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thats amazing... just decided i love laser blue Gti's!

didnt know they exist!

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Lovely little car mate! and Great find..

Really like the Laser Blue, nearly went for a Raven Blue when I got mine but I just wasn't convinced - i'm glad I went black instead.

vw should have been a little more brave colour wise when they were still producing these..

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The other two I know of have leather and A/C. I see yours has cloth, does it have A/C? And side airbags?

Lovely car all the same, I missed out on buying a Laser one last year. One day...

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Do you know whereabouts they are located? Are the of the same year?

Mine has A/C, how do you know if it has side airbags?

I actually prefer cloth seats purely from a longevity point of view. Leather seats tend to look shagged out before too long : /

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They are both on 55 plates, not too sure on location though.

If it has side airbags it will say on the side of the seat, just above the handle to fold the seats forward.

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