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  1. I had a rear damper blow on my sport (AP's), they were only about a year old and KW replaced them under warranty, so it seems they;re quite a genuine company!
  2. i would spend 50p on them. buy a set second hand set of wheels to suit your budget, when you want to change, if you bought right in the first place you should be able to sell for a similar amount to what you paid. these reps are worth f all second hand
  3. ^ love that. what are the wheel specifications?
  4. ap's were great on my lupo. one of the rear shocks went but got it replaced under warranty
  5. this. its not that difficult is it really next subject. what shall i have for lunch?
  6. 5.5k is way to high imo. 4.5k is fair. there were 2 really good low mileage gti's near my recently, private sale, both up for a touch over 4k
  7. Not worth doing really, makes it slower
  8. nice car that, pretty rare find in that condition now! bit jealous lol
  9. i would...but cba to drive all the way there
  10. cedar green grey tweed recaro cs some form of new rotiform wheels, custom made to fit, with proper fitting tyres and archs to suit. one day i will do the above!
  11. had mine done at stylehaus and it was a great job, i would recommend taking the drive, it doesnt take long to do
  12. photos of colour concept!! think i had mine 2 years. wouldnt mind another on though now lol
  13. if you're sure you want to keep it, sport engine. with more work a polo gti engine.
  14. bloody misses is making me go away that weekend! would of liked to have popped down on the sunday
  15. up there with the best seats for sure!!
  16. Theres a chap on here who supercharged his lupo on a standard ECU i think, its a greeny colour on polished porsche winters. If i remember correctly, speaking to a few people, it wasnt that great on a standard ECU and he had problems with it. I may be wrong as this is all from conversations years ago. basically it was hard to map
  17. very nice, they would be my personal choice for my car. although nankangs on a 3.2?!
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