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  1. Other causes could be the crank/camshaft sensor issues with them not correlating? Also, I cheaped out on the coolant temp sensor last time - although it hasn't thrown a code, maybe worth changing this too. What is a MAP sensor doing in a naturally aspirated car? Is it just intake air temperature?
  2. My thoughts too, got one on order, just need to be able to get the old one out now! It's stubborn, but will get it out eventually. Everything else is clean/new. Will get the MA sensor out for a clean, but the brake reservoir is in the way. Also ordered the crank sensor, will fit it if the lambda doesn't sort it.
  3. Compression was good when I rebuilt the head. No notable oil use, and no blue smoke. As for plugs - all 4 drenched in petrol. Its only overfuelled for a few days, not so worried about the cat, also MOT is ages away and will do that then if needed. Currently soaking the precat o2 sensor in penetrating fluids as it is seized as per the norm. will give it a clean up when i get it out. Timing is bang on, had to get it right after the full head rebuild, didn't want to cock it up after all that £££. Not seen the o2 sensor code come up before on it so will likely attribute the
  4. Been a few years since I sold my Lupo Sport and eventually stopped using this forum. but recently I bought a 1.0 ALD engine mk1 Seat Arosa for my girlfriend's sister to learn to drive in and for me to use as a cheap commuter. My Lupo was ridiculously reliable and easy to work on so assumed a £375 Arosa, with a fresh MOT, no advisories and only 81k on the clock was a good buy... To save scrolling - Current issue is that it has started to overfuel - mpg has been awful (usual 250 miles a tank, now only 125) and when accelerating there is a notable amount of unburnt fuel coming out.
  5. Hiya, not been on here for a while! My Lupo was sold last week, I now have a TT, but I will be attending again this year but won't be organising a clubstand as I hope to be with the TTOC. If somebody else would like to organise it - its very easy - just email/phone the track, they send you a form - put down how many passes you want (over estimate so you aren't short) and then they post them to you no cost. Then as before meet on the morning in advance (local car park round the corner) to hand-out tickets. Or post them to members if you like. Combe are pretty relaxed and will usually let people
  6. BEP51

    Lupo 1.4

    Morning, I am selling my Lupo Sport if you are interested, A little bit of a trek for you to come from Hayes to Taunton, but it would be worth your while. I've just bought a TT and am going to be fully detailing the Lupo for sale this weekend. Add me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ben.pitcher and I can send you an advert for it. I'm looking for 2k for it, FSH 97k - Very good condition - one of the best you will find for sale + I'm throwing in all the extra bits I have for it that you can sell on yourself or chop and change with.
  7. Scott Johns is, here is his Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/scott.johns.925?fref=ts Silver, good condition, just over 100k on it I beleive.
  8. Havent been on here in ages lol! - if you still havent managed it by now, yes it is easy, just the two torx screws in the front grille and i think two little torx screws in either arch liner, then just start pulling from the sides. No real updates, but bought a fire extinguisher (red of course) its not arrived yet. need to fix my doorcards as passengers have pulled the left one off at the top, and my dad pulled the driver side one off at the top when he borrowed it for ONE journey. bought some new clips and glue to repair the part which tore away, so just need some time free from my uni master
  9. Dunns Lane Car Park Dunns Lane Castle Combe Wiltshire United Kingdom SN14 7HU https://maps.google.co.uk/maps?hl=en&ll=51.498074,-2.223355&spn=0.001458,0.004128&t=h&z=19 Tomorrow at 08:30 setting of over to the track just before 9. Don't forget your passes as I only have 3 spare and they will probably get given out. Let me know if you will be arriving later so I can make sure People leave space for you on the clubstand. Weather looks like it will be ideal - as per what is now normal! Expecting: 1. BEP51 - Ben + Red Lupo Sport 2. jordon123200063 + Jordon - Red Lupo 3. Vwlup0 - Ol
  10. unfortunately i cant track mine as i have a warped brake disk been waiting a whole year for another go...
  11. CHANGE OF ARRIVAL TIME. Combe has asked that cars are parked up by around 9AM, so meeting at the above carpark at 8:30. Will get passes posted out today.
  12. Gonna say 9am as thats when the day starts, at the car park here: https://maps.google.co.uk/maps?hl=en&ll=51.498074,-2.223355&spn=0.001458,0.004128&t=h&z=19 Head over by 9:30, anyone arriving later can just phone me on 079 888 72 232 for a pass or i may try and leave them with the guys on the gate to be available if you ask for them.
  13. Details available here : http://www.autometrix.co.uk/trackdays/club_display.html The Attendance List... 1. BEP51 - Ben - Red Lupo Sport - (clubstand & Interested in track session too) - n/a 2. sheepslupo - Shaun - Black Lupo - (clubstand only) - Awaiting Mobile Number x. Emz - Emz - Black Arosa Sport - (show and shine) - n/a 2. jordon123200063 - Jordon - Red Lupo - (clubstand only) - Details Received Via PM 4. Coley220 - Jack - Jass Blue Lupo - (clubstand only) - Details Received Via PM 3. Vwlup0 - Ollie - Black Lupo - (clubstand only) - Details Received Via PM 4. LeeLupo - Lee - Fantasia
  14. well i havent had them thru the post yet! if there isnt reasonable time to post them i will just hand them out in the morning on the day.
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