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  1. Gear Stick Sold Brake Master Cylinder and Rear Lights are still available
  2. Glad to hear she is treating you well. They are great cars and amazing for the price.
  3. Glad to see you are still on here. How is the old girl getting on ? Treating you well ? My younger son (who is a normal height/build) has just passed his test and we bought a blue Swift Sport (ZC32S). It is almost like having a Lupo GTI again but I still think about my old GTI
  4. I have been clearing out the garage and uncovered some parts from my long gone Lupo GTI 😥 I have listed the descriptions first and then the photos below. I am located in North London, near the Herts / Essex borders if you wanted t pick up. 1) Set of Rear Lights (£30 for both + postage at cost) These were removed when I installed a set of Cambridge lights. I have no reason not to believe they are the genuine OEM VW lights that came from the factory. 2) Gearstick - 6 Speed (£50 + postage at cost) A replacement (used) gearstick I bought to replace the one in the car that was showing its age. I never got round to replacing before selling. 3) Brake Master Cylinder (£25 + Postage at cost) Brake Master Cylinder made by A.B.S. Part number 41340 More part details here: Photos of all parts, in order of listing: REAR LIGHTS GEARSTICK BRAKE MASTER CYLINDER
  5. Thanks. Interesting video I will take another crack at seeing if it can adjust further but it is weird. Saying that, Clarkson does have his arms resting on his thighs although they fit under the wheel/dash better than my son.
  6. Good thought Rich but I already have 4 cars. A 5th might end up in divorce !
  7. Yep. I sat in it and made sure it was adjust to the max points.
  8. I think you might be right. His height must be mainly in the length of his legs !
  9. Don't get me wrong. He just fits and he is happy but I am not, because his knees have to be positioned either side of the steering wheel with his arms resting on knees ! I think his height is mainly in the length of his legs as opposed to his body Not good if he is in an accident. He sat in the Up and he fits in that like a normal person so the plan now is to sell the little GTi and get an Up. It is a shame as I have enjoyed the Lupo and he also likes it. He had plans to change the exhaust, alloys etc but all that is out the window now.
  10. Hi All, It is with deep regret I am selling my Lupo GTi. Only selling because my son has started learning to drive and unfortunately at 6' 3" he is too tall for it It is a 2002 model with aircon and the 6 speed gearbox in black. It has just 2 previous owners and 89k miles backed up with a Full Service History tons of paperwork including a fully stamped service book, service invoices, MOTs and original sale documents. It has been serviced to within an inch of its life, primarily by VW main dealers and a VW independent specialist. I will post more photos and details up soon but it is a standard GTi i.e. standard suspension, Bathurst alloys and the grey/red interior. It even has the original number plates from the supplying dealer ! It is a lovely, genuine car that has been super reliable for me. It has had an easy life in my ownership as it has to share me with 3 other cars I own It can be viewed in North London, approx. 10 minutes from J24 of the M25 or 10-15 minutes from J2 of the M1 It is quite hard to price these as prices seem to have a wide range. I am asking only £3,500 for my little GTi which I think is on the cheaper end, particularly considering the low owners, mileage and document supported service history.
  11. Seat adjusted fully ie lowest and furthest back it will go with the steering wheel at its highest setting but the knees are still either side of the steering wheel with it practically touching. How can other tall drivers not have an issue with this ?
  12. Resurrecting this thread from the depths of the forum. A fair few people here commenting on the head room in the Lupo but do you not find that your knees are almost touching the steering wheel with your arms resting on your knees ? Surely this can't be safe in an accident as the dash and steering wheel will crush your knees ?
  13. Hi Chris, are these still available ? if thy are, I will take them
  14. Offers tend to be in Winter
  15. Thanks Silver - Order for two black ones incoming
  16. Don't be fooled by EP discounts. They always seem to be quoting some ridiculously high discount yet whenever I check, the prices seem to be pretty much consistent give or take a few quid.
  17. I can't believe I have only just seen this despite coming on to the forum fairly regularly I would like one but a little confused as to the choice of colour. I have looked the thread and can't see where there are any colour options. I can only see the white/red one. Help?
  18. Thanks Mickster. I wasn't sure if I had a duff one but it looks like they all do it then
  19. Welcome and a great looking car. Very similar to mine in black - see my car diary link in the signature below. One question on the piping. I did the same, bought some red piping on eBay and fitted it but in just over a year it has now faded and is no longer a vibrant red. Have others had the same experience ?
  20. Great, just what I wanted to know. I will check in Costco for the Type 075 when I take the 027 back
  21. I think the right battery type is the Type 027 but the Bosch S4 I bought has terminals the wrong way round. I will take it back and see if they have different variations.
  22. Looked into this a bit more and it appears that original VW part No 000 915 105 is a Type 075 battery that has different measurements, it is 175mm high instead of 190mm high
  23. Thanks Jon. I did consider an original replacement but I want to fit an upgraded battery with higher cranking power
  24. Hi all, I am trying to replace the battery in my GTi and getting confused. I looked it up and the recommended battery for the Lupo GTI is a Type 027 measuring 246mm (long) x 175mm (wide) x 190mm (high) I bought a Bosch S4 from Costco and the size seems about right BUT the terminal posts are the wrong way round (compared to the original battery in it) which means that the Positive lead won't reach. Does anyone know what the correct Type battery is for the Lupo that has the terminal posts the right way round ?
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