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  1. I have owned this Golf for over 6 years, but expanding family has meant I have bought a Passat CC for everyday duties, and after much condiseration have decided not to follow plan of converting this to a track car. It has been a perfectly reliable daily throughout all my ownership, and if it wasn’t for having to get 2 child seats in it, would probably keep it longer. It has been surprisingly economical, regularly achieving 40+ mpg . The photos show 2 numberplates. The car is currently registered as the 'W' plate, the private plate has been transfered to my new car. 2000 W Reg 1.8T 20VT Engine
  2. Will get some pictures posted up tomorrow!
  3. We live in Flimby, Cumbria. About 30 miles from Carlisle, my girlfriend works in Carlisle so would be quite happy to bring the car there for you to have a look at. Ill get some photos taken later, do you have an email address that I can send photos to?
  4. Got For Sale my girlfriends Seat Arosa 1.7 Diesel, T Reg with 120,000 miles on. Car is mechanically sound, starts first time every time. However, its quite tatty both inside and out.Quite a few stone chips on the front, and the drivers seat is very worn. Had it for 3 and a half year just as a cheap runaround. Its got teardrop alloys with reasonable amount of tread. MOT'd until Jan 12, but needs taxed at end of the month. Cheap to insure and does 50mpg +. Would make ideal base for project, or a cheap run around. Available from Thursday. £350 ONO. Ring Sam on 07799747554 for more details. Wil
  5. Booked my first ever holiday with the missus on Saturday, wasn't a huge amount for an all inclusive holiday, but never the less, felt a bit weird to pay a huge amount out all at once!
  6. Mechanical engineer was 3rd most expensive on the list, and engineer is about 5% cheaper. For some reason being vague saves you money??
  7. Is the GTI rear beam not a bit wider? I will be doing this soon as I get them. You'll also need hand brake cables and maybe re work the brake lines. If i think on ill to a how too guide...
  8. ... and the sound of the girl twisting her head round in the Exorcist is someone twisting a leather wallet. Very off topic, but with useless information like that, any given oppurtunity needs taken advantage of! Awesome vid though!
  9. I know its not the pickup variant but this ones got a pretty "unique" paint-job! Autoblog link
  10. I know folk that have a big maglite in the lying handy car for exactly this reason. The legalities stink, but every now and then you here of a bit of common sense in the courts.
  11. Thats fantastic, wonder if its destined for TV?
  12. Why will you lose torque then if its nothing to do with back pressure and is less of a restriction? Just out of interest?
  13. Gibbeth!


    Vinnie likes anything from Fox's. Personally, Chocolate Rich Teas float my boat. Dunked it coffee, lick the chocolate off and eat the biscuits. Bisc-quitt perfection!
  14. I just let him know you replied, and he'd been trying to figure out what it was all day, it had been annoying him. Pretty sure he worked on Dominies when he was in the RAF. Whenever he used to drag me to air-shows he'd always say "Worked on that one" because he'd worked on every one in service apparently!
  15. Irving's usually gets good reviews, but I keep hearing its really expensive. Yeah, its sick what happened in Jamland, my mams a copper through their, and I couldn't get hold of her all day, biggest relief I've ever felt when she rang last night!
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