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  1. 12 years on an I still miss this little tyke!
  2. I had to double take then, I thought it was my old one, same year and same colour. I didn't know of the EGR and other mods, though i did have a plug in turning box for it, that made it go well. i learned a few years later that one of my FB friends had bought it from the garage it was parted at and they got it properly remapped with the EGR delete and PD 130 injectors. Mapped to 120 ish.
  3. Nicely done, I would love to get myself a GTI someday, the ex used to have one years ago when I had my Sport.
  4. This is true. Especially for the GTi. I recall someone years ago towing a caravan similar to this one, I'm thinking a TDI, I'll dig out a picture sometime.
  5. Me and a buddy go camping for MTB events and even though I have an E91 BMW which is plenty big enough. I miss camping in my old lupo sport. Removed the back seats completely and used the whole boot area and it was plenty big enough. Granted the tent was much smaller back then! Would love to get another lupo one day. Might even upgrade to a GTi. Edit* As for the weight I guess the box would be handy for lighter bulkier items. All in due time.
  6. That looks ace. So with one of the slim boxes two bikes would fit I think. Interesting!
  7. Missed the notification for this, yeah it's heavy and slow in comparison to almost every hot hatch out there now, though at the time, it was a decent machine, and the noise, one of the best. one day i'll have another, perhaps even a gti..
  8. Cheers man, yeah i've still got the Mk1, though it needs a bit of work to get it back to the condition it was in that photo in 2004. Originally i was looking to get a Lupo GTI though settled on an R32 instead lol. I'll get another Lupo one day!
  9. One of the biggest regrets in my life was selling Eric on, it's just one of those things that had to be done at the time though. I am however, so happy that it's had a great life as race car, so please do carry on updating this thread, Erics life story as it were.. He's still on my desktop even after all these years! Cheers Pete
  10. Ah well mines close to 95k so might explain the problems. Will have a look though where the plug plugs in as this morning it suffered with 2 cylinders and I unplugged and plugged in the connector on the side of the block and it was fine. Source of problem might be in sight.
  11. My tdi has started this recently. Started off as a small intermittent misfire then dropped a cylinder a few weeks ago, turned it off for a minute or so then it ran fine for the remainder of that journey. Every now and then it's hesitant and hunts around usually while feathering the throttle due to traffic. Today though pretty much as soon as I switched it on it dropped a cylinder. Regardless of switching it off for a little while. So my journey home was crappy? 27mpg too for 15 miles. No error codes on my scangauge either. I'll check out the connectors at the weekend when I get a chance. Checked out things when I got home but it was fine! Annoying. Anyway I'll try what's been said here so far. Pete.
  12. Hi folks, advertising this on behalf of my sister as she's off abroad now so the car has to be sold. I can vouch that the car is a true and straight drive, low mileage for the age. Silver Mk4 2.0 litre Golf GTI. New front discs and pads in April. Tax until end of September, MOT til early October. Slight dent in nearside front wheel arch - cosmetic work only. Nearside wing mirror knocked into when parked thus electrics faulty. Original tape deck will be put back in before sale. Location: Northwich Price: £2000 Contact (my dad) Deon on zwanie@talktalk.net or 07746800791 Thanks for looking. Pete
  13. A blokey brought some sweets back from Spain and they had small inscriptions inside, like Christmas crackers. Did a translate though google though it's a little rubbish. See what you make. Cheers Wrapper no. 1 Aragon esta de fiesta y canta con buena voz su jota al senor san jorge, nuestro glorioso patron. Tu mira el mapa de espana y busca su corazon: arriba, en el lado izquierdo, encontraras aragon Wrapper no. 2 La mujer que lleva pantalones y fumar su marido la deja, es un marido de oveja. Wrapper no. 3 La mujer que bulle mucho no puede gustar a nadie; las perlas hay que buscarlas en el fondo de los mares!
  14. An onlooker watching the carnage in Peckham this evening. DSC08059 by Tallika_Fan, on Flickr
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