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    • Hi James , I have a vw lupo 1.4s with 239mm brakes .I would like to know the bleed nipple¬† diameter so that I can attach the plastic pipe to bleed brake fluid.¬†
  1. i passed off my Lupo SDI, and discovered the glorious world of the MK2 golf about two years ago however, i was dabbling around with diesels. the turbo fitted to the above SDI, is the same as a AHU/1Z. you will need a mk4 tdi downpipe mind.. Actually... its the same turbo as a LUPO tdi. (manifold is different mind..) so lupo tdi downpipe might be better? im not familiar with the SDI block but a quick google.. tells me you can get a turbo oil feed from the top of the oil filter housing (currently blanked off) as for oil return, there MIGHT be a blank plug on the back of the block (i know the MK4 SDI engine is like this - so is the 1.9 D i just cant get a good image on google of the AKU) in which case you can use the factory oil return a TDI would use, or if not, remove the sump and get an AN- fitting put on there near the top of the sump and then use AN fittings for oil to return straight to the sump. inlet? VW Transporter t25 1.9 TD inlet like shown above, and then some piping to the turbo! as for fuelling? like said above 1.9 tdi injectors and MAYBE injection pump. it would then need a real custom map! of course, could fit a landrover 300TDI diesel pump and bin most of the wiring and tune it with screwdrivers. no idea on CEL lights, etc.. however again from above, you cannot go over about 98hp without your clutch taking a steaming hot one. if somone were to give me a lupo SDI, i would happily try all this out and make a proper guide.(kinda why im hovering around this forum) as for now.. i have no idea on fuel economy, i have no idea who could map this, i have no idea on uprated clutches, i have no idea on torque figures - top speeds etc, i have no idea on smoke amount.
  2. it will be just like regular spray can silver.. its a bit thicker and gives off lots of fumes. but its good stuff.
  3. leave the handbrake off. it comes off and goes back on fine. when you remove the drum nothing will fling out.. but if you have the handbrake on you wont be able to remove the drum. it will be like removing brake calipers with someone stepped on the pedal!
  4. just remove the drum to adjust the shoes. its easier that way. and you want to set it so you can hear the shoes rubbing the drum but they still turn alright! (oh and to remove drum, the little screw like what holds on brake disk.. then pull off (with handbrake released!))
  5. that Tyre looks very old & has been ran Under inflated for a while. when a tire has cracks... its not in great shape. if you do alot of city driving where you don't reach great speed then i see no issues with budget tyres. a cheap tyre size for standard sized lupo wheels.. 155/70 13. near enough same Roling radius, less rolling resistance (more Mpg) and a better choice of tyres.
  6. they are banjo fitting so will need some new rear lines. im pretty sure polo/Lupo rear calipers fit on a MK2 which means they could also fit where you want them. even if you bought some second hand there is a market for them and you could pass them off for what you paid. actually.. dont you have a MK2 golf?
  7. lol three branch manifold. its a turbo diesel dude, going to have to fork out for a custom (and maybe messy) custom manifold to bolt onto the turbo. you would probably see better results from getting a custom turbo back exhaust in a larger bore. (not sure on standard lupo sizes, but 2 1'2 inch would probably be alright). don't go overkill. as for bigger fuel pump i don't think you can do much as its a 3 banger and its a PD engine for a start. maybe Bigger injectors, but that's quite a task on these engines. also look into inter-cooler work lower charge temps should make everything last longer and give you a little more go only so much the little GT15 can do
  8. do your windows steam up? any damp carpets? if so you have a water leak somwhere.
  9. James827

    No brakes

    What focus is that off?? And what size is it?
  10. We'll I'm pretty sure you wasted your time anyway. Going to have the put a cat on it eventually.
  11. James827

    corsa shocks

    i would like to think they fit nice and give you lows and comfort, but my only concern would be the spring seat etc being too wide and rubbing against wheels
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