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  1. Prices haven't really gone up or down, will it be worth anymore in a few years? probably not, as it will be older and have more miles. Might prices go up in 10 years, maybe, but only for minters, but who knows.
  2. This is a rare opportunity to purchase a genuine ABT prepared German ADAC Lupo Cup car built for the German equivalent of the UK Renault Clio Cup, a former support series of the DTM. The car is one of three sold by VW Motorsport to the UK in early 2000’s. This Cup Car was later prepared by Grant Motorsport and raced by Mark Hope in the 2004 UK VW Racing Cup, running a 1.6 185BHP AVY engine with AFH head on throttle bodies. It was later upgraded to a 250BHP 1.8 20vT engine by Grant Motorsport but it was subsequently sold onto Anderson Racing Engines absent of any running gear. P
  3. 99hjhm


    Thanks Matt! ...and look where it got you! lol Cheers Robert. Thanks, read below mate... No, it will never work on a Lupo GTI. Thanks guys. Sooo, long time has passed but it was long sold. Believe still as it was. I now have this... 05 A3 S-Line 2.0T FSI Its pretty mint, nearly all options, all factory paint(as far as I can tell), nice to drive but needs a remap. MISS THE LUPO LOADS!
  4. Look on the UKMKIV Golf forum a guy on there did it with his BBS RC's
  5. 99hjhm

    Reground cams

    Piper cams are fine, quality is up there with the best about. I read on ELSA that you couldn't use a reground cam due to the valve train geometry been upset. You need new lifters with a new cam/grind, using the old ones is just pikey. The lift will increase as will the duration, they make the base circle of the lobe smaller, it's a bit tricky to understand.
  6. Crankshaft endfloat.. err NO! They probably have the belt a tooth out, most places seem to manage it somehow.
  7. lol, do they even make them for the rear? I tried some Cupra Brembo's and the pad area was all wrong.
  8. Ah OK, yeah they have plenty of power then. Whats the pad area/disc coverage like? Cant see the need for any more rear brakes.
  9. The boxster calipers are not the best, they work but there are better. I thought mine were the only set. For a 1.4 75bhp Lupo I would convert to GTI brakes or G60's. You need Lupo Sport/GTI hubs though.
  10. Think you need the hubs too.
  11. Just get limeprime and then a wax. Black Hole is so oily, you won't really notice swirls much on your colour anyway, so leave it out.
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