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  3. If you go for mk4 lines - the only other thing is the banjo block needs filling down to fit the Lupo brake caliper. just looked in my eBay history, these look similar 401258918527 £30 for a pair
  4. Yeah new bolts etc, had read about the mk 4 brake lines but wasnt too sure. If theres a big saving I'll probably go for them. Thanks for the advice, I'll update in a few weeks when I get time to get it removed and stripped. Not sure about bushes yet, standard or poly?? Cars going to be pretty much standard apart from coilovers as they are cheaper than standard setup.
  5. Excellent! i think your lime green lupo looks awesome with those mk1 golf wheels. Very desirable. I bet everyone had a great time.
  6. I trust new nuts and bolts is a given? Source new clips for ABS cables, brake lines - it is very likely the current ones will shatter when you try to remove them. I sourced some really cheap mk4 brake lines for the run down the beam, they do work, but need a bend to reduce the length - they turned up and were cunifer line with stainless connections -complete bargain. Seem to recall I posted a link a link to them in my build, but that was 18 months ago...ish! I would go with rust converter then paint. What bushes are you planning to use? Getting the old bush out is fun - drill out the rubber around centre bush, hammer out centre and then carefully saw into the metal outer - the width of the blade will release the tension. if you chop the hoses plan how you are going to block them off, I didn’t do that and had a bit of bother bleeding mine after they had bled out completely bearings can be troublesome to come off - if your lucky they will come off in one go and not need replacement, I was unlucky and one split, last attempt at MOT it came out as an advisory. May be good to budget for new bearings
  7. Hi, sorry to ask but how did you manage to get this sorted?
  8. Just a few pictures of the company he was running with. Just for interest, after the race we polled the timers and drivers for what they felt was the fastest cars out there. #1) the red Golf sport wagon. #2) a Toyota RAV 4 #3) silver '02 Gulf TDI. The American built 4X4 pickups did not do that well, lots of snow in the air and noise but not so much go! The surprise for everyone was the work truck pulling the trailer that only made one run. He was just a few seconds short of the fastest time of the day!
  9. Just thought you people might get a kick out of these pictures. We took Franklin to our ice races. Every year we hold ice racing (4th annual Muskrat 500)for the new drivers in our family, friends and neighbors homes. The idea is to get the young folks to try every different type of vehicle that they could drive on the roads and get familiar with how they handle on ice and snow. There seemed initially to be a bit of reluctance to try Franklin but once he got out there, there was no rest for him. He stacked up some pretty decent times too!
  10. I prefer to get my oil and air filters new thanks!
  11. I used wurth rost off and left it for a few hours. Was amazed it came off. Got new brake lines anyway so I'll just cut them off if they dont come off. Was going to coat mounts with hammerite then silver paint before rebuilding or any other suggestions?
  12. yeha

    1.4TDi Gearbox

    Is your clutch pedal in good condition? If the metal bracket that goes around the plastic bush has failed, then you're not getting full travel of the master cylinder.
  13. Surprisingly out of all the gears it doesn’t crunch in The reverse gear, although when I was testing it, it nearly got stuck in reverse it was a struggle to get it out of reverse
  14. Last week
  15. Those look very close to the limit, good job undoing them -Another shout for plusgas brake flex’s can be tough to remove, easy to snap off the line - you need to look at undoing them too, mine were looking old so I just cut them
  16. Soak them in plusgas and leave overnight.
  17. Nice one, the main thing is find a well fitting spanner or socket (try and find 6 sided for rusty stuff) right off the bat so as not to round it off and then make it 10x harder to remove. I have to do mine soon as well.
  18. if it is crunching selecting reverse (as no syncro on it) then i'd say clutch is dragging.
  19. Ok, forget the above. Thought I would try and loosen it with a spanner and surprise surprise it worked. Back to work tommorrow for a few days then I'll remove it and send it for shotblasting.
  20. Hi all, planning removing my rear axle to refurb it and will change bushes at the same time. The retaining nuts and bolts look pretty corroded. Im thinking i should just cut the bolts with a grinder/hacksaw or has anyone any better ideas? The cars in my garage so dont have the luxury of a ramp..
  21. Ok. Anotehr Press Car to add. T75DBW. Featured in Auto Express. I will update the list. Link to the Driven competition thread -
  22. So not much progress has been made, messed around with everything to do with with the linkage and actual shift, but haven’t got anywhere really still won’t shift nicely and a bit crunchy in each gear, clutch isn’t dragging put it in gear and started it in gear, if it was dragging it would have jolted but didn’t, all the gears pull fine once you are in but shifting in and out of them doesn’t work very well at all, so I’m assuming it’s a gearbox issue now and was wondering if anyone knows the best gearbox or best place to get one, had a look at the gearbox, the gearbox looks older than the engine, I really want to find a gearbox for the car as the engine is solid and the car has a few little issues and needs a tidy up but wouldn’t be major work, it’s just the gearbox, any more suggestions before I start hunting a gearbox? Any more things to try
  23. I've taken the pics but still haven't got around to doing the how to....! in the meantime, simply pull off the vacuum hoses and bung them so nothing gets sucked in. One on the egr valve, the other on the choke flap. That'll ensure your engine gets as much fresh air as poss. Then just the oil breather pipe- add a divertor pipe to the road and plug the plenum inlet.
  24. That's the one I bought. Had some gti seats arrive today which have just been wet vac'd. They'll need another going over as the water coming out of them was still dirty after the first pass.
  25. Thanks for the interest everyone, She's now been re homed! x
  26. Nice one. There was a pale green SDI for sale in Bristol, i'm guessing it is that one.
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