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  1. Clutch pedal issue may be the pedal box - search on here for more info. Regarding the fuel consumption? Is it leaking out? Check under the fuel filter when the engine is running and after it's been stood overnight. Are you definately brimming the tank? How many litres are you putting in it? Does your coolant temperature sensor work properly (gradual rise to 90, where it stays constantly) Tyre pressures all ok? Any other issues at all, noises etc? No lights on dash?
  2. Just explain this turbo sticking mr muscle scenario for me
  3. Drill through the boot and hold it up from there - look through 99hjhms build thread for how to.
  4. Defcon5

    Hid help

    Couldn't you just put pink bulbs in the fog lights? Please tell me you aren't going to drive round with them on?
  5. Defcon5

    Hid help

    HID fog lights? Why?
  6. For the very small about the engine spends idling it won't make a difference
  7. By sheer coincidence I happen to be selling a Lupo who's cambelt was replaced about 5k ago... 1.4 Sport though so may be out of your insurance budget
  8. The man from SEAT, he tells lies. What does it do when you change down?
  9. Cam belts are a serviceable item - they need changing every 4 years/ 40000 miles. It's not a 'problem with cars', they only 'go' due to failure to maintain them.
  10. Temp sensor reporting wrong temp? Usually they drop to zero but I suppose it could report a higher than actual temp.
  11. Is there some kind of club Lupo facebook? Is there a bit on it to sell cars?
  12. It was another forum - adverts were just new topics. I remember when all this was fields...
  13. I'll just sit here and remember how good the old classifieds used to be....
  14. So I have to resize them on photobucket, save that image to my iPad them upload them from there? Sorry I'm no good at this stuff ha! If managed to take a new photo on a low resolution that fits, and linked to the photobucket advert so it's ok for now thanks
  15. I'm trying to put an advert in the classifieds, but I only have an IPad When I select photos to upload, it says they are too big, so I put them all on photobucket and linked to it in the advert text instead, but it won't let me submit the advert without a photo? Any ideas?
  16. Does anything sound/feel different? I'd guess at something ignition related but getting someone to read the fault codes will point you in the right direction
  17. OEM are NGK, can remember the model number though - similar to BKUR6ET
  18. Is there a reason you want this gauge fitted?
  19. Do you race it? I'm pretty sure someone posted a full wiring diagram on here a whole ago - can be more specific but if you have a good search you might find it
  20. Should be able to. That sensor does look like an oil pressure switch too
  21. Well that looks like its worth a lot more than £16 quid!This is a thermostat It looks like you have been given the whole thermostat housing, but I'm not sure its for a Lupo.
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