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  1. fuzz42

    Tornado Red Lupo Gti (NEMO)

    I drive past this all the time, really like it mate, love the red. Got a sweet spot for the mini too. Proper racers.. Had a few myself.
  2. fuzz42

    Gti problems :-(

    Sounds like you could have a dead battery. I've had this happen to me a couple of times when leaving the car standing for a while.. The dealer might have jump started/trickle charged it a little but really you need to get a reading off the battery to see if it's healthy and if it's not then replace it..
  3. fuzz42

    Lupo Gti

    Yeah there's only a few Gti's over here, with you that makes five. 2 Black, 2 Silver 1 Red. On the other hand there are actually a rather large amount of other Lupos around. A very popular choice so it seems, and some really mint ones too - seen a White one which I've been eyeing up. Yeah me and some friends are currently working on a Hill climb project. We found a cheap Corrado to play with. All we need now is some better weather and some free time.. http://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?h=0&f=47&t=1381566&mid=295987&nmt=1989+VW+CorradoEdit: ..but I have cheekily thought about chucking the Lupo up it too eventually.
  4. fuzz42

    Lupo Gti

    Hello mate, excellent choice of car I must say. Got myself a Lupo Gti last from the UK last October, brilliant choice for driving round the island. Have considered lowering it a little eventually but at the moment as it stands it's standard.
  5. fuzz42

    Wanted gti front bumper

    They come up on eBay now and again, depending on wether you want the lower or upper bumper.. Also keep an eye on the classifieds section on here. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-VW-Lupo-GTi-Front-Lower-Bumper-Spolier-NEW-/370782615583?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item56545db81f http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-VW-Lupo-GTi-Front-Upper-Bumper-in-Primer-NEW-/360335985669?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item53e5b2cc05
  6. fuzz42

    New member, new GTI

    Lovely example mate. Looks sweet! It's all about the bathursts though.. Don't do it!!
  7. fuzz42

    Horrible noise on start up help

    Does the same on mine every now and again, common fault. It's a bit annoying but shouldn't do any harm. You can either try to fix the starter or replace it, but it'll eventually go again..
  8. fuzz42

    Will's Lupo GTI - Progress

    New toy. Jetex panel filter arrived this afternoon. Hoping to fit this tomorrow - eager to see if I notice any difference in performance. Wanting to keep the Lupo as standard as possible so wasn't looking for any induction kits.. Looked at K&N, BMC and ITG filters, lot of research done (tons of Lupo research actually - cracking info on this forum, it really is all there) but on impulse (and a bit of faith) went for a Jetex filter. I think it might have been the blue that sold me... Either way I'm Not really after an increase in horsepower, just an effort to keep the engine healthy as it's seen many motorway miles and now I'm mainly doing short trips which in reality are never huge long drives on a 9 by 5 mile island. Hopefully by replacing small bits here and there (within reason) I can hope to keep her going as long as I can. Next steps are plugs, oil and then brakes.. Maybe a new radiator as mine looks 12 years old - yummy Finally I've got a chance of not having a car rust to pieces due to sea salt so I'm prepared to make an effort!
  9. fuzz42

    Will's Lupo GTI - Progress

    Yeah as long as you get some L041 colour spray and some lacquer you can't go wrong really. Just make sure you try to spray them well away from any dust. You'll be surprised how much dust will end up on the covers if you don't do it in the right environment. In case you need part numbers: W6E0 853 666 FG RU (tow eye cover o/s) W6E0 853 665 FG RU (tow eye cover n/s) I can get hold of a red 'i' for you, just PM me your address and I'll get on it..
  10. fuzz42

    Will's Lupo GTI - Progress

    Managed to catch a break in the weather the last few weekends and I've finally managed to start tinkering with the Lupo and give her some much needed love. I've touched up some scuffs here and there and also repainted parts of the rear bumper where the original paint had just flaked off.. Was quoted £220 by a local sprayer who comes to your house and does it but ended up opting for a £5 pot of touch up paint and did it myself. Happy with the outcome, still needs a good wash and a good coating of wax but I'll get there when this rain stops.. GTI badges have been brought back to life, got a friend to cut me up some red vinyl as the originals had faded to white, they look great now - such a difference. And way better than paying £50+ for a new set. (If any one needs some new red 'I' vinyls let me know) And to finish up the front end I ordered some new tow eye covers as mine were absent when I got the car, sprayed them up in a mattish finish to match a black grill trim that I'm trying out. Not sure about it yet, but I don't think I would want it red. I just like the extra contour..
  11. fuzz42

    Anyone breaking a lupo gti ????

    Contact this guy. He's breaking a gti but you'll have to call him.. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VW-LUPO-GTI-BOOTLID-SPOILER-FULL-CAR-BREAKING-/151210045360?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item2334d22fb0
  12. fuzz42

    '55 laser blue GTI

    Lovely little car mate! and Great find.. Really like the Laser Blue, nearly went for a Raven Blue when I got mine but I just wasn't convinced - i'm glad I went black instead. vw should have been a little more brave colour wise when they were still producing these..
  13. I think i've tracked down the correct part (not that the local vw parts shop has any clue of what they're doing) but anyway I thought i'd share in case anyone hits the same wall in the future as these things don't seem to be easy to replace - according to my local dealer vw never made a GTI version of the lupo (!!?) Part number for the 2 button remote (top half of the Key unit) is: 3B0 959 753 L So if you want to keep it all OEM and not go the flip key way you'll need both of these parts to get yourself a proper GTI replacement key. A lesson to all - check your car comes with 2 keys before you buy!!
  14. Ordered a new key for the Lupo - part number: W6X0 837 689 FI NB listed as a Lupo Gti 2 button key. Thought I'd be getting the whole thing, as in, with 2 button remote attached but clearly I was wrong as all i got was the lower half of the key which is just the blade and lower housing. Surely I would have been asked at the dealer if I wanted the rest of it otherwise that just seems retarded. Anyway I just want to know what the part number is for the 2 button remote fob part. I've looked all over with no joy. Any help appreciated.
  15. Just spoilt myself.. Previously gone through 3 original mini's (gotta love em) and then an 8 year gap with no car.. until this.. What a brilliant little car, I feel like batman driving round in it. Fast as feck! Proper well kept secret these.! It's a 2001 Y reg which I just exported from the UK to Jersey. Needs a little tlc, but otherwise it's a perfect example for its age..boom

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