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  1. thought i could get over it had them little metal bits on the top the bump and have pulled off the plastic trim on my sport the middle seems alrite just the sides haninging a bit. Is this a easy fix does anyone know
  2. a girl drivng followed me for a bit round the car park.
  3. good start. i like the colour
  4. looked good at ists the camping grounds were a bit crap we nealry took the exhaust of my mates orion rs turbo
  5. so i ordered some focal 165vr should get them fitted some time next week cant wait.
  6. so im thinking about getting some focal speakers with the tweeters aswell and wanted some advicE
  7. looking for new componets, got a twister 150 amp and a 300 powering the sub. so looking for somthing becuase the amp is only powering the standard door card speakers any ideas?
  8. jimmy273


    Spotted in bluewater at about 11.45
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