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  1. Few more bits sold, thread updated on page 1 with images of badgeless grille. Jowey
  2. That is exactly who I am looking at, he's not taken the bait yet though. All Pm's replied to and some items added to page 1.
  3. MK2 Arosa headlights are already black ffs! MK1 Arosa lamps can be split and sprayed much the same as the Lupo lamps. Just dont spray the reflector behind the bulb stick to doing the flat areas.
  4. I'll sort you out some photos of those and get them posted up in the next day or so, I can do the pair delivered for £50 but I will get pictures up before you decide. Edit just dug the lights out and one of the lenses has cracked at some point while it's been stored. So scrap that, I'll have to bin them instead.
  5. Few more items added for you guys so bump, bump, bump, bump, bump it up!
  6. Still have these awesome Tetramino covered seats for sale.
  7. long time coming. will be well worth it though.
  8. look at peado beard showing off how easy it is to carry that bonnet.
  9. Selling that ^ got my eye on something else.. So. I might be back soon.
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