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  2. MICO

    Help please!!

    ¡¡Hola a todos!! Soy nueva por aquí desde España .. Llevo dos años feliz con mi lupo gti hasta que un Q7 me golpeó .. Estoy en busca de la parte superior del paragolpes delantero y estoy desesperada .. He ido consiguiendo piezas pero esto no soy capaz .. Agradezco cualquier ayuda .. Y por supuesto ayudaré en lo que pueda aportar .. Gracias de antemano!
  3. I will check that, I have noticed that the temp gauge sometimes works then it doesn't, could that be causing the problem??
  4. Can you check the live sensor data - the temp sensors, ideally when cold before starting after overnight. Should be the same reading. Might be a dodgy temp sensor AND something else... Assuming that the temp gauge reads normal once warmed up?
  5. Will do, the power is normal , it just seems to be using a lot of petrol at the moment.
  6. O2 sensor is fine. Check for air leaks. Whats the power like? Normal power or weak? And how's it idle/start?
  7. Yes, if the other gears work, then it needs adjusting- easy! Common problem. Loosen nut 65 and slide bolt 63 up by about 2mm. The bolt is in a slot, perfect for adjusting. Tighten and try it out...
  8. Your shifter bushings are worn out, especially Number 11, but if you already disassemble the shifter, replace at least 9,14,29 as well.
  9. St suspension are a decent option, made by KW but less expensive and have lasted me a while, had them 2 years as a road car, then another 2/3 as a rally car and cant complain. i think the gti ones 'may' fit, but if your buying new i cant see any benefit from buying them. Yes they will need the 'ears' that bolt to the hub
  10. Thanks Man. The previous owner has put a lot of graft into the car so it’s pretty well sorted. I do have another 6 speed box with a Quaife LSD in it which I’ll fit at some point . Would like a set of standard wheels with some rainsports or something on for the winter and possibly a Recaro pole position seat .
  11. Last week
  12. Hi I was wondering what coilovers are out there for a 1.4 16v that aren’t cheap and won’t **** up in 2 years? Would 1.6 ones fit?? Also they would have to have the mounting points at the bottom on the front ones that bolt onto the hub.(attached a picture)
  13. Hi I’ve recently got a 1.4 16v lupo E and the gears don’t seem to want to go into reverse instead it shifts into 1st? I’ve been told this may be the gear cables need adjusting but I’m unsure if Thai is correct and how to get to it and I don’t want to take it in to the garage.
  14. Hello again, i have changed sensor and done basic settings, everything is ok now, it start in STOP mode and sensor was perfect now, factory sensor has loseng contact at 3.2v, i synchronise low and hi voltage with my sensor at same point and now i have slutch at 1.81 and 3.92, found sensor with same wiring, just pluged in connector
  15. Thanks are the parts readily available as eoro car parts don't sell them.
  16. Yea sure ,the egr is a bit fiddly but they're both easily done.
  17. Thanks for the reply, I'm pretty handy with mechanics, is this a job I can do myself??
  18. Looks like you need a new downstream o2 sensor and an egr valve.
  19. Hi all, every so often the engine management light comes on the dash, and I have taken note it's using a lot more petrol than normal. I get usually the top error on my OBD but it has not thrown another error. Anybody help??
  20. Finally got the Lupo running again 😁. I bought an identical part numbered ECU off Ebay, plugged it in and all the correct dashboard lights came on and the fuel pump primed, it would not start of course, due to the IMMO, I then sent both ECU's away to a guy on Ebay and had the EEPROM swapped over to the new ECU. After turning over for a while she fired up and runs sweet, I will change the temperature transmitter now as sometimes the temp gauge would not work and i think it was affecting warm starting sometimes. Happy Days!
  21. Sorry, i've been off the forum for a while. It's been on the news non-stop since day one. Apparently they're still expecting more lava to come out as it's still quite active. More than 2000 buildings have been reported destroyed... We'll see when it stops and what can be done about it, it's a real shame for those people.
  22. Y2ACP

    My new car

    Into the 3rd year of ownership,definitely Mede the right choice with this car.Tooked away now for most of the winter.
  23. Yes! You can't do that on the road. If the clutch reading changes over a few hours, it's the clutch guide sleeve as well. RAB
  24. What u mean when u say FULL basic settings? Adjuct cable, relase bolt on actuator, tight it with zero potential....
  25. Clutch actuators are consumable items; don't buy a used one! Might be an idea to do a FULL basic setting, rather than missing out an important part, i.e. ADJUST. RAB
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