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    One year on since the last update, the car is still alive and working well. It did need some love at the end of last year in the form of a new PAS pump after the original one failed. Some new fluid was put on as well. I washed the car today and took some new pictures for you lot at a new spot i wanted to try. Hope you like them
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    Come to think of it... @RAB @SILVER @Blue Loop the guys that do the rallying, some others I can't think of right now- collectively we all have awesome knowledge. I don't think there's ever been a problem in the last few years that we haven't been able to sort. If not, @Rich will kick and scream till it works again.... maybe for a small donation in his workshop.
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    The new tyres are working out just fine, no rubbing and just a little off on the speedo. We took Franklin for a spin out west (10 hours one way) at the weekend to see the grand babies. He did just fine up the mountain passes as long as we got our foot down the carb a little in advance of the grades. There is still a bit of snow at the higher elevations this time of year and we could see our breath. The lou was a bit chilly to sit on too! The clouds were a bit low so the majesty of the peaks was hidden this time. About 1/2 of the mountain is covered here.
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    For normal driving its probably better if anything with the map. As soon as you are on it, it’s noticeable worse🤣
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    Finding a cheap / scrap box with the right codes to pillage 5th gear would take some luck and time. I fixed 5th on my 1.4s under the arch, hardest bit is making a 2 legged puller and shaping the legs to fit the gear, luckily it wasnt on there tight so the thing i ended up with worked a treat.
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    We popped to Mexico for the day 👍🏼 Yeah i have, made a nice different with the headwork and map
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    Good work on your rusty nuts I missed Volksfling this year - if it was like last year the car park has more interesting stuff than in the show it self. For me its a nice drive down the A701 and home via Peebles.
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    Neither. Raymond is the dictator of ClubLupo.
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    They will fit, tyres will more than likely rub. Suck em and see.
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    Welcome to the newest mod, this is something that has been in the pipeline for a really long time. A coolerworx short shifter! They would only make two as it wasn’t worth their time to do just one so I had to find someone else who wanted one which I did luckily! It has really transformed the driving experience, bringing the shifter closer to the steering wheel is something the car has needed since fitting the Pole Positions. It feels incredible too, shifts are so short and crisp now. Let me know what you think, i’ve still got a bit of tidying up to do around the shifter but i’m happy with it. https://youtu.be/5uPd_8_dYcw https://youtu.be/f-YFgsCtXIg
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    That sounds like you're going to bum him.
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    I would. I’d jump on it straight away to get rid of these suspendings and point and that man ..... Spank me, I’ve been bad 🤔
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    I am a bit jealous! It would be fun to get together with other Lupo owners and swap some lies. I am in touch with a group of air cooled VW guys in Calgary (3 hours from here) and we went to one of thier events last fall. There is a VW water pumper group also and there is rumors one fellow has a Lupo GTI so we shall see...
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    You're too old to mess around with these things.
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    Hi club lupo, I would like to say hello to everyone and it's a pleasure again to be driving a Lupo/Arosa again.
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    Teddies are cool
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    Hello! Did you give birth to it?
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    In the past. Several around kent/essex way. Major shows include stonor park. Although the Gti won't be ready for it. There are some jobs that need doing which i need to attend too. I can provide a list of shows i am considerring.
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    @oprn, I notice you have a small blemish to your driver's seat base... otherwise your car is immaculate! One of my cars had much worse and i thought the only option was either a new interior, new seat or completely reupholster it with the closest match cloth that i could source. Then I had an idea where I thought "why not find someone in Germany with a left hand drive car. Get them to dismantle their passenger seat by simply unclipping the material, send it over to me as a small cloth parcel, then i could strip and rebuild mine to keep it 100% original and in near mint condition." I did, perfect match and it didn't cost me that much. Best thing is passenger seats in small cars hardly get used, as they are mostly used as commuter machines. Cloth like new! Much cheaper and easier than sending over a complete seat. using google translate and this web site works... Germans are generally a helpful lot especially if you tell them where you are and that you're restoring a car https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-lupo-schlachtfest/k0 schlachtfest literally means "destruction party", but actually means "breaking" or "dismantling" for parts.
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    I see you found my thread so I will just put one here there are a number of pictures there. Let me see... With his winter wellies on parked by a defunct town site close to home here.
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    Make: VW Lupo Model: SDi MOT: 22/04/20 TAX: 31/05/19 Engine size: 1.7 Fuel type: Diesel Description: Standard specification 2004 car no modifications whatsoever – family owned from new, only 2 registered keepers on V5C. Mileage 137k & drives perfectly, a very economical car with low insurance & tax – would make an ideal first car. Maintained / serviced with care by mature owner to ensure everything works as it should, running on fully synthetic VW long life oil & G12 coolant (history details available to view). Recent parts replaced include front wheel bearings, front section exhaust including catalytic convertor, glow plugs & windscreen. Timing belt replaced less than 3 years ago along with driver’s door hinge. Alternator & front discs and pads replaced more recently & front tyres replaced less than a year ago. Bodywork is in very good condition overall but has a small scrape on N/S/R wheel arch, O/S/R wheel arch has 2 small rust bubbles & rear bumper has a small area of lacquer peel. Rear tyres would last another year at most. Lots of photos available once I have figured out how to reduce the file size. Location: TS21 Price: £885
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    Would we all make it without breakdowns 😂😂x
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    @lindylou it’s in Leeds so a bit of a hike for you but there was a good few lupos there and it’s not until August so plenty of planning time. It’s a cracking weekend. @mk2 you should come too, have yourselves a convoy from the south.
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    Hi and welcome to CL! Your Lupo is probably one of the oldest in the UK! Would love to see some pics... Yeah sounds like more than one fault. The smell is probably the aroma of antifreeze G12 or G13 additive evaporating very slowly from the heater matrix as already suggested. The correct solution is to replace everything, but you could do a 'jolly' fix and bung some "stop leak" in your coolant system. Yes I can hear all the purists shouting at their screens, but hey, if you have no time to fix it, it does work... In winter the inside probably steams up the windows? The revs would be easiest to diagnose from the fault code that the diagnostics system gives you. But being a very early model, it might not report everything. The ECU (engine control computer) is trying to get the car running normally, so it keeps trying out different scenarios, but knows something is wrong. So it is running, but one or more sensors is playing up providing unusual readings. Most of the time, the ECU will use the sensor data, but then that faulty sensor goes so wacko the ECU disregards it then the engine bahaves itself again- but not running perfectly. So the solution with diagnostics is to find the code. Without diagnostics, simply go round unplugging all the sensors one by one, the try starting it again (you won't damage anything). When nothing changes, you've probably found the dodgy sensor. My guess is TPS. Respect to @lindylou! I've never had ti change a Lupo heater matrix, but heard it's a major operation 👍🏻
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    I could arrange for an SDI contingent to turn up (up to 5)- not in the best condition but a lupo's a lupo
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    Best advice I can give if you want to work on your car yourself is to get a Haynes manual they don’t do one for a lupo so you have to buy one for vw polo they are the same and buy a cheap vag scanner vag305 obd11 connector on eBay think I paid about 15 quid for mine and it is basically the same as the scanners they use in the garage good luck let us know how you get on x
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    A couple of years ago i encountered an american hyundai or something that was parked up next door to where i was in a national park. The bonnet was open and people were looking at it. So i wondered over and I offered if they needed any help. They didn't as it was a brand new car, and were just admiring it. So did I.... it was actually running, idling (petrol) and was so quiet I've never seen a car running that quietly. It was very impressive. I'd love to know how they made that car run silently. I mean as quiet as a dishwasher or quality washing machine. Just amazing. My mk2s are all noisy... lupo quieter than the mk2s though. And they are diesel!
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    Can it ever be quiet in a 3 pot tdi?
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    Obviously taken a step up in the world. Ooh er. Explains the low interaction levels on here these days I s'pose. I miss all the warnings and major editing headaches from Ray....
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    Dash doesn’t have to come out but you do have to remove some lower plastic pieces and loosen the dash slightly. Thin arms will make it easier but it’s still a major fanny on. I took my wing off to replace my hinges because my triple square but was too long. I’d rather rest a gearbox on my head, I’ve done it and it was bad. That’s how much I hated doing this.
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    Yeah this thing... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-GENUINE-VOLKSWAGEN-T4-TRANSPORTER-CRUISE-CONTROL-RETROFIT-KIT-TDI-7D0998527-/201955850138 steering wheel off, remove clock spring. Add T4 cruise stalk. Refit everything. Sorted. I don't even think you need to reprogram the ECU. It's already built in, ready to go. Just waiting for the turn cruise on. 'Set'......
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    If anyone could get cruise working and share how I'd be eternally grateful, I'd save so much fuel 😂
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    I've ran Lupo avy using Polo GTi ECU so I wouldn't think that was an issue.... Six speed 6n2 ftw.
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    Lupo GTi ECU doesn't like the cruise control option.
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    Buy a spare engine. Rebuild that.
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    Caramel wheel from Screwfix will take care of that easily. Also dropping out is bad, sixth form was great for drugs and poon.
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    Hi everyone! I turn 17 next Sunday and just bought myself a VW Lupo because I think they are beautiful This bad boy already has tinted windows too! I wondered if anyone had suggestions on little mods/tweaks I could do to it that wouldn't affect my insurance? So far, I have made this list: remove side bumpers wind deflectors arial black out trims I would also like some advice with removing the bumpers? I've watched a few videos and have gathered I need to heat them up and peel them back but am unsure of what's the best thing to use to remove any excess adhesive? And would the colour underneath be the same or faded? Thank you! - Lottie
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    Hey everyone thanks for all the help. It took me 4 hours to clean inside and out this morning as the last owners did not keep it tidy! After removing the side strips fairly quickly it then took me another 4 hours to get it down to this. I had to ask my sister and her boyfriend to help me out and even with three of us trying to remove the adhesive it is still very time consuming. We tried brake cleaner, tar remover and even nail polish remover but none of them seem to help much. In the end we used brake cleaner and old gift card vouchers to scrape it off without scratching the surface which seems to be the best method. Now I've dropped out of sixth form I've got all next week free to finish removing it which should be enough time 😂
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    Good to see your back on the road,that looks like a great place to do a dubble car photo shoot,scamondan dam?
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    The first Gti I test drove was also Anthracite when the sun hits all the different flecks it looks brilliant (also looks good on reflex silver) It was never really in the running for me due to price but I wanted to see how one with 55k felt like to drive before driving testing higher mileage cars.Black wasn't a option for me as the bloke who lives two doors up had a dubble garage built and uses small stones on the driveway,90% of the time wind blows from that direction.
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    Transport reasons. Packaging
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    First up with the new car was servicing - normally the first thing to do when purchasing a new car. Thankfully the owner provided me with VW oil filters and 2 sets of VW spark plugs. I purchased some 5W40 oil from TPS (£13.30/5L!!!!!!!) and off we go. I also gave the car a quick clean up, not the full wash i was hoping for as i didn't have all my gear with me, however it'll do. Now some of the eagle eyed will have noticed that the rear spoiler is needing attention, i'm not sure how but the paint has completely stripped off the underside and flaking off the top. Needless to say i've ordered some paint up and i'm going to try and paint it this weekend coming if the weather holds out. I've also been bothered by the engine bay, notably the screws and bolts along the slam panel, they are a bit orange for my liking. It's a similar story for the arch liner screws. I've ordered up some new ones and i'm hoping they'll also arrive by the weekend. So that's all for this time - while i save for some wheels i'm really tempted to get some 15mm spacers just to fill the arches a little bit. I can't be bothered with rolling arches again, and i really don't want any rubbing so i think i can get away with 15mm front and rear. To be continued..
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    Skezza get out of here with your logic and reasoned argument sillyness.
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    Man he was asking for a roasting here and no one jumped in, I am impressed with your restraint guys.
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    Theres plenty around, you just gotta find where to look! From the pictures ive seen, shrick do a set of cams which work with the vvt, ill dig the pictures out at some point if i can find them.
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    To fix the backlight bulb only takes a couple of minutes, you don't need to remove the lower dash or heater control box. Pull the centre knob from the heater control panel (just pull): Then you will see the bulb in the centre, this can be pulled out with long nose pilers or tweeters (no rotation needed). I wrapped a little bit of insulation tape around the nose of the pliers just to protect the bulb on removing/refitting Faulty bulb removed, mine had a broken filament, check the filament for breakages as it may just need the connection prongs adjusting. The replacement bulb I fitted didn't work at first, but the connection prongs were a bit twisted and didn't make proper contact Repeat the process to fit, You can see when fitting the slot inside where the base of the bulb aligns. Finished, fully Lit heater panel. [nfbr's Hints and Tips] The bulb you require for the heater panel is a '286' Slim Wedge bulb. 1.2w.
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