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  1. Having a browse through my old threads, i really miss this car...i think about it quite a lot...nostalgia i guess, being so young with no worries apart from something on a car. I'd love to find it too Krazy. What ended up happening is it wouldn't stay running without giving it throttle, i tried loads of stuff, took it to loads of garages... On the plus side i sold it with steels, all bald too, and got £900 for it, so i lost nothing at all...
  2. Could be that then Puggled, it is a pretty old switch too... The router is the standard one that Sky issue out.
  3. I was just making the IP up as i cant remember what it was but it wasnt 192.168.x.x lol... And it must be going to the right port, because that port works fine without the switch, if the cable is from router to xbox, but if i put the switch on it doesnt work. I read somewhere i may need a crossover cable, so im going to try that tomorrow.
  4. Hey All, I've recently moved out, and im having a bit of bother with my internet... Until yesterday everything was fine, i have a wireless router which throws a signal to laptops and phones... Then a ethernet cable out the back of the router into my xbox and it's been working fine. Yesterday i have put a switch in place, so now the cable out the back of the router goes into the switch, then i have 3 ethernet cables out of that, one going to my sky box, one to my xbox and one to my ps3. Suddenly, that shut off the internet to the laptops, which i thought would be ok as long as i deleted the acc
  5. No, sorry. I have a company car now so have no use for the box, sub or amp so trying to sell it all as a whole. If anyone is interested then gimmie a text, maybe we can sort out a deal!
  6. Thinkmy mate is really interested mate. Will pm you!
  7. Hello! I know i've disappeared from the site completely, but as i'm attempting to move out i need any spare penny i can get... These have sat in the garage now for 18 months not doing anything at all and i could do with them gone! They came with my lupo when i brought it, they fitted perfectly into the back (And i mean perfectly, its like the box was custom built or something lol) They're two Kenwood subs, im not 100% sure of the model or the RMS or anything like that, they made my boot shake but dont expect anything that'll win you prizes at sound competitions... The amp is a "SPLX MF1200" i
  8. JamesU


    Was bored on my laptop and realised i haven't been on here for a long time! So thought i'd check up on you all! A lot has changed it seems!
  9. I know nobody on virgin, im on vodafone, girlfriend is on t-mobile, parents are both O2 and sister is on Orange.
  10. Just wondered if anyone could give me a little pointer rather than being on hold for a day and a half to speak to the wrong department anyway whilst being charged 20p a min.
  11. Basically, downstairs we have the virgin box, but i want to have another one upstairs in one of those rooms... I found out (i think) that its an extra £5 a month and there is a £35 set up fee - but im not sure how much it is for the box or if its free?? Also, which number do i call!? Ta!
  12. Stunning mate, your work on here is so good - and knowing how hard it is (I gave up after it took me half a week to do 6 snooker balls!!) then you have too much time on your hands!! Especially seeing as you have a GF too!!! Porsche 911 GT3 next, pretty please Also, PS3 timez anytime soon, i have my internet sort of sorted...
  13. Ah i got it for £40 from game :@
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