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  1. I fitted one to my Arosa, the problem is, it doesn't have the right adjustment to give the full movement for the driver. I ran it anyhow, swapped it back and sold it separately when I sold the Arosa.
  2. And because we're sharing...
  3. Those hating the silver are looking for a ban... ...🥸 On a side note, I was once on a road trip where each colour GTI was present. One "celebrity" Lupo owner, winner of many awards, commented on a fuel stop, that silver looked best on the move. He also said he would deny saying it, should I ever repeat his words, due to his faithful following of Raven Blue, which in my eyes, is the worst colour for a Lupo GTI.
  4. Nice and good save. Reminds me of something 🤔 P.S. Cambridge lights de tango'd and ready to fit.
  5. No, another down. good luck with sale.
  6. Silver!


    I only react when others report. ...or for fun 👨🏽‍💻
  7. 12 year old thread 😂 ...try Kamracing https://www.kamracing.co.uk/car-tuning/volkswagen/vw-lupo/suspension.html
  8. I actually prefer and use all grey OEM mats. ...however I do have an unused set of GTI mats should I wish to use.
  9. ...and like the Lupo, they likely fit by opposing force. look for arrow heads on the rear side Windows and in the door shuts for Mount location.
  10. I've not looked for a while as I have all the bars I need, but you have A couple of options. Go to the Thule website and look for your car under the configurator Look on Halfords, again their confgurator should help Look on EBay.
  11. Welcome along and good choice for a first car. have a read through the How To guides and I hope, you get some inspiration from some of the threads.
  12. Best to report so we can easily fjnd and block, delete content.
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