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    LOL! Maybe we just have our own own names for everything... I suppose if everyone understands each other who cares. I thought that a drive flange is the flat bit that a wheel or inner CV attaches to with bolts. As in it "flanges out". What do I know? The knee bone is connected to the hip bone. The hip bone is connected to...
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    I do love my SDIs. Yesterday I did 320 miles on half a tank. Phone playing all my fav tunes and heating on just right. Cruising along the motorways enjoying the scenery. The best bit- I know there aren't many cars that cost that little to own per mile (including everything)
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    This is a good site I use... https://suchen.mobile.de/fahrzeuge/search.html?damageUnrepaired=NO_DAMAGE_UNREPAIRED&isSearchRequest=true&makeModelVariant1.makeId=25200&makeModelVariant1.modelId=21&scopeId=C&sfmr=false&sortOption.sortBy=searchNetGrossPrice&sortOption.sortOrder=ASCENDING
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    Sounds about normal. You could adjust the slop take-up spring on the end of the cable (in engine bay). Obvious when you see it. 10mm lock nut and a 13mm i think... Leave a bit of spring slop, as it stops the clutch release bearing wearing out too quickly.
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    Twenty years later they're not selling anything cheap. Break out the welder if it is that. Remember to reset the pedal first, not just weld it in the ****ed position.
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    That might be something else... The give away is when the clutch pedal rest position is lower than the brake pedal. And you get a creaking sound sometimes. Have you tried adjusting the nut on the end of the cable, on the clutch lever? But yeah, right part number. Your local vdub dealer "might" sell a genuine one to you cheap, as they are very aware of the polo recall with the exact same pedal box.
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    Thought I'd finally add the "how-to" which people keep asking about.... Old EGR systems jam up or just don't work once the car is over about 50k miles or 10 years. The soot builds up and mixes with oil blow by droplets/fumes which mix together to form a sticky, gungy mess that is very difficult to shift (inside the engine). The backs of inlet valves get coated and coked up and inlet ducts get smaller and smaller reducing air flow. In a diesel engine, less air means less power. Also lots of hardened crud builds up right around the injector nozzles affecting the spray pattern. And because the ECU has no idea that the engine is clogged up, it still delivers the same quantity of fuel as if the car were brand new. So with excess fuel and not much air, the emissions suffer terribly, resulting in even more soot and lots of smoke from the exhaust. Clogging up the oxidising catalyst and subsequently an MOT fail. Even fitting a brand new air filter just before MOT time doesn't help, to try and suck in that last bit of fresh air. There are three solutions to get the car running like new again- 1. Clean out the inlet system and decoke the cylinder head. Fit a brand new EGR valve. (BTW cellulose thinners works best to remove the black goop) 2. Clean out the inlet system- if you really want to- and disconnect the two vacuum hoses to the choke flap and EGR valve. That will help improve the system a lot. (block the vacuum pipes so nothing gets sucked in) 3. Clean out the inlet system, block off the EGR system, plug the exhaust gas inlet ducts to make the air flow more laminar, disconnect the choke flap vacuum pipe and divert the low oxygen sump gases away from the inlet. (my favourite solution for 15% more power and phenominal MPG). Pics follow:
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    Hope everyone is keeping well during this strange time. As i'm sure many of you are just as bored as me, it leads to us doing things we wouldn't usually do! Removed my RARB today as the orginal costing had started to fail so I cleaned it up as best I could and gave it a fresh coat of Satin Black. Also refreshed the brake fluid as well, wouldn't say it neccessarily needed it sonce the last one was around 10 months ago but for something to do! Brake fluid choice was Motul RBF 660, always had good results with ths! Whilst the wheels were off, gave them a good clean inside and out
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    @battlebus has in effect turned an SDI into a PD130... Don't forget that the SDI is nothing more than the 1.9 diesel engine without a turbo and a shorter crank. Same weight, better economy, less power. Lower insurance. You can run it on the 085 gearbox, but I'd advise a full box rebuild every 50k miles (and CV joints).
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    I havent but intend to. I have (or had) a PD150 lined up for this reason but sadly didnt get it before the lockdown has made it pretty much impossible for now. Driveshafts and probably a bit of chassis leg trimming will be the biggest headache, probably worth going wide track using GTI bottom joints as well but i am only guessing, i was going to use my black tdi wreck for the trial fit before chopping anything about on another lupo. You need the N75 stuff for the turbo and might need some engine loom as well. gearbox use a 5 speeder from a suitable TDI with decent ratios. Later PDs use different ecu so stick to the earlier ones on same ecu type as the diesel lupos to avoid extra hassles.
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    Lol ok cool . Like I said didn't see it had been that long since last post and just wanted to put some pictures of the missus car up to see what people thought of it.
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    🤣🤣🤣🤣 sorry lads didn't even see it had been that long since last post. My bad .
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    Welcome to the future.
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    Yes your right I could have brought a GTI but it's my missus first car so insurance is not cheap as it is . It's not a 1 litre it's a 1.4.16v 75bhp . Tbh honest mate as long as she is happy with it money dont really matter bud . She likes its and had he input into the mods so happy days in my eyes thanks for saying it's nice tho and for the input all appreciated. Dave
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    I'm a fan of that, looks lovely!
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    Bievenido! Donde estas en España? You have a registered car at 14? How is it possible?! Nice car. Which wheels are they? 👍🏻
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    To be honest I’ve heard it named many things. When I asked at a scrappers for a passenger front stub axle - they presented me with the right part. I shall refer to the part as part A. Yes, it was this part that was bent, as the two parts were compared side by side once the old one was removed. As all of the running gear has been replaced, replacing this amongst everything else on that front left corner has remedied the issue, which was a priority. I taxed and insured it on Friday so I can run everything in and try and pinpoint some of the interior rattles, which are a bit annoying. Over time I’ll get to the bottom of them like I did with my T4.
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    Yeah, oil pump chain. They only last 200k km. 150k miles. Design life. The nylon friction pads don't last.
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    That happened nearly twenty years ago. Note nearly.
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    I flipped my Micra outside their gaff when I was 19. I avoid that road.
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    That will be fine - thanks for checking.
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    The spend has already started. I've just ordered a cam belt kit and water pump, Service kit, oil, heater resistor, exhaust back box, fitting kit and a new aerial. Total £250. Will fit tonight and take lots of pictures. I might even have time to replace the bulb behind the heater fan speed switch!! Insurance for my 17 year old next....
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    With those silly milages (400k km) I do wonder if in Germany they replace the chain tensioner at some point as part of a major service. I've heard quite a few stories that they genrally last up to about 150k miles. The chain appears ok, but the nylon friction tensioner pads generally wear out, which then allows too much slop and chain starts whipping about, and then it snaps. On the A2 site there's a lot of chat about it. where did you find the ad in Holland? On line?
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    A tdi 1.4 is a better buy even if you get a left hooker. these are the tdi's on the mobil.de website some very cheap and some with staggering mileages https://suchen.mobile.de/fahrzeuge/search.html?damageUnrepaired=NO_DAMAGE_UNREPAIRED&fuels=DIESEL&isSearchRequest=true&makeModelVariant1.makeId=25200&makeModelVariant1.modelId=21&maxPowerAsArray=KW&minPowerAsArray=KW&scopeId=C&sfmr=false&sortOption.sortBy=searchNetGrossPrice&sortOption.sortOrder=ASCENDING
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    That was quick! How about some pictures?
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    Thanks Guys 😁 I was able to source a nice blue 3L from the Netherlands. Changed the headlights, fog light bypass from L to R and sourced some new front indicators to compliment the new sparkling headlights. New Oil and a diesel purge is planned for the weekend along with a new diesel filter. Majority of this is preventative and allows me to accurately document to maintenance of the car. I drove it back from the NL, such a great little beast with lots of ooooomph.
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    Sounds quite normal to me, same as the SDI I had
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    When you posted the video i thought it sounded fine but that was playing it on a laptop speakers. I've got some lovely rattles on my TDI, exhaust doesnt fit very well after i welded in a new flexi for the mot, the heat shield is rattling on the back box and the gearbox dog bone mount is very very soft so the engine rocks around too much to compound the exhaust problem. Am I bothered? Not enough to do anything to it until i get under it to fix something else. There's a heat shield at the front that can rattle on the gear selector cables too, not sure if it is the same for SDI though.
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    Did say it sounds like my SDIs....
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    ANCC novice champion navigator in my first year. Did it for 15 years. I'm no fan of Quaife and I've had to work with them a couple of times, but the range of suppliers is limited. I'm running an Mfactory in my 02J. Keep an eye on the website as they have sales. Mine cost under £500. I've got a Gripper in a MK1 Golf which is definitely the more fun device but needs more maintenance. You will find the small wheel arches limit tyre choice and the lower height of the GTi is not ideal.
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    Welcome. Speak to mart at gas’s gears on Facebook - he can source (cheaper than awesome or dark side) and fit Quaif diff. He Also lightens flywheels, send your pressure plate and he will balance that too. are you limited to original static suspension? oh - and pics or it didn’t happen!
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    Once again, I've forgotten to update this as I go along with things on the Lupo, will update with pictures when I get more time but for now I'll just have to write down all the things I've done.. or at least what I can remember!😅 So rear beam. and subframe were removed and taken to a sandblaster, fully blasted and given back to me where I then etch primed them and gave them a few coats of high build primer before painting them gloss black, all the other components from the underside have been taken to college and I've prepped them either in the smaller sandblasting machine or by hand were I can, prepped and painted in a metallic silver which looks lovely.. shame no one will really see it but at least its all clean, shiny and protected for longer now!😄 Bought some BBS RM012's a few months back and they just sat under my bed to collect dust, I stripped one down each night, used a wire brush on a drill to strip the silicone sealant then prepped all the barrels/faces and took them to college to paint. They were by far the hardest thing I've ever had to paint so far but it was a good experience and definitely taught me a few things while doing them, super happy with how they turned out too so that makes it all worth it! Underside has been half prepped for a while now and I've just been putting it off for ages while I get other things done, which isn't great since I'm delaying myself from actually getting the bags back on and the car on the floor again but I'll continue with that after Ultimate Dubs next weekend, might have an extra pair of hands to help which would be handy.. pun intended.. all it needs is the front arches and floor panel stripping and prepping for the raptor liner and a few bits of rust cleaning up. Picked up a Lupo GTI spoiler off a friend a few weeks ago for a steal at £50, I then went on to smooth out the brake light hole and then got a bit of inspiration from another Lupo with a custom extended/ducktail style spoiler... guess we'll wait and see how that turns out but I'm happy with progress currently. Also picked up some JE Design side skirts off another mate a few months back, they've been sat in my unit collecting dust.. maybe I'll do something with them soon too.. 😅 Can't think of anything else that've done but I'm sure there is more that I'm forgetting, shall update this soon with any pictures I find since I last updated and try and update this more often, I know, I've said that a lot and its not happened so don't expect much for a few months again!🤣 Thanks for reading, Lewis!☺️
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    Whilst I agree with @LR5V, I would be more thinking of the belt tensioner rather than the alernator. Either way, it won't break the bank to fix. And welcome!
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    You can use mobile.de as mk2 pointed out, that's mainly for Germany. You can also check on autoscout24.es and use the filter for it to search all over Europe, here: https://www.autoscout24.es/lst/volkswagen/lupo?sort=price&desc=1&ustate=N%2CU&size=20&page=1&version0=3L&atype=C&ac=0& Welcome
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    Welcome - Definitely need to look on the continent, ebay.FR or DE probably a good start - your in the best location for getting over the channel - do a booze and fags run on the return!
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    3Ls are very rare here in the uk, usually a personal import i believe. You might get lucky though... You can pick up a good SDI still if you wait as they do come up every now and then. Lots of neglected cars about though, that usually get scrapped... good ones hold their value like Gtis. welcome to CL
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    It's been a while but been giving the car a little bit of love gradually! When at operating temperature the car used to misfire and cough at idle which did my nut in so new NGK plugs, HT Leads and Fahren coilpack. If any GTi owners are wondering about the leads they are handmade from eBay by a seller called Mr Retro Leads I believe it was and they're about £35. The leads work fine but if you know somebody with TPS I would recommened buying genuine VW over these as the quality doesn't feel as solid as genuine VW leads! They don't have a satisfying click when pressed into the coilpack like the standard leads do and the outer material is a lot more flexible and softer. It did feel as though the leads would fall out due to vibration but done 1000 miles with them on now and so far so good! Just as a Guinea Pig to see how good Cheaper/Chinese Xenon bulbs are, put 2 new Lunex 6000k bulbs in whilst I took the front end apart to make the washer jet covers fit a little better. So far so good with the Lunex bulbs but whilst there I discovered I need a new passenger side headlight if anybody has one they'd like to sell to me Put some Philips LED 501 Sidelight bulbs in too and I must say they do look fantastic over standard Last little thing is I picked up some Cambridge rear lights and must say they transform the back end! (FYI pretend the dirt isn't there)
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    luckily thus far all Ive spent is 2 new front tyres (serious camber wear on the inside, one punctured and 3 days later the other came off the rim! luckily I was aware of the camber wear and had ordered them, left my car abandoned at a petrol station overnight and took the 2 wheels home (up on wooden blocks as axle stands) and got the tyres fitted first thing in the morning, and collected it at 9am. the petrol garage were fine with it haha. Aside from that its ran like clockwork for around 5k that ive racked up so far. debating putting a belt and pump on it, just my thinking is the cost of a second hand engine is only around 100 if it did go bang, but ill maybe do it for peace of mind anyway as it had no paperwork when i purchased it.
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    Ok we have got the sdi turbo install done . We used Modified Volvo V70 inlet, Passat GT1749V turbo reclocked and an AFN exhaust manifold Added a Passat Side mount intercooler and swapped eco and injectors and we are making boost. Slight hitch is the clutch is pretty sad and we have found its limit so anyone any experience of uprated 190mm clutch kits?
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    Only had mine few weeks and am getting no where near that mpg. I've bought an egr blanking plate and I'm going to get the inlet manifold off as i bet it's super sooty. Serviced it last week but it still struggles at around 1800 rpm. I bought it for the mega mpg so need to sort it out.
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