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  2. Hey thanks for the reply MK2 it's really appreciated. I've never heard of lowering plates? I've googled them now but just coming up with springs. I'll keep looking though. Cheers.
  3. Hey and welcome to club lupo Coil overs are the choice way, but you can go cheap and just use softer front springs from an older dub, like a Derby or old Polo. The heavier weight will lower it at the front. To drop it at the back, you could use lowering plates. I think @danno has a pair for sale. i don't get the debadging. Model yeah, but a lot of people don't even know what a lupo is. There aren't many about (at least not where I am), apart from on my drive.
  4. Hey all. I've just joined. I've got a 53 plate lupo 1.4 and I just want to lower it and make it look half decent. I know it's not the fastest sportiest looking one, but I just love the shape of the little car. It's still looks like a bug to me, I've no idea what I'm doing by lowering it. I've looked on here. Coilovers are the way to go I see. I've got this image in my head of a lowered 60 mm front and back over 14" polo steels with full moon hub caps. I've bought the hub caps already. Just need the wheels. Please be gentle with me. But any contacts or help would be great? Not looking to go too mad on it really. Going to de badge back and front grill and bonnet. Any advice? Andy
  5. yeah the 1.4 looks like the right option any other sites i can look on other than the basics (gumtree autotrader facebook etc )
  6. Result then and a good pointer for the rest of us. Glad it was a simple “fix”.
  7. I ask myself the same question daily... sadly, not just one Lupo either. Oh, and the noise was the new tyres. Hangs head in shame. The newish tyres had developed tread triangulation somehow (each 'lump' of tread had turned into a wedge). Each triangle side was slapping the road, a bit like how off road tyres sound on road. That characteristic hum. So swapping them left to right cured it. Mechanically everything is just fine thankfully. Still can't belive that the gearbox has so much slop in it.
  8. Is there nothing you won't do to your Lupo? 😎 Ian
  9. Hi , I spray painted my wing mirrors after primer obviously, in total about 24hrs ago but I’m still not convinced they feel ready to flatten off before applying a couple of extra coats ( because I annoyingly run out of paint) . Will it take longer than I thought to dry or is it never gonna dry totally for some reason, it is touch dry atm 👍🏻
  10. I tried this a while back, too hard. lots of plastic to machine up, although LEDs make lighter work of it. But didn't look professional at all when done. Don't.... An option is to change the front end to gti, but still you'll need to change a lot (including the wings). try daylighter leds instead. What engine r u thinking? welcome to club lupo!
  11. I am currently projecting my lupo and as far as I am at the moment before I swap the engine and do the fun stuff to the car I really want to change my front indicators into side lights but I’ve searched and can’t come any that you could buy! Is this a possible thing or do I have to have specially made lights? Any help would b great 👍
  12. Last week
  13. I’m interested in these, can you email me please? Mark
  14. Update: I have sourced a new battery for the blue beast. The CCA value is greater too which should help in starting it in the cold come the winter. the old one was from uni part and can’t even buy it now so it probably needed it at some point. I will see if this helps the issue.
  15. Welcome to club lupo yeah the tdi holds its value. Very economical and goes ok too. Easy to mod too. When you buy it, find lots wrong and haggle on how much it's all going to cost to get fixed.... take that off the asking price
  16. Thanks you just saved me a few quid i won't buy one 😀
  17. Hi, i am very new to this community very soon to be 17, I 100% am getting an Arosa ideally the 1.4 tdi but I can only find one and it is very expensive, if anyone could help find one or just give me some tips. i'm also looking to put a new exhaust on it however im very uneducated and don't know what i could get that's not that expensive ( please link) one last thing will Lupo roof spoilers fit an Arosa as i'm also looking at getting a roof lip but cant find much thanks for your time.
  18. I figured out it was 109 but thanks for the support 👍 and excellent advice. Tapped it, wiggled it, slapped it about a bit, nah, nothing, it just won't play ball, it's out and I'm just off to see if I can get a replacement now, have ordered one from Euro Car Parts but can't collect that until tomorrow, never mind if it is that and I can get another it's a spare, maybe the replacement won't last 20 years eh? Of course if it is the switch, no end of replacement relays will help ☹️. I'll have look to see itf it'll come out from the wire end, well I will if it cools down a bit 🥵 If it does need drilling out it won't me Mr Ham-Fists here doing it! Ian
  19. Fixed. Same as a Lupo... Simply pull it through from the rear, using the old pipe as a puller. Cut the end off the old pipe (as it has a connector moulded into it) at the back of the car. Clean, then tape the front end of the new pipe to the cut end of the old pipe. Pull through, remove tape, reattach, plug in, sorted. Quite easy actually.
  20. I bought a vacuum cleaner powered thing a while back. American invention. Basically a big metal can (5 US gallon/20litre) with a ball float and cage to hold it. When full, it blocks off the suction to avoid wrecking the vacuum cleaner. Works with just about any fluid, even mud. You have a hose that comes out of it with all sorts of adapters. Uses the Dyson concept of filtration. I've tried a few different suction things, but none "completely" empties the sump. The dip tube isn't usually located at the lowest point of the sump.
  21. mk2

    Dead SDi

    109. You could simply leave everything out (if practical), and drive it. If it dies on you again, try tapping the relay which will prove it (if it is a dodgy contact). Chances are though, just flexing the cables to it will have moved the contacts inside the relay a fraction- that might completely cure the problem! To remove the shear bolts, drill out with cobalt drill bits. Start small and work up. So like 3mm, then 5, then 8mm (if 5 or 6 doesn't work). Get a small bit set for a few quid.... always handy. Yeah too hot to work in the sun on a car. I just had a thought- never done it, but you might be able to access the ignition switch from the wire end? The shear bolts are simply to prevent access to the lock barrel.
  22. OK, so my tame mechanic seems to be dragging his feet and hasn't pick Coldplay up, thought I'd have another look, I can do nothing with the ignition because of the non-interference fittings, of course I could have an attempt at drilling them out but I just know where that would end up. The relays though, I can get to them and with a great deal of sweat (it's already 32 degrees here) I could change them, so which one? I have four, looking at them right to left, 405, 100 and 109 with 103 on a different line above? Ian
  23. Hi, I did one with a 'vacuum pump', tube goes down the dip stick guide, from memory it was pretty successful, I think I got 85-90% out of the sump, cant see it working too well with the gearbox as you won't have a direct route to the bottom of the unit? Ian
  24. Has anyone done engine and gearbox oil change on the 1.7 SDI with one of those electric pumps ? Did it get most of the oil out? Would it be ok for gearbox oil also ? Thanks
  25. The bars aren’t to stiffen the roll of the rear beam, but more to stop it bending inwards or outwards during cornering, was more of a while I had the beam out mod, not really sure it’s made much difference tbh but more of a belt and braces approach. ill see how the Castrol stuff holds out on the next tarmac event long enough to give me problems. yes it’s a hydraulic handbrake plumbed into the rear system
  26. I’ve also fitted some rs3 ducts that fit on the lower arm to help duct the air (forgotten how much I’ve done over lockdown) there is a lupo cup car brochure floating around, if you want it pop me a pm
  27. I dunno if i like the idea of putting rose joints on the rear beam like that. Bigger anti roll bar, yes, but you want the ends to move a bit? lamborghini (and maserati) had loads of trouble using rose joints on the front of their countach. They're great in aircraft and boats, but i was always taught that you need the flexing, or you get cracks. Namrick dot 5 fluid used to be good. Not used it for a while. But i found that the piston seals give up sooner when you run hot. Rubber doesn't like being cooked. I wonder if you can get EDPM that works at high temps? Not my area of knowledge. @Skezza is our forum's chemist.... Those are some great pics! That quarry shot?! Cool. I love the custom brake system that I guess runs the rears?
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