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  1. CasperGTI or Mark2ikeda
  2. Pedal box mine went at 82000ish... heard gear box is another little problem
  3. ive had my lupo coming up to 3 years when i first had it, it was on and off like no tomorrow took it the garage sorted for couple of weeks then come on couple days later off and wouldnt see it for couple of months over, then one day it just been on, now been 2years easy take it the garage they get it to switch off then couple days later its back on so... Lambda probe on the second cat, but not having otha problems so jsut got use to having it on now but am going get it sorted so (maybe)
  4. he onlys post's to Austria, Switzerland and Germany so you would email him and see if he will post to the uk
  5. yea seen one to behind it till i got to the lights then pulled along side it... everything looks good jus the rear bit like a fox with a face lift
  6. RjB


    fun car to drive that would of been
  7. RjB

    Black Lup Gti

    got couple of otha ideas to do... you got a sweet ride
  8. RjB


    the green venom lupo is in the scrap yard what i last heard of it anyone clear that up???
  9. RjB


    top lad learnt them lesson
  10. RjB

    Black Lup Gti

    Thumbs Up Friend
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