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Lupo Race Build


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  • 3 weeks later...

Ok so I've been busy, picked up the engine and its back in and started to put the car back together! I'll let the pictures do the talking :)

So some engine pictures:







Interior getting back together...



And courtesy of speedy cables who I can't recommend enough!!


I've also started work on my electronics box


Also somewhere new to store the car ;)


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  • 1 month later...

Ok well I haven't updated for a while, we've pretty much finished everything now apart from getting the ECU fitted which should be very soon I'm hoping!! and I aim to be at the race on the 30th of this month! :D





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Wow! bay looks so tidy! are you going to have it rr'd when its all running to see what its putting out? Assume the race on the 30th is at combe? will try to come up and watch!

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Yeah I'm trying to keep it neat although I need to replace a few nuts lol some have some nice surface rust that stand out like a sore thumb!

Yeah it'll be rolling roaded for setting up the ECU so will get some figures from that.

Yeah the bank holiday Monday. nice one!! pop over and say hi if you do :)

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Do you want some polycarbonate windows? I think they've just allowed them in the combe saloons. Check our site out, we dont yet have templates but we could do them off your windows.


Dan :-)

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  • 2 weeks later...

The 'bodies look well cool!! Like them very much!

Andy, you have actually had apart to play in this car....not so much the giving, though more like the taking of...the gearbox. way back when. seems like forever ago now.

Keep up the good work Dave.


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Well we got everything ready pretty much but mapping was foiled by a dodgy crank sensor so couldn't map it on the standalone ecu without it so that was that. However I had a phone call Monday morning and was greeted by this...





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Basterds! Cant belive they jacked it up with a fork lift! Did they steal anything from inside?

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So unfortunate... where was it parked? any cctv, surely if there was a pump-truck there it must be industrial with security.

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