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  2. Thank you @ObjectiveAway , @Rick ! The gearbox was removed due to the failure. Clutch has become super hard and hammered into gearbox by torsion shocks while clutching. Gearbox has become solid, concreted. So sorry, only 5th swap is not possible. Calculating the final ratio of: ESY 5th gear 3,65 (4.06 * 0,9) with ETD 4th gear 3,87 (3,87 * 0,93) and they are quite similar revs and there is room for 5th gear 2,86 (3,87 * 0,74) There are 190 mm and 200 mm diameter clutch versions of 085 gearbox. Are they different - not compatible? (I have 190mm clutch) I consider DHB, DKF, DQW, DXP, ERD, ETD, FGF
  3. How much for the wheels and centre caps?
  4. If you wanted to use picture b (better imo) then you'd only have to change the shifter to a 6n polo one or something similar.
  5. 90 bhp mk3 or mk4? Ahu/1z or asv?
  6. Just remove the end cover and replace 5th speed, turns out it is not hard and you dont even need to remove gearbox. Sadly a lot of 085’s just have problems with reduction ratio not only 5th gear. 3,875 is good for final drive and 0,74 is good for 5th speed. ESY has 4,063 final drive and 0,892 5th speed. Therefore you can simply change 5th speed with better ratios. These gearboxes are swapable only if there are screw holes for cable shifter, therefore you can use only gearboxes from cars with cable shifters originally. You can switch from A to B but not otherwise. But you can use 5th speed gears from all 085 gearboxes which are designed for 2,7liters of oil.
  7. Dont know what parts, the hardest part is that you will need to use ECU from new engine and connect it to Lupo wiring, and remove imobiliser with emulator.
  8. I dont really know, I was told it was gonna need more adapting parts or something
  9. The engine and trans is from 90hp golf
  10. Yesterday
  11. No notch on my chasis 👍🏽
  12. Is yours damped or undamped? I may be able to help.
  13. I want to swap the gearbox to the different gear ratio. Are the shifters of type A and B interchangable or not? (if there are differences in the dimensions of the gearshift rod?) I have ESY gearbox and it makes the car very revvy and not enough speed at the top gear.
  14. Sold it to some guy. Probably see his parts on eBay soon. Driving a 5 door now, can't see **** out the windows
  15. Last week
  16. Why cant you use the new injection after swap? Why should they be same?
  17. Hi, i've been thinking this for a while now but cant seem to find an answer. Is it possible to fit the 3L rear bumper to a 1.4tdi lupo? Is it a straight fit or do i need to mod it? What about the lower section of the front bumber? Has anyone fitted the 3L lower part to a standard lupos upper bumper piece?
  18. Im in the middle of a 1.9 swap on my lupo (a relative is doing it) and it they say they cant make it since the engines have diffirent injection. Is there a way around this or do I just have to ask them to not do the swap
  19. Please contact me if you have a lup 1.7 SDI for sale. Must be in good running order with mot. Tel 07432541164.
  20. Asides from female parking ****ing the bodywork a bit I can't even remember what was broken.
  21. You're assuming she's done any of the work 😂
  22. Being male, you should man up and be in charge of it, she is relatively easy to master
  23. You can use any screw if you can understand meaning of the number on bolt head.
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