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  1. Hey nice car, must have been a proper legend who had it before. The rear goodridge braided hoses and copper/nickel lines are still in my garage.
  2. foxy

    Foxy's TDI

    You all suck balls!
  3. Since I've sold both my cars and the Golf is still in bits I needed something to have a little fun on this summer. So I've bought a Ducati Hypermotard 1100 S known as a 'hooligan' bike it kind of suits me and my driving style, really is a wheelie machine. Its got tonnes of carbon fibre on it and I've added a little more. It had a modded exhaust and performance ecu fitted, but when I say 'modded' what i mean is butchered. cat and cans had been ripped apart, not happy with that sort thing so I've fitted a standard system and ecu for now until i can afford the Termignoni pipes i really want.
  4. foxy

    Foxy's TDI

    Sold to fund other things
  5. After 6 fun filled years of Lupo driving its now gone to a better home than I could have hoped for. I miss it a lot but still get too see it on occasion. Guess thats the end of this build thread....................now onto 2 wheels
  6. foxy


    quite fancy an ipad, if your thinking of selling let me know! Thanks
  7. Sunday bump Offers............
  8. Did he tell you that? cause he is lying! There is absolutely no adjustment what so ever from standard top mounts
  9. Sorry it took so long but here is a picture of the shocks. Thats as they came off the car, I havnt even cleaned them. so shows what amasing condition they are in!
  10. These have been fitted to the car (GTI) for just over 1 year, done around 2000 miles and NEVER seen a salty winter road. So basically they as new mint condition. Come in the origional box also New they cost £1038.84 Im asking just £700 Would prefer pick up from Cramlington, but can post at buyers cost. pics to follow
  11. I guess thats what you needed my reg.no for. I miss my exhaust!!
  12. foxy

    BNC induction kit.

    Took mine off car yesterday, BMC filter, alloy cold air feed and oil catch tank. All silicone hoses fixings and clips included. Looks real fancy. Cost £300 to put together i'll sell for £150
  13. Ive not recieved any text from you
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