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  1. Nupe nothing in the steering, just in the pedal and its like a knock/sqeek
  2. Still have the problem guys, I'll research on the CV boot joint but its getting worse now and happens when driving at higher speeds, also when it clunks I can feel it in the accel pedal :/
  3. Looking good! I've just got 20mm spacers to make my rears 15x8 et3 so can't wait to see how it sits :-)
  4. My cars recently developed a clunking noise from the front right around the wheel/strut but only at low speed like 10mph plus the sake from the rear right on uneven surfaces. I'm guessing it suspension related? Hopefully someone knows as it's really bugging me!
  5. Thanking you I know haha saves pulling forward to get the last part done! Cheers dude
  6. Hi all! Been a long time since I've been on here so I thought I would show you whats happend since the last update So one of my rear bags burst as I was driving too low on them and maybe one reason why the bags were taking a beating... So I found that RAD (Reflex Auto Design) was selling some shocks from their GTI at a good price so I took a trip to collect them Love their GTI anywho went to Lincoln aswell to collect my new bags from Ami's green po po The firestone bags also allow me to three wheel, yeah boy! Also got myself a cheap machine polisher and spent the day getting her back to her good shiney self I used Meguiars Ultimate Compound then Autoglym Super Resin Polish then sealed with Autoglym HD Wax... Roof reflection Little photoshoot on the evening
  7. So ive recently changed my rear shocks from vmaxx to newish ta techniks but now the drivers side is making a funny noise when im driving on bumpy roads, cant quite explain the noise, its like knocking but softly if that makes sense? lol can they get noisey if they have been over tightened or not tight enough? Also i read that you should grease the bump stops first but i havent and they were dry so that could be another thing?
  8. Spotted earlier heading towards Walmley, black wheels with a bonnet bra on
  9. The pedal box does clunk but this is a new clunk that sounds like it's behind the stereo, really bugging me!
  10. Tomjw

    Rear strut brace

    Glad I'm not the only one! If anyone has fitted one please share, I might just try it seen as they're cheap!
  11. When I press the clutch pedal down I hear a clicking noise coming from behind the head unit or top of the center console. Anyone know what it could be? Doesn't happen all the time
  12. Tomjw

    Rear strut brace

    I'm getting a lot of creaking from the rear when driving like the body is twisting, will a rear brace sort this out?
  13. Hi all! Opinions on these please... http://www.carparts-tuning.co.uk/en/Suspension-Tuning/Sport-shock-absorbers/Shock-absorbers-separately/Sport-shock-absorbers-High-Tec-fit-for-VW-Lupo-6E-Yr-10-98.html My Vmaxx ones are dead and my rear bag has burst so I need new ones before I fit my new bags but im all out from the price of the bags so found these at a decent price. Not sure if they will limit the bags when airing out? Cheers Tom
  14. I know at of people have out posts up about the sensor and problems it where is it actually located on a 1.4 16v? I have all the symptoms and want to check it :-)
  15. VagCom couldn't find any faults... which is good but annoying! Only thing I can think of is because my plugs are a single electrode the gap between 1 or more of them isn't correct, will have to take them out and measure the gap... but does anyone know what they should be? Cheers Tom
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