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    If you have a dremmel cut some break lines to help the lens come out without damaging spoiler paint
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    that's what i had to do on my old one. someone had overtightened the 3 bolts and stripped the plastic around the back so they were just spinning! Just be careful not to damage the spoiler and you should be fine
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    Gorgeous. Cant wait to see it with the refurbed wheels on. Inside looks immac. Nice. Most difficult bit to restore... 👍🏻 Make sure the agreed insurance value is right or if it gets nicked or busted up, you may only get just over a grand for it. Worth at least 3k I'd reckon.
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    This is just going to be slapped together and MOT'd. I will try and show it some love after that.
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    Is this going to be like a kidnapping, where you post little bits of you Lupo one at a time? They look to be a really good refurbishment, centre caps usually don't come out 100% - but yours look mint.
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    Swap the coil pack over. Block the hole for the dizzy. Bin the dizzy. Done. Use the AHW ecu and loom. It will work fine.
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    Use the loom from the broken engine. It will be easier
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    Correct, I misremembered on reddit when I said he was blaming the overtaker, he actually just couldnt understand why the black car stopped in the road and was blaming him, i told him why he'd had to stop to avoid the head on. So yes he wasnt paying attention or was too close. It could have been much worse, I saw him stick his nose round and was about to make the corrections when he changed his mind and dived for the verge. Time was running at half speed in those last few seconds, all i know is try not to make it worse by taking desperate measures to avoid a minor shunt especially if that puts you at fault. Distances and perspective in the footage are nothing like what i was seeing. i go quiet in the footage when i am on extreme concentration and threat assessment, it took a while to realise the black car was actually completely stationary, the car up the bank appeared over the subarus bonnet from my perspective likely as I had been looking at the brake lights of the two cars ahead of me and my distance to them which had closed, they got off their brakes and resumed their journey, I was distracted by the car going up the bank and then the Tigra appeared as well. As said already, that was fine, but changing his mind was not. Ever had a dream where you cant run when pursued by things or people? It was like that.
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    A very quick look on eBay produced these: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VW-Lupo-Wing-Mirror-Covers-Blue-pair-Volkswagon/274186720336?hash=item3fd6cd5450:g:bxMAAOSwgrBeEvv8 Good luck
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    Thanks man, I'll give him a nodd. I went to Saitama in Japan last year to witness the mountain drifts - and ALL of them have those little rain protectors on so brought back a pair. Think it's a nice accompaniment to the wind deflectors.
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    jeez i paid 400 for mine, bit of a chavbox but im reverting back to stock and i dont expect it to owe me more than 500.
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    Passed its MOT again this year 183,000 miles and still going strong, might keep it for another year and forget going for a Fabia or a Polo 1.6 tdi
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    im using an app to track my fuel economy for fun. to a tank i am getting 340 miles with an average spend of £32-£34 . i am getting real world figures of 58-61mpg. My commute is 18miles of twisty,hilly roads, and then 15miles of motorway sat at 65-70mph. so 35miles ish each way. forgot to add i have a 2004 Lupo SDI , 147k miles, standard car with an engine light on
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    Welcome to club lupo! Lots of pics of before and after please. Good satisfying stuff restoring a Lupo back to mint...
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    I've never quite understood the "bidet" removal on our cars, the wiper lies flat so what's the problem
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    SVO... not good for micro hole nozzle injectors (but ok for old skool spray types though). Boiling acidic glyerols festering inside the pump and injectors every time you park. Eurgh.
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    Mines coming up to 192k I think, it’s currently only doing around 4/5k a year. Part of me wants to part ways but would it ever make sense to let go of £30 tax and brilliant mpg? I love it overall.
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    Yeah, read things here and there. But they are the exact same engine... Polo, A2 and Lupo. I wish vdub would bring back the AHU 1.9 TDI lump (and derivatives). Such a good engine. Clean burning, efficient and low emissions too. Better than the new 2L thing.
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    Relatively low mileage for mine, 1.7 sdi y reg on 145k.
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    Clean and regrease the bracket on the box Take it apart ideally.
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    Here you go - was going to say the bolts don’t stick out much at all, 2mm at most:
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    If you get to Durham I'll do it for cash.
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    I'll fight anyone he needs and pay for his dancers for a night.
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    Dude, you'll need to take it to someone or read the gearbox/pedalbox thread. You can do it, but it's not the easiest thing in the world to get right. You'll need a pillow...
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    Looking forward to part three it's going to look amazing.
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    Hel do OEM sizes and custom, even know common conversion hoses - just a phone call away!
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    Thanks 666DUB! Looks like I need another 666 number plate
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    Hi! I wanna make my 1.0 Lupo to sound good. What to do? Buy another mufler? Uninstall the blackbox? Tell me your ideeas!
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    hi guys, found a company in rochdale called brake world, they do them seperatley 13.95 all in part number bcf 1301 the pins are 60mm long 8mm thick the kit comes complete with grease,2 pins,2 rubber guide covers and the 2 small bolts on the end RESULT!!! STEALERS WANT OVER 90 QIUD AS YOU HAVE TO BUY THE WHOLE CARRIER
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    Bad news I'm afraid. It seems that there was a change in the legislation in 2010, such that 'For vehicles first registered in the UK on or after 1 April 2010 but previously registered abroad, VED will be calculated according to the original date of registration abroad.' So if you have an import first registered abroad before 1st March 2001, you wont get CO2-based VED. It seems to me that this was kept very quiet - a recent letter from the DVLA on this matter didn't even mention it! At least the date is very appropriate! RAB
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    Were all failed registration applications for CO2-based VED made with a certificate of conformity showing CO2 data? If so, I have a letter from the DVLA which proves that you should have been granted CO2-based VED. There might have been the assumption made that CO2 data was not available for cars registered anywhere before March 2001 because the provision of this data only became mandatory then. Fortunately, VW were well ahead of the game. RAB
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