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  1. Tigz™

    Sounding like A fool here but

    If I was buying again I'd get HR. Still the most impressive I've come across.
  2. Tigz™

    Mini pond in my footwell! :(

    Don't touch your dash just yet! Is it on the passenger side? Does your rear screen wash work? Mine had a burst at the rear, but I've heard of the wash pipe coming off the front too. The pipe runs along the N/S of the car and then up by the rear seat to the top of the boot lid.
  3. Tigz™

    Lupo GTI Turbo conversion

    Yup ten year old car, been off the road for eight lol
  4. Tigz™

    Happy birthday Tigz...

    Hahaha not quite mate, but Im so old now if I chat up a bar maid I expect a knock on the shoulder from the Metropolitan Police.
  5. Tigz™

    Lupo GTI Turbo conversion

    How have two and a half years past since I lifted a spanner?
  6. Tigz™

    Arosa I just got, quick question...

    With camping gear in no less! lol Used to love the little engine, was fine so long as you allowed momentum to be your best mate!
  7. Tigz™

    Happy birthday Tigz...

    Hahaha Ray. Dudes, I'm still around. Just not got much forum time these days, I write so much at work its not much fun after work! Car hasn't move along for a couple of years since we swapped the engine out again. It will be ready for wiring and mapping by the end of next year though.
  8. Tigz™

    My Monster Fish

    I love my Oscar pair, with the exception of the TSN they are my favourite fish. Not sure how hard they'll feel when the Jag has grown
  9. Tigz™

    My Monster Fish

    I may be tempted with another
  10. Tigz™

    RC03RDO reg for sale

  11. Tigz™

    ITB conversion for GTI

    Yes mate, I'm afraid it is. Mine's in, but the car isn't running yet. How big a difference is it over standard?
  12. Tigz™

    My Monster Fish

    I'm struggling to find them a home, really can't keep them. Having an empty tank is driving me nuts. Not the same without the decorations. Sure no one has a 5,000 gallon tank? lol
  13. Tigz™

    ITB conversion for GTI

    45mm would be fine for the 1.6, I plumbed for 40mm but if you are looking for a 8k monster 45mm would be ideal. Inlet ports are a little weird on the Loop, 30mm spacing between 1+2 and 3+4 but only 20mm between 2+3 Direct to head is out of the question. Did you get the diff installed?
  14. Tigz™

    3D Lupo with added "GTi" (3DSMAX+VRay) [+ Mustang]

    Wish I had the skills to do that. Great job. Love the first pic you posted when you added the boot handle back.

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