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  1. @mk2 What are the replacement bulbs I need? Not had to ever replace a xenon before. I lived in London for 12 years until the beginning of this year so it may well have been me 😊
  2. @mk2 Thank you. But what is this tube you mention? 😅
  3. Anyone else had their xenon headlights flicker slightly? They don’t flicker on/off but more of an effect as if someone is lightly shaking them. Any smarter people than I have an idea what might be causing it? Alternator/voltage related?
  4. Now sold. Like new. Pristine, scratch and scuff free rear bumper for Lupo GTI. All clips intact. Part number 6E0807417B Can be collected (N7, London) or sent via courier at the buyers own expense. £75
  5. I’m thinking of swapping out the OEM exhaust on my GTI for a stainless steel replacement. Nothing drastically wrong with the original one, but the years are taking its toll on the ferrous metal of the existing one. So I’m doing my research now! I want to keep the dual tail pipe look, go full stainless steel and I don’t want anything that sounds silly. A small increase in tone would be nice. I’ve boiled it down to either the Janspeed or Kam Racing options. The Janspeed is a bit more of a straightforward cat back swap out, where as the Kam Racing one seems to have a few options that I would need help choosing. Not being anything of an expert in this domain I thought I’d ask here to gauge opinion. A new Janspeed cat back is £510 inc VAT. Thanks 😊
  6. Thank you all. I took another look and saw nothing out of place. So, I went to town with greasing the rails. Sorted it! There must have just been too much old crusty grease causing resistance.
  7. Hi folks. The drivers side electric window in my Lupo won't go all the way down. It works faultlessly otherwise. It doesn't get stuck, the motor doesn't click. But it stops about three quarters of the way down as if it's reached the bottom. I've tried a new switch. Inside the door I've checked the rails and they're nicely lubricated and the sliding white clips aren't broken or dislodged. Has anyone else experienced this? What is the likey culprit? I could replace the regulator but don't know whether to buy a kit that also includes a replacement motor or not. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Never! ☺️ No way. Having a clear out and a few things are taking up a bit too much room to warrant keeping.
  9. Pristine, scratch and scuff free rear bumper for Lupo GTI. All clips intact. Colour is 'laser blue'. Part number 6E0807417B Can be collected (N7, London) or sent via courier at the buyers own expense. £80
  10. I have both o/s and n/s rear splash guards for a Lupo for sale. Removed from a 2005 GTI. Both are in immaculate condition and have been jet washed subsequent to removal. These are £45 each from VW. I'm looking for £60 the pair. Collection from N7, London but a courier can be arranged at the buyers expense. Give me a shout if you have any questions! Will
  11. The front liners are different to the rears. The fronts are a smooth plastic where as the rears are textured - almost felt like. I still have a set of rears for sale if you're interested.
  12. Just a couple of new pics to show that it's still being looked after!
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