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  1. Erm hello Came back on to see the revamped site and thought I'd post pics of my most recent motor vehicle, I've owned it for a few weeks now, swapped it for my VW Passat i bought it in quite rough shape, tbh one of the previous owners was a complete 'tard. got it mot'd, few parts replaced, replaced some of the fire hazards and death traps and now i'm enjoying it brief spec... '02 Ibiza Cupra 1.8T Engine - K03s turbo Supersprint 3" exhaust + decat Forge TIP Large FMIC THS ally boost pipes N75, N249, N112 and SAI deleted. Jabbasport map And some more stuff i can't think of It has some coilovers that suck Brembo Cupra R brakes. These are ****ing ace, get them put on your Lupos. OZ Seat Sport Cupra R 16" alloys Pair of Recaro Pole Positions. Erm, probs some more stuff, can't think off the top of my head. Goes like a mother trucker though, sits pretty tight with my mates Alfa 147 GTA running about 320-340bhp until we get to ridiculous speeds. If anyones at the Pistonheads big breakfast meet in Malton soon I'll be there.
  2. Deffo sounds legit, go for it mate, right bargain...
  3. 550 quids worth of boosted Passat looks like... couldn't refuse it for the price! granted it was standard when i bought, but the day i taxed it i made it look like that ^ it's tucking the 19's on the front but i want it a touch lower all round. Smoked the headlights and fitted a leather and alcantara interior now too.
  4. LiamD

    Why is there...

    NO BIG EDITION 2011 SECTION! Sort it out...
  5. as the title.. help. got the gamma head unit + cd thing. what do i need to use?
  6. Like I said to Cus when he wanted a GTi give us a shout when you go look at one we'll make sure you get a good one.
  7. As the title says, spotted two in 5 minutes playing in the rain yesterday. One I think an 03 or 53 plate one a private reg, both nice and low
  8. Corsa C's with Z20LET motors go well. Seen a few with Saab motors and they are a very cheap way of going fast. Infact Vauxhalls full stop are a cheap way of going quickly.
  9. never seen a Clio 172 on the rolling road? Standard they only ever make 150-160 at the fly plus a ph1 or a ph2 trophy weighs 1030kgs dry. A full fat 182 weighs over 1100kgs! Not sure on the weight of a Corsa, I imagine about 900kgs?
  10. This is dragons den **** here. It is laughable how tiny the 3 pot ecotecs are like. Steve is right though, most xe lumps are tired nowadays, and a redtop corsa is nowt flash, a decent Clio 172 will destroy one (we tested this ourselves) and you can get one of those for just over a grand now.
  11. It is, had the life polished out of it to get rid of a couple of marks, then it's going to VW to get the roof painted.
  12. Redcar. My mate bought the car
  13. you won't see this yellow lupo in warrington anymore
  14. 50k would probably build 5 400+bhp LET motors with change to spare. Working in the tuning industry, you would know that (even Specky's 9 second Tigra doesn't have that much in it, and that has over 700bhp from a LET now) As for the people whinging they have no friends with fast cars... take VAG blinkers off > leave house and keyboard behind > socialise > hey presto! Most people I know with big power cars I met through the drag racing scene, all genuinely good guys too.
  15. LiamD

    Dubmania '11

    I'm offering me bouncer services for next year. Bloody kids getting rowdy after a shandy. I really hope next year is just as good it's a class setting and I'd recommend it to anyone wanting to go to a nice chilled VW show. Think VW Festival, it's like that but further South.
  16. LiamD


    Unfortunately due to being skint I will not be attending. Cannot justify £250+ on a car show.
  17. C20xe corsas are nothing special these days in a straight line. In a Nova, different story but still not supercar scaring quick. I've beaten both without much bother on the 1/4 mile. Let motors are awesome though!
  18. LiamD

    Dubmania '11

    Thoroughly enjoyed the weekend, Saturday night was ace, ended up rather rough this morning! Still one of my favourite shows of the year
  19. the ticket acts as your counterpart until the nice people at your local court return it to you... with a big staple on the front. i've driven abroad twice now and never had any bother with the gendarmes... just don't act/be a cock you'll be fine.
  20. no problem finding a trustworthy mechanic and tyre fitter, in fact i can pick and choose, it's all about who you know not what you know... paint sprayers though, very few *really* good ones in my local area.
  21. function over fashion ta. Cars are for driving, hard, not mincing about in.
  22. 850 T5. Boost turned up, de-cat and about 15mpg. The only thing better than the 6 pot noise is a 5 pot turbo!
  23. Something along those lines. I have a Volvo T5 itch I need to scratch first.
  24. Nothing more amusing than booling up behind a cnut in an Audi on a motorway and flashing him out of the way. Even better if puts his toe down.. Anyone I see hogging either lane gets flashed and beeped until they move if nothing is in the left. Seriously though, it's courtesy to flash someone out of the way in Europe, yet here it's rude? Rubbish. Lane discipline is terrible here
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