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  1. Will Cheyney

    Arch liners - specific to GTi?

    The front liners are different to the rears. The fronts are a smooth plastic where as the rears are textured - almost felt like. I still have a set of rears for sale if you're interested.
  2. Will Cheyney

    '55 laser blue GTI

    Just a couple of new pics to show that it's still being looked after!
  3. Pristine, scratch and scuff free rear bumper for Lupo GTI. All clips intact. Colour is 'laser blue'. Part number 6E0807417B Can be collected (N7, London) or sent via courier at the buyers own expense. £100
  4. I have both o/s and n/s rear splash guards for a Lupo GTI for sale. Removed from a 2005 GTI. Both are in immaculate condition and have been jet washed subsequent to removal. These are £45 each from VW. I'm looking for £70 the pair. Collection from N7, London but a courier can be arranged at the buyers expense. Give me a shout if you have any questions! Will
  5. Will Cheyney

    Lightning connector for VW Gamma radio

    Worked an absolute treat. Wireless music!
  6. Will Cheyney

    Lightning connector for VW Gamma radio

    Thinking around the problem another way... https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B00Y29NXEA/ref=ya_aw_od_pi?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  7. Will Cheyney

    Lightning connector for VW Gamma radio

    Thanks all. I am using the adaptor at the moment but was wondering if there was anything around that I could update the current setup with. It'll all be fine as it is until I need to charge my phone at the same time as using it for music!
  8. Hi all, Since Apple have removed he headphone jack from the iPhone 7 I'm looking to update the connects2 3.5mm audio jack adaptor I have attached to the CD output of my standard VW Gamma radio. Has anyone seen a lightning connector equivalent? Thanks!
  9. Will Cheyney

    Remove B Pillar Trim

  10. Will Cheyney

    Remove B Pillar Trim

    Thanks! The same width as the rivet or the same width as the rivet head?
  11. Will Cheyney

    Remove B Pillar Trim

    I'm going to replace the b pillar trim this weekend. Mine is riveted in. I haven't drilled a rivet out before so was wondering if people with experience could talk me through how it's done. I have replacement rivers and a gun ready to attach the new trim. Thanks!
  12. Will Cheyney

    Wheel centres

    The Bathurst centre caps cost around £20 each from VW if memory serves me correctly. Part number 6E0 601 149 A GRB
  13. Will Cheyney

    Lupo GTI rear wheel alignment

    I swapped the front and rear wheels over and the noise appear to have shifted! @sausage the tread is no more worn inside. I might just swap it for a new tyre.
  14. Will Cheyney

    Lupo GTI rear wheel alignment

    It was on my agenda to do just that tomorrow! Thanks guys. Will let you know the outcome.
  15. Will Cheyney

    Lupo GTI rear wheel alignment

    I've replaced the rear bearing with a genuine part as I swore this is what the noise was to no avail. The tyre on this particular wheel is a year older than the rest but not much less worn hense me wondering whether it would be an alignment issue?

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