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  1. Haha!! I'd forgotten about this. You know all is forgiven. Was just a crappy situation. Get posting 😉
  2. truCido


    I run R114-4 Calipers from HiSpec and Ferrodo DS2500. The calipers are for racing only really however they do an equivalent road setup. Best price I could find was from: http://bigbrakes4u.co.uk/
  3. My Lupo is 820kg, with my roll cage. My roll cage is HUGE and is probably in the regions of 80kg. So lets call it 750kg. It's completely stripped, aside from the top part of the dash and clocks, bucket seat, fire extinguisher, battery and a few little bits and pieces. Lightweight wheels, lightweight calipers, poly windows, ABS removed, Servo removed. GTI Doors and bonnet fitted.
  4. truCido


    lol yeah it is We've just had a baby so I'm taking a break from racing for a bit
  5. These are great: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/CLARKE-1-25T-ALUMINIUM-LOW-ENTRY-RACING-TROLLEY-JACK-/161122713926?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item2583a98146 I think it might actually be the same one that they sell in Costco. I didn't pay that much for mine though
  6. Not sure if its the same on the GTi or not but its certainly the same as the Sport. But yes that one
  7. There's quite a few posts on this...but... Inlet cam Inlet manifold (I think) Throttle body ECU Exhaust
  8. Oh and if anyone's interested, this is my video from the last race of the year. Managed a 1st in class Had a great season and finished 2nd overall in class and 7th overall in the championship (out of 30+ cars)
  9. As some of you have probably seen I've put the car up for sale in the classifieds section. It's difficult to figure out a price for the car as there isn't really anything like it...If anyone is seriously interested and wants to talk then I am open to offers
  10. truCido


    I remapped my 1.4 Lupo and got 150bhp, a few other mods were needed though
  11. Yup all the same! I had Ibiza Cupra ones as well
  12. Thought it was time I put a bit of an update up. I've had my thread moved away for various reasons but its back now I've had a pretty good season so far really and finished 2nd in every race (apart from the 1st one lol). I should've won one of the races, but I got into first and then made a mistake in the wet and lost position but still I can't complain about 2nd place in class!! I'm currently running full ballast of 60kg as well which is slowing me down a little unfortunately. My latest race was this weekend and I qualified 3rd in class and managed to come 2nd in class in the race. I had a good little battle with a Mini Cooper Works GP but he just had too much power on the straights as you'll see from my vids, I made it past him once but couldn't keep him there forever Video from this weekend's racing: http://youtu.be/74SkYZ9pc6o All my videos can be seen on here: http://www.youtube.com/user/truCido1/videos
  13. That was me saying I had 150bhp not him, and it was no where near £500 lol!!
  14. Just fitted it today I've got a race on the weekend so will let you know how it feels
  15. Can you explain the difference? Gearboxes should be the same as they are all 085 boxes
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