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  1. Now running some 16x7.5J Schmidt Modernlines
  2. Thanks! They are 16" 7J wheels, Omega71's by Project A.
  3. Another set of wheels for 2016
  4. Taken off a 2002 GTI. No faults, holes, etc. Selling as I fitted a custom stainless system for a bit more volume. All good, just some surface oxidisation. Collect from Bracknell, Berkshire RG12. £50 takes it!
  5. Before and after: https://instagram.com/p/7IeduLmc_z/?taken-by=381jot
  6. I've always wanted to improve the look of my exhaust - my tailpipes had a brushed finish that just doesn't shine up - decided to go the custom route and get a completely new stainless cat back system.
  7. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/221871680665?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649
  8. Joti

    Lupo GTI

    Great story and you're lucky to still be here!
  9. Well done. I like anything that is that bit "different" and doesn't follow the crowd
  10. Thanks pal! They're a bit of a b*tch to keep clean though!!
  11. As each wheel only weighs 6.8kg, I have noticed quite an improvement in (especially low speed) acceleration....
  12. So after buying them in mid-June, I finally got my new wheels on today - they look a bit different! Will take some getting used to.... They're Buddy Club SF Challenge wheels (Japanese) Getting the tracking adjusted.....
  13. These silver 5-spokes are now for sale...... 16" 7J ET40 I am keeping the gold Rotas, as mentioned, but have made a cheeky little purchase today Not sure when I'll have the new ones on, as I need tyres too and the wheels have just cleared me out! If you want to bring this forward ASAP, may I suggest that you buy my silver wheels
  14. Cheers dude Got my eye on another set at the moment, but will be keeping the Rotas too.....
  15. Wheel Size: 16" Rim Width: 7"Offset : ET 42Wheel Colour: White + Red pinstripeBolt Pattern (PCD) : 4x100 Centre Bore: 73.1I don't really get all the wheel stats and stuff, so can anyone tell me if these will fit my Lupo GTI? Thanks in advance....
  16. "Mini", my a**e!!!!
  17. After the heavy rain from Sunday, my boot open light has come on the dash too. I have checked the latch itself, that is fine. Where is this switch and how do you gain access to it? Can anyone post an idiot's guide, preferably with photos?
  18. Joti

    Phil's GTI

    Gotta love a red GTI!
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