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  1. Danyutz

    Mattarosas Arosas

    Nah, the painter did.
  2. Danyutz

    Mattarosas Arosas

    'tis not a full size, it's a chubby mirror. Glad that they arrived in one piece and you're enjoying them. Looks top on the bluey
  3. Danyutz

    Mattarosas Arosas

    Goodie updates.
  4. Danyutz

    Mattarosas Arosas

  5. Danyutz

    [Sold]: OEM Roofbars

    Sold, can be closed!
  6. Danyutz

    [Sold]: OEM Roofbars

    As I sold the car, I got the roofbars for sale. They are OEM, bought them from Germany, they're in perfect condition, but don't have the rubber strips ( which doesn't affect the bars in any way ). They come with security key and tightening tool. Asking for 100 and they buyer pays the shipping (40 quid tracked). Can send more detailed pics if needed.
  7. Danyutz

    Joti's Red GTI on Schmidt Modernlines

  8. Danyutz

    Romanian Lupo - the UPO

    Ya mean the really old ones? haha, trudat then.
  9. Danyutz

    Romanian Lupo - the UPO

    It is from the "good old days", but having the optional Board Computer, shows the speed electronically, a gimmick I very much like
  10. Danyutz

    Romanian Lupo - the UPO

    It needs some time to adjust, but I have the revmeter on the dash and set the speed to show electronically on the small display. I look on the large one only at the gas level and engine temps. Missus finds the speedo quite readable and always mentions when i go above speed limit.
  11. Danyutz

    Romanian Lupo - the UPO

    It's posted 2 steps above, haha
  12. Danyutz

    Romanian Lupo - the UPO

    The little one has a new family, seems a loving one. Some goodies from the car already found new owners around Europe. Guess i'll lurk around from time to time.
  13. Danyutz

    Romanian Lupo - the UPO

  14. Danyutz

    Mattarosas Arosas

    Yup, thanks for the headsup, wanted to do that install to mine, but forgot about it.
  15. Danyutz

    Mattarosas Arosas

    Does the AUTO work?

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