces, probably ruining at least one or other till I find the right cogs. Won't go that way. No-one I know in Germany is willing to pull a 3L box to bits for me for cogs as they're worth too much complete!
  18. yeha

    Change gear ratios...

    020 stuff is no use to you. I do have a vague memory that 'maybe' you can use a 3rd gear pair in the 5th position. I'm sure I read of a German berg cup gearbox that had used a 5th pair in 3rd to get a better spread of ratios.
  19. Lol 40 quid ... It's all the same. Sodium silicate. Still if it has worked then great news. Have you completed the process yet? I would have turned the heater down to cold before doing it
  20. There's typically an AC sticker on the panel next to the bonnet (hood) lock, just above the radiator. It tells you the system capacity 750g type of R and +50 or whatever amount of oil in grams to add.
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