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  1. BBS RS testfit - @kentgti by Ross Mullins, on Flickr we'll get there, 9.5 & 10s.. needs some camber adjustments etc, didn't air fully out due to arches but should sit arch\lip. Also rebuilt most of the rear install, no photos yet. I never get on here anymore, dunno if this is me signing off but for anyone interested in following my build/whatever, my instagram is @kentgti x
  2. finally decided to get these on after they'd sat in the garage for a few years, took more work than I thought.. but should be good. 16" BBS RS's, been plugged & redrilled to 4x100, then had clearance issues.. had them milled down at a local machining place, lots and lots of trial & error but all good now + had a general tidy up. radinox dishes all round, stainless gold bolts + gold valves.. just to decide on the finish now. Going pretty wide, for a Lupo anyway, so fingers crossed all is good on test fit. RS, machined down to clear. by Ross Mullins, on Flickr RS&#x2
  3. Haha sweet, didn't even know I'd been nominated for anything.. cheers to whoever put my name forward. Can I join in the title change, why not. Thanks
  4. The controls don't work no, the airbag is however wired up properly rather than using a resistor so yeah, that can be done. The 6R boot I picked up from a scrapyard, and someone I know at a local bodyshop welded it in & painted it up. I don't update this enough, just popped on after someone telling me I was 2015 Interior of the year, which is pretty cool.. considering I had no idea people suggested me - so thankyou, it actually means a lot. On that topic, a couple of months ago the install was slightly switched up again. I got a bit tired of the tank being bare, so had the tank
  5. Selling my Airlift V2 Management, comes with all wiring & harnesses. Fully working & no leaks from manifold, has only covered about 5,000 miles & is about 12 months old, was a warranty replacement due to a manifold leak with the previous unit. Also have a Viair 380C compressor it could come with if required. Only thing to note is the power cable is short due to the GTI battery being in the boot, if it's for a GTI then fine, if not it'll need extending or a new cable, only a small job just thought I'd note. £550. Any questions, drop me a message - happy to courier
  6. Right, ordered a new seal from VW due to a split in mine, however does anyone know of any differences fitting wise or part number wise between GTI/Non-GTI? Or could anyone help me out with a photo of how it's seated please, the issue is on the join from the bumper to tailgate area, mine is seated as I thought correctly but there's 2 ridges, and it's tucked under the first one. Cheers.
  7. Cheers bud, just need to sort engine bay out really to get that upto standard.. everything else I'm happy with, not to everyone's taste inside but I love it. And yeah, well I guess so - sounds like a username he'd use anyway. He's one of my best mates, we're both from Worcester.
  8. Cheers everyone Engine bay wise... yeah I should really. I've done a few things with it - I ditched the BMC induction hosing off, was a right mess but did the job. Replaced it all with ASH black silicone hosing, ran it the same route and into the front arch as standard. I still haven't got the carbon engine cover on or measured up, needs a bit of cutting. I've also added a Porsche 911 oil cap & coolant cap. It's tidy, but by no means is it really show standard, but I'm still using the car daily. Thought I'd update with a couple of recents from ED38 and just round about, not really
  9. I'm selling my set of BBS RM's, they're built to 15x7.5 & 15x8s with Radinox Stainless Dishes & stainless bolts. They've been finished in a custom red dye over a 4 stage paint process, was a big cost but I don't know of anyone else with a similar finish & the colour in the sunshine is the one.. they change colour in different lights. The faces & plastic hex nuts are painted with black/silver BBS genuine centre badges. The dishes have no defects whatsoever, no kerbing/stone chips or scratches, they're literally ran as summer wheels and I don't cover many miles as it isn't reall
  10. Untitled by Ross Mullins, on Flickr cheers for the nice comments..... it's been a while (i'm awful at build threads mainly post on Instagram (@KentGTI) if anyone's interested... took the car back down to studioincar for a month just after jan for some more upgrades, basically one of my Rainbow iPauls decided to die on me with it going into protect mode over certain volumes.. bought a replacement from Germany as that was the only place who had any stock as the amp was discontinued years & years ago... however it turned out to be problem after problem.. like seriously, so many problems. En
  11. I did the flip key programming myself before & for some strange reason it didn't stay programmed for longer then a couple of months... I'll find someone with vagcom, although as far as I was aware you still had to put the uncoded key into the drivers lock barrel? I'll do some more digging, cheers man!
  12. Been relying on one key (Lupo one) since I did the mk4 flip key on the spare, it stopped working a few months after and kept losing its programming & sat in the draw since. Fast forward 3 years, I now have no locks anywhere on the car & just had my key not want to unlock.. battery is fine & now works again 10 minutes later. To cut a long story short, is it possible to programme a key as will sort the second as a backup without having a lock barrel.. cheers
  13. I wouldn't see over the wheel if I was any lower down hahah, ill try & get some photos of the frames when I get a chance. Mega happy with them though, just scared to sit in them a little ha.
  14. I think they sit low enough for me as they sit lower than my standard gti seats. I've had frames fabricated up for them with wheels welded on for in the runner which was what I meant. They sit on the floor pretty much, didn't explain myself too well lol.
  15. Thankyou!! Little update, seats are finally in. Sat pretty low and had some custom frames made so they're all working on the runners as they should, plus they sit as low as they can that way. Really happy, kinda feel they pull the interior together. //// by Ross Mullins, on Flickr
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