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  1. Currently have both the Lupo Gti and the Fabia Vrs too. Strange so many people have the same two car setup. Im loving the Vrs on the big roads. Frikin awesome and the economy and extra space/capacity is amazing. The Lupo is going up for sale though unfortunately as for me at 26 its too much to maintain both and insure both. Will be getting a remap for sure. Cant wait! My very first 'sleeper'
  2. This is now up for sale!! Price drop to £4600. This includes 2 sets of wheels. One set is BBS recently refurbed in red. Brand new front bumper in primer. Spare set of rear light units. AST solid top mounts-unused and custom for the car. Loads of bits and pieces like spare colour coded towing eye covers, vw seat covers, bonnet bra the lot. All is included in this price. I advise a test drive if youre insured as i can guarantee you will want it once you have a go in it. Just bought my new car (black fabia vrs 07) dont ask just the right car for my new milage. Will be heart broken to see the loop go.
  3. Hey, that edition 38 link didnt work :-/ but i would consider a swap with a turbo diesel of some sort. Anythings worth a look at. And if you need my number ill pm it you. Cars passed mot with no advisories. Service will be soon. Nice day today so im valleting the whole interior
  4. cheers mate it has to go to a good home like the old one did
  5. yes mate all the pictures are on my "Readers Ride Thread" at the bottom of my posts. Underneath my signiture pic. There are loads of pics including interior etc
  6. thought i might add as its worth noting, the interior door handles are immaculate and have no scratches. This car has been cared for immensely
  7. Some pics of the red BBS' i had refurbed recently. These or the black wheels will go with my car when i sell as i have both sets. Buyers discretion... Excuse the miserable cornish weather in the pics
  8. Hello all, Regrettably; and i know people always use that word but it really is upsetting :'( i am going to be selling my Lupo Gti in the coming weeks. Ive had the car for over 2 years and used it as a daily from 20k on the clock to its current 65k. Im going to be doing an even higher millage now and the time has come to get something more practical. I love this car so much ill probably cry when it goes but i thought id gauge interest as unlike most, i actually care where this car is going and i want it to find a nice home where its giving the care and attention ive bestowed upon it. Im going to type the spec down with all the work ive had done. Most importantly please note that how you want the spec is entirely up to the eventual buyer. Some parts are variable and can be swapped for standard if preferred. 02 plate (1st registered Jan 03) 6 Speed 65,000 miles (will change as daily) 1 previous owner Reflex Silver Full service history and lots and lots of receipts for all consumables and work carried out Immaculate cloth interior Original Red trim Gti floor mats in good nik "GTI" chrome door sill protectors Rear aero wiper conversion Rear Cambridge lights (with orange internal indicator bits removed and specialist bulbs) Black VW badges front and back Red bead front grill trim Anniversary Gti front badge KW V1 Inox fully adjustable coil overs (can be swapped for standard suspension) Immaculate 15" Red BBS cross spokes, 1 piece, refurbed 2 months ago (black with red bead 15" multi spoke can be put on if preferred) Front and back Black Diamond drilled and grooved brake discs (fast road) with Black Diamond Predator pads all round Goodridge braided brake lines Janspeed full cat back stainless exhaust system BMC CDA air filter plumbed in with integral pipe for oil breather (can be swapped for standard air box if preferred) PIAA top spec halogens and LED side lights to match the beautiful xenons Almost brand new tyres all round (firestone) Just being MOT'd today Full service next week Taxed till end of July Ive had the cambelt done twice since ive owned it (last done 8 months ago) 15mm Hub centric rear wheel spacers (can be removed if preferred) Bee sting ally aerial The car looks amazing and gets washed every week, polished in the summer months to give it a fantastic shine. The car has been photographed by "Fast Car Magazine" at local meets and really turns heads for the right reasons. I owned a Lupo Sport before this and always wanted the Gti. Ive been a member of the club since my first Lupo and the club website gets a small slot on rear windows. Whenever any work has needed doing or parts have needed replacing ive bought the best i could afford or spent the most i could, money never an issue ive always wanted the best for this car. Unfortunately my already large journey to work is now getting longer and i need another car for these journeys. This is the best car ive ever owned and will always remain in my heart as my dream car. Gutted to let it go and ill probably regret it when it does. Ill be 100% honest there is a small scuff on the rear nearside arch where some goon scraped it but it isnt huge and car be repaired very easily and cheaply (i may do this before i sell). There is also a 5mm stone chip on the bonnet. Ive sealed/primed/ and painted in it and its barely noticeable. There is no rust on the car, no dents! and no noticeable scratches anywhere. Polishes up a beaut! Ok so depending on whether or not the buyer wants the suspension/BMC CDA and rims im looking for.... £5000 For pictures please see my build thread next to my signature on this post Any questions please dont hesitate to ask Let me know if you are potentially interested Based near Plymouth
  9. or a higher ride, but with these wheels in black, with the red pinstripe?
  10. still really torn about these wheels. Im just not feeling it. Ive had to raise the car so that these wheels wouldnt scrub due to the different offset these have and im not sure if its just the car being higher or the wheels but im just not happy with it I needed to raise the suspension a little anyway, its a mature decision as im sure scraping about everywhere wasnt doing my car any good and also its kind of liberating being able to go where i want not and it can cope with speed bumps and such. Its just i dont no whether to just sell these now and cut my losses; whip the old wheels back on and drop it a little more, or just respray these again but in just silver or anthracite and maybe drop it a fraction more? Please guys im in desperate need of advice?!
  11. Now ive had em on im not 100% on the finish might have to do em again lol
  12. sod it heres a couple mob pics as it is... and a little pit of poke...
  13. yeah bud, well the wheel place thinks theyve got it out pretty well, they put the tyres on and went to balance them but that wheel was coming out as "zero'd" without any adjustment or weights so hopefully thats the wheel sorted. I got them back today and they transferred the tyres and stuck them on and oh my.... i left my hub-centric spacers on and theyre sticking out a bit more than my old ones. Anyway im running no where near as much stretch and the car; sitting as low as it is, is creating some mega scrubbage. So tomorrow my friendly mechanic is going to raise the car yet again on the kw's to put a stop to that. The ride will be no where near as low as it used to be but i think its a bit more sensible anyway as im restricted to certain roads as it is as the clearance is so bad. Once its all finished and the sun wants to rear its face again ill clean him up and post some pics! Overall........very happy.
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