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  5. If it's a clutch based compressor (not the variable flow type), you can quickly tell if the problem is plumbing or electrical. If the compressor is running, you should get a hot discharge pipe and a cold suction pipe. Which means the compressor is ok, the gas level is ok and the libricant level is ok. The radiator fan should be running and the interior blower should be running. The engine revs should stay the same with AC on or off because the ECU has been programmed to maintain the same RPMs at idle. The other symptoms show that the AC control system can see that something isn't right. You need to figure out if the problem is electrical or mechanical first.
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  7. I've been going round in circles for the past few summers trying to get the AC on my car working, I've replaced the air dryer, most of the hoses, and all of the o-rings up to and including the expansion valve, plus the controller in the LH wheel well. I took the car back at the end of last week to have the system leak tested and re-gassed, it finally passed the leak test! Jumped in and turned the AC on, lovely cool air. Started driving home, and a couple of minutes later...hmm, no longer feels so cool. By the time I got home, AC on or off made no difference. Went out today, and exactly the same. Starts off nice and cool, after a minute or so it begins to warm up. Things I have noticed: When the AC button is pressed the motor labours a bit, engine speed doesn't change The clutch on the compressor engages, and stays engaged even when the AC has stopped working The high speed fan (resistor is blown, so I don't have low speed) comes on when the AC is first turned on, then stops and cycles for a few seconds every couple of minutes Any suggestions on what I could check next? When the car is outside in the carpark at work and the sun is shining it's like an oven inside, I've stopped using it when the weather is hot.
  8. Yeah, on two of my SDIs, the inside of the release bearing, the bit that slides up and down that guide tube gets sticky. The small amount of oil leaking from the input shaft seal mixes with clutch dust. It forms a surprisingly tacky compound that makes clutch pedal effort huge. I can understand how if really pressing hard on the pedal, something will snap. Cable/releaser lever/pedal box/release bearing.
  9. I had this, an sdi with 230k on it and this had entirely worn through, now I change it regardless whenever I do a clutch on one of these things. GTi and TDI don't suffer this issue, they can potentially suffer something worse but it hasn't been heard of. (Must be the small box)
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  11. I would rather two times ask them to take pictures of what exactly torque tube is, than buy this out of good luck. 085141181 VAG Guide Tube, clutch TOPRAN 101774 Guide Tube, clutch JP GROUP 1130350300 Guide Tube, clutch Skatīt cenas JP GROUP 141125002ALT Guide Tube, clutch Skatīt cenas CAUTEX 461394 Guide Tube, clutch Skatīt cenas 3RG 80766
  12. Pattern part will be fine... While out, it makes sense to change all the seals.
  13. with regard to oil pressure, I had a Triumph TR7 years ago with similar problem. I found it was because the spring in the pressure relief valve was broken. Luckily it was quite easy to fix. The valve is part of the oil pump on a TR7 but luckily the oil pump was external, bolted to outside of crankcase.
  14. Hi, my niece has the above car. Bought for £1,100 about 6 months ago. She is 18 years old. She is poor after buying this car and paying for the insurance. It is in a garage for repair as clutch won't disengage. garage taken apart and says the 'torque tube' is broken. I can only think they mean the release bearing guide sleeve. does anyone call that the 'torque tube'? They say that VW no longer supply the part needed and they say she should scrap the car. I got this information from my brother who visited the garage on my niece's behalf. As far as I can tell the part number of the guide sleeve is 085141181. Can anyone confirm that? some sites seem to show that part is only for the 1 litre, but others say it is for all petrol lupos. perhaps excluding 1.6gti. inconsistant info here and there. I have seen mention on internet that part 085141181 has been discontinued by VW but pattern part seems widely available. Is it that simple? or are there variations and complications? Any helpful comments from lupo experts greatly appreciated to help my niece resolve this. Guide Sleeve pic:
  15. It's been a while. I sold the Lupo about 18 months after fixing the clutch cable support (as described above). It was still fine at that point in time.
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    Tyre size help

    finally got the the tyres fitted and the coilovers arrived 🤞🏻 going to run the 1855514s for a bit, get my moneys worth then look at going 175 or 165 for a bit of stretch 🤔
  17. Thanks I don't have a car jack or anything like that, so I can't do it right away, but I'll give it a try.
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  19. I posted pics on here (you'll have to search) last time one of my 085s was overhauled. Might be in the gearbox thread... I don't know of any videos. I have one more of my gearboxes to overhaul. Might film it next time! here- https://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?/topic/41812-the-definitive-gearbox-thread/
  20. Thanks for the reply. I’ve had the car for 3 years and I’ve done 200,000km. The gearbox has never been overhauled whilst I’ve had it. I do motorway miles over here in Holland, it spends most of its time in 5th gear and it’s a manual conversion (of the same box). is there a way to upload a video on here or just make a short YouTube video and link it? Seems like an overhaul is a good idea. It’s just finding good specialists I find difficult
  21. It uses a standard 085 gearbox, with extra bits bolted on. When was the last time the gearbox was overhauled? Bearings last about 150k miles with a couple of oil changes. An 085 rebuild kit costs about €150; New bearings and seals. Takes about 2h of work by a gearbox professional. You have to take the gearbox out yourself... I think the outer CV joints are standard ball types, and inners are tripot joints with needle bearings. @RAB is our 3L expert. It could be that the two big diff bearings are worn, but you'd hear a lot of gear whine.
  22. Hi all. Please can any help because I’ve lost faith in every garage! My Lupo 3L has been amazing for years. Recently it’s not felt right. I’ve had garages check it and they seem to be of the attitude that it’s a crap old car with 430,000km and just don’t care. Symptoms were a clunking noises over uneven ground, clunks on some corners on country roads and more recently after having new CV joints fitted by the garage. Clunks on changing gear. I feel like there too much play in the drive shafts at the gearbox. The Lupo 3L doesn’t have drive shafts that are bolted in at gearbox sides. They are in cups or cylindrical pots if you know what I mean. can these be worn? can the diff be worn? how much rotation should there be in the drive shafts before the gearbox drives, I’ve got lots! Everything feels sloppy and noisy. thanks for any advice
  23. Can you connect a diagnostic system to the car? The problem could be anything...
  24. Now I have that tube loose...good and damaged...I don't know if that is the error
  25. Hello, I changed the EGR valve because I got the CHECK ENGINE error and I couldn't pass ITV ( Spain Technical Inspection Vehicles), but the error keeps coming up... is it possible because I have a loose vacuum tube? Where does the tube that comes out of the EGR end? Is it possible to go to the area that I have marked in red in the photo? (the photo is from the internet, not from my engine) thank you.
  26. Bienvenido a Club Lupo! Fotos?
  27. Hello, I am the owner of a Lupo 1.4 16v that my mother bought new in 2001 and I want to say hello to all the members of the group
  28. Another fault I found on similar vdub lock mechs is that the little motor inside the mechanism that does the locking stops working. With everything else being perfect. It works on a gear cam system, a bit like a ball point pen press button thing. Press on, press off... The motor is a DC, commutator type with carbon brushes. There are 3 coils on the rotor (i think- can't remember) and sometimes the soldering connection of one ends of one of the coils gets disconnected from the copper commutator. Heat the joint with a soldering iron and a dot of fresh solder- fixed. Stupid, annoying problem. Open heart surgery level work to fix it. I found/discovered the fault by connecting a light bulb across the motor, which lit up every time I locked or unlocked- but the motor wouldn't run.
  29. mk2

    Tyre size help

    Oh my! Nice....
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