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  1. The ads are an unfortunate necessity to cover both the forum and hosting costs. All in, it costs just over £350 to keep this place running for the year - with the rise of ad blockers I don't even cover this cost, and I reduced the amount of of adverts and their size about 6 months back to try and make it as unintrusive as possible. I do use the hosting for a few personal things these days though so I'm happy to just pick the rest of the tab up myself. It's a difficult balance...happy to hear any suggestions. We did have a CL "Premium" which was a cost option, but I stopped this because th
  2. Yes - new forum update has changed the look a little. Not convinced yet, preferred the old look.
  3. You can use this if you want, but it's restrictive on sizes, so might be better to host elsewhere. Imgur is probably the best bet.
  4. Yeah, we've had a few issues with the server it's hosted on running out of space. All sorted now !
  5. Two of my "must haves" were Tungsten and Climate Control (I think it tidies up and modernises the dash massively) plus 5 door, only because they're easier to sell. No Lupo in storage, no, not owned one for a while now. My last attempt many years ago was when I bought a 1.4 Lupo with a bottom knocking end and tried to drop a 1.6 from a GTi into it, because Andi (Tigz on here) and someone else told me it was a straight swap. Turns out the loom is completely different and it's a massive job 🙃 I was looking to buy another LupoGTi as a daily, but ended up with the Up instead due to Volksw
  6. So I purchased an Up GTi before XMas. I've not been massively impressed with it, but it's great for the daily hack, cheap to run, small and more than pokey enough for todays roads. I am planning to fit some KW's and drop the wheels down to 16's (17's look fantastic, but they're too big). I reckon dropping a size, less weight and a bit more tyre wall (plus better tyres) will massively improve things. I want JBS's switchable traction control, but don't really want a remap....so I'll have to see about that.
  7. It'd need to be edited individually, unfortunately. Once the site goes dead, the links will too.
  8. I wish a mouse would eat all the data! Ran out of space. Increased, back to normal....well, as normal as possible.
  9. This has long been on the "to do" list - and is now done. It's all HTTPS'd up.
  10. Err...yeah about that....😰 We moved hosts a few months back. I thought I'd copied everything over, and I left the old host running for 5-6 weeks to make sure. Everything seemed dandy, so I deleted it (along with the old backups, as they're attached to the old account and non-transferable) and it was costing to run both. That old host delete happened about 4 weeks ago, then I saw your message in the 'issues' forum, and I still can't figure out why it wasn't copied across as I was convinced I'd copied it all, and I've no idea why I'd skip the Wiki bit. I *think* I've got the database
  11. Spotted this morning while having the Bora serviced - low, loud Silver GTi with Antracite alloys at Midland VW in Cannock. Anyone on here?
  12. Knocking on for 15gb. Most of it is 18 years of pictures
  13. Yeah, dropped for a few hours, ran out of space! Extended it and back in the game!
  14. CL allows you to sign in with your Facebook ID, and then it l links your FB profile picture with your forum picture (I believe, I've never used it). So I guess it's just updating their forum pic along with the FB pic...
  15. http://www.evo.co.uk/volkswagen/21118/vw-lupo-gti-review-specs-and-buying-guide I know a couple of you spoke to EVO mag a few months back - they've finally published the guide 8)
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