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  1. ^ Listen to the wise man.
  2. Yea sold it mate, Um bought it to keep a standard/practical car, but its having a few tweeks, Goes into unit 18 tuesday for Eibachs, Jabba RARB, Remap & service , thats all im doing to it,
  3. Fair enough, I have some Focal K2Ps for sale if your interested
  4. Nice! Looks exactly the same as mine haha, get yourself over to briskoda Whats the spec on it? Any plans? Rich
  5. looks like a good build so far! DC lvl 5s work there wonders! what are you running upfront?
  6. If you know about good audio you'l know about genesis & focal both top items with great sound quality, Both items are around 14 months old and were removed from my old car, I only covered 2500 miles with them in the car so they have had little use Amp Genesis Profile 2, Paid £200, Yours for £110 http://www.genesiscaraudio.co.uk/uk-en/products/profile-range.php Focal K2P 165s Paid £400, Yours for £210 http://www.focal-fr.com/catalogue-front/produit.php?langue=EN&idArbo=14&idProduit=97 or £300 for it all Rich
  7. Ebay ends today, Alpine - SOLD Compomotives - SOLD Whats not on ebay is getting binned Rich
  8. shes now gone, Had a shoot a few weeks back il update it with then when there uploaded (of how it was sold!) Rich
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