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  3. Not worked on a Fox lock, but if anything like most other vdubs of that era, don't fully remove that screw. Count the number of complete turns as you're loosening it. Usually about 14. Basically, loosen it a couple of turns, then see if you can pull the lock out. No luck, try a couple more... etc. The screw controls a rotary lock ring, like a cam lock. You only need to unscrew it enough to line up the tabs so the barrel clears it on the way in or out. If the lock ring falls out, you have to almost strip the entire door to get to it.
  4. Straight forward
  5. mk2

    Sdi clutch?

    Solid. No DMF.
  6. If it’s like the ones I showed you, it will unscrew. i can only guess it may be rusted or cross threaded.
  7. Can anyone clarify whether or not the sdi has a dual mass flywheel?? Seems to be a contented issue
  8. Yesterday
  9. Hi all, Sadly some toerag has taken a screwdriver to the door lock on my sons fox. It still works, hasn’t messed up the central locking or immobiliser activating (all done by turning the key, I gave up a long time ago trying to sync the buttons on the fob) I have a new assembly on order and it looks quite simple to remove by undoing the t20 screw through the door and removing the whole barrel and cover. question is, am I missing something that I need to do first as it has central locking or is it really a straight forward swap?
  10. Hi guys! Just bought myself a Pioneer DA-120 and was wondering if theres any adapters I need to buy to be able to install it onto a Lupo/Arosa? Thanks. I'll send a few pics
  11. It's in great condition. Gotta get it galvanised...
  12. miodek89

    Roof antenna

    Just like you showed i just want to buy just tell me how is my current antenna unscrewed?
  13. They came supplied with 2 different adapters. One 6mm to 6mm. One 6mm to 5mm
  14. Both my antennae (Lupo and Mini) look like this:
  15. miodek89

    Roof antenna

    Unfortunately, nir does not want to leave so easily ☹️ For me, this is probably the tip of the antenna whip, so I do not want to go out so easily ..
  16. Not on mine. It was a simple screw out. I also just replaced one on my Mini Roadster and that too, was exactly the same.
  17. Found a couple of big washers from old coilovers, a spacer and a bolt, worked a treat..
  18. miodek89

    Roof antenna

    Tell me, does this antenna whip have such a "anti-theft" wheel at the end? Apparently some antenna whips had such a thing. You don't have to pull it harder or take it left and right when pulling?
  19. Thanks all, I'll give it a bash. I haven't given it a final coat of paint until I've fitted the bushes as I dont want to scratch it . 🤣🤣 I'll post pics after that.
  20. The whip part has a male screw thread. It screws into the female thread on the roof base. Mine came off quite easily. It may be seized and require grips on the male thread. Good luck
  21. miodek89

    Roof antenna

    Hello. What is the way to unscrew the whip of the roof antenna? I unscrew up to a point and later does not want to leave ..
  22. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/183354116992 try these
  23. Bolt place next to my unit is open.
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