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    Hello. I'm the resident deviant.
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    Hi All, Just thought I'd share this incase anyone is wanting to upgrade to 280mm brakes up front (Should apply to TDIs, 100HP 16v and GTI Models) As most of you probably know, all that's needed is new carriers, discs and pads to do the upgrade, the stock caliper is fine. Autodoc are currently stocking G60 carriers by Mapco for Β£24 a side plus postage, non OEM, but new compatible and seems less than some of the used carriers go for. Pics attached of part no and the carriers I received.
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    No questionable driving, just a cheeky Lupo
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    I used to be a deviant also but my missus decided to join up so now I just observe the new female members from a distance. Welcome to the club! 😁
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    Duct tape sticks, DNA. Zip ties, more modern. I wouldn't tie her up, she would enjoy it.
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    Welcome to club lupo!
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    Try VW Lupo groups on Facebook. Loads of people braking Lupos on there, so getting hold of a mirror cover shouldn't be too much of a problem!
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    I've had a set of Vredestein TTrack 2's on the the SDI, they've lasted circa 15k miles so far and still have loads of meat left (Even on the front which is quite impressive) They seem reasonably grippy but an SDI is hardly a performance car, on a 1.0mpi I think they'd probably fit the bill quite well and cost Β£30 a piece IIRC...
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    Many thanks T3 - just received my two and I'm very pleased with all aspects, and especially with the way you've been able to render the Bathursts so recognisably, despite the small scale of the badge, (which is a perfect size, incidentally). Excellent value too! Regards. David
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    How about filler putty? used to fill in any small scratches, not sure I would use this brand, but as an example
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    Okay here goes... We've got the pin badges finished and all set up to purchase. Hope you like them! πŸ˜… Please head to this link to purchase (and leave a review too if possible 😘) - https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/680379287/vw-lupo-gti-enamel-pin-badge?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=vw+lupo&ref=sr_gallery-1-15&organic_search_click=1&frs=1&col=1 Couple of pictures below of how they look . I think the silver has come out slightly darker than planned, due to it being based on black metal.
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    Also remember that in most VW's the AC won't work if the outside temperature is below 5 degrees if I remember right
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    I get mine from Eurocarparts, I use a G60 reg then get them under the performance sectionπŸ‘πŸΌ
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    The SDI does the bare minimum a car needs to do. It gets you from A-B with minimum fuss, very very cheaply and in 'relative' comfort. And will keep going and going and going..... I have two.
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    Yeah I wouldnt put veg in a TDI unless at very low mix at which point it isnt worth doing unless you have free clean WVO. Kero quickly looks tempting and works in TDI at sensible mix.
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    That would be cheap for the fryers .....
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    Quantum Platinum - fully synthetic & built for our engines - source on Ebay or your friendly dealer! Got some the other week form TPS, low twenties for 5 litres
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    If you change your oil every week or 3000 miles, any cheap stuff will do. Oil type is important when you do lots of start stop journeys or leave it for 20,000 miles before a change...
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    It is a cracking car with all the work and effort that you have put in it. Keep it up. Andrew
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    Great video and review You've made a cracking car Clayton! πŸ‘
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    Video of how it sounds for anyone interested!
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    make one petey mcpete pants.
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    cleaning it out would bring it back to optimal OEM operation, but removing it, blanking the exhaust feed, and fitting a straight pipe allows it to breathe so much better, you gain a noticeable acceleration increase

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