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  1. Cheers. They are 18's and still look a little lost in the arches....wanted 19's but the tyre cost is silly for decent ones.
  2. Well here he is as took some pics recently: I have a boot after 7 years LOL.........and there is also a full sized spare alloy under the floor also!
  3. Not too much but need stop really lol as it was a well spec'd A4 anyway
  4. Saw my old GTI driving about the other day by some old folks about 65ish LOL so know she will not be punished by the go pedal too often. Which also reminded me I had a few bits still in the garage to sell so added them to the classifieds Still enjoying my Audi A4 sline but there are moments when I still had the GTI tucked away in the garage
  5. As above. Bolts should be the same length as originals plus the width of the spacer/adapter
  6. Passat 2003 rear badge
  7. All the old members are moving on it seems.......good luck Phil. Miss my GTI some days
  8. There is a t25 grub screw in the side of the door..............dont undo it all the way but until the barrel is loose and moves...... Pull handle and then the barrel out. Very easy and takes about 5min to do if that. If going to delock properly, use the small metal disc in the hole you see when the barrel is removed.
  9. Very nice seats mate............spot on!
  10. No problem mate.......my GTI lives on in lots of other cars
  11. OMG LOL Good work but these interior are too wild/much for me............i am a lot more reserved.
  12. All codes are held Ian central database they have and it even states on the code card that you can retrieve the code for free, but as you say some dealers are a pain.
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