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  1. Hello how can I find my membership number I’m a premium member my inshorance company are asking for it to get a discount thanks all.
  2. flex

    Kw v1 for gti

    Hi fellas, Whats the best price anyone has seen for a set of kw v1 in stainless steel, £737 from dubmeister is best I've found, if anyone can recommend somewhere cheaper please get back to me! Thanks all, helps appreciated!
  3. flex

    Comment section?

    Any one no if this car is still around any help wold be appreciated
  4. These ones got the gti squeak trying to fix it
  5. flex

    Rear spacers for Lupo GTI Bathursts

    You still not got um on lol
  6. Recently fitted poly bushes to the front end, drivers/right hand side went in as the diagram showed with large half of the mushroom to the bottom, passenger/left hand side the large half of mushroom was at the top as it appears the arm was an upside down right arm. Now vw & europarts are saying that the arms are a universal fit left to right but the poly bush on the passenger side is upside down compared to the right side. Any help appreciated! If anyone will know if this is right it will be you guys! Cheers!
  7. lupo gti track control arms left side upside down ?
  8. flex

    Kw v1 best place to buy

    Cool will have a look
  9. flex

    Kw v1 best place to buy

    Hi ever one just looking for the best place to get mine any thoughts best i found is 738.99 posted
  10. flex

    Best Speakers

    Jl audio evo will need to do a little bit off grinding with a dremal but sound great you wont fit any bigger in standard door pods
  11. flex

    South East Vw Shows 2014

    Grate work
  12. flex

    My Lupo GTI 'Hugo'

    V nice
  13. flex

    Centre exit exhaust

    Think thats what i had wasent to bad

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