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  1. i must pull it up towards me haha iv never noticed that lol yea i have my sub to go on then itll be just like a big ass shelf, to put **** on haha
  2. so quick update now sitting a little lower on the front need a smidge of camber to get the rear down and then maybe a smidge more on the front (you cant be too low right?) false floors in just need to pick up a new amp tomoz an get my sub back in. just need to think about givin it a good wash an detail for dc10 next weekend!! PICS!! C&C's welcome Mattx
  3. well ill just habve to try a few places see what they say unless someone can confirm 100%
  4. my bad sports have a shallow one
  5. sports and gti's dont hae a spare wheel wich lets all the exhaust system run central, make sense? as to alternatives check out tomstevo he's just made one himself looks and sounds dead nice just get on the phone to some local exhast companys and get your self a cat back system or a decat system if your feelin plucky
  6. tbf the back box isnt in great condition just was unsure about it all being one piece from the cat back?
  7. so a bracket on my back box has snapped so took it to my local ats and theyve quoted me just over £170 as everything cat back is one piece? is this true?
  8. youd need to get rid of your spare wheel, fill the whole fit a new bumper then think about connecting the exhausts up costly but can be done
  9. im there, only next week anyone else?
  10. i can spend about 6 doing the outside and interior, but tend to do that befor shows it does get a good few hours every 3 or 4 days though and as for products autoglym, meguiars, dod juice, poor boys there all good and not silly priced tbf
  11. never heard that i worked on the basis of how ever far the front bolt got pushed out id have to push the rear the same mine looked staright might have been out but when i had my tracking done they never said that they were waaay out or made a deal about it also i just ran 2 washers on each of the bottom 2 bolts nothing on the top 2, rookie error?
  12. the exhaust sounds soooo tasty, camber looks mad, i had to take mine off from killin my tyres an i had 2 washers on each bottom bolt haha but now i need to put mayb a washer on each bolt or a shim cus the arches are killin the tyres haha FAIL on my be half win on yours with that car
  13. few lupos on cleaned but i havnt been on that since winter in all fairness im on a local one called chocolatedubs, wheel whores, deailing world, for a few people main big ones round by me would be mids cruising or streetrace but im not on them
  14. thaught you might of been closer to lichfield than that dude sorry its like a good 40+ miles and ive been busy today so probably too late now sorry hope you sort it!
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