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  1. I know Needs must at the time though! Every show I go to I wander round the car park looking for green lupos and hoping... At UD there was about 6 in the car park, none the real Pea though
  2. Does anyone know what happened to this? Ive tracked it to the guy who owned it after me, who sold it on with ronal turbo wheels. Apparently it went to a chap around Northampton to have a 1.8T conversion...? Just wondering if anyone can help
  3. Pics as promised: Wheel 1 Wheel 2 Wheel 3 Wheel 4 All together: Andy
  4. Sport alloys still here; gave them a clean and got some more pics which Ill upload loater hopefully...
  5. Pistons sold, con rods still available. £35 ONO delivered for the header plate?! Need this gone!!
  6. Awaiting payment on pistons and rods... Price drop on header plate to £40 delivered???
  7. It'll be an ARC code youll need for those gearboxes. I have one from a project car thats now being broken; if you still need one give me a PM for more info! Cheers, Andy
  8. 14" tyres, and pro race alloys provisionally sold. Andy
  9. 70 for the two good ones. Im throwing the other two in if needed as emergency tyres as they are still legal. So really its just the postage youd save only taking two. Andy
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