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  1. Yeah the ladders are secure. I have a door to the back of the garage which i use when taking the car out. Mine was £275 with 1byear no claim as all my no claims are on my van..some 14 or so.
  2. That time of year again, insurance and tax due. Owned this just over a year now. So insured with greenlight for a 2nd year, and taxed for 6 months, won't get used to much coming upto the winter. Had the alignment sorted and today had new brake disc and pads front and rear as well as new fluid. Much better long funny poems by roald dahl Car does need a clean now having got caught in the rain. Cheers
  3. Ah awesome, I won't be going down the strip or anything but if you see me, come say hi
  4. Hello guys Just wondered if any of you were going to this on sunday? Me and a mate are going in my lupo gti be nice to see some others there 👍
  5. Controversial to some people, but I added the red piping around the grille.. Gave it a clean whilst the grille was out.. (exciting I know)
  6. Still got this, pretty much spends most of its time in the garage on trickle charge, took it out today for a good blast.Not much has changed, had a service, raised the ride height abit.Jobs to do, get an alignment due to changing the height and taking the camber back to normal now it's on the yokos.Disc and pads all round, front pads are beginning to crumble slightly, noted when at jkm for it's service. So will change them all.And the spoiler to get painted, been meaning to get this done. Passed the 6ft test 😅
  7. sj2112

    [WANTED] Lupo GTi

    I feel silver is getting a slightly harsh time. I currently own one, and I'll admit not my first choice, but see one in the flesh and they look bloody awesome in my opinion. I've had black and laser blue, black would be my least fab tbh. Good luck in your search.
  8. Thankyou It's booked in for a service a week tomorrow, and getting the temp/coolant sensor, the one that's on the dash as its abit intermittent lately. And the only other thing I need to sort is getting the spoiler resprayed as it's got the common bubbling. Then I will be happy ☺️
  9. So following on from above, got the wheels refurbed in oe silver and also changed the tyres to ado8rs as sadly the road noise was abit much for me.
  10. With the car in the garage I got it out today to clean up the arches and Inside the wheels, not perfect but alot better, also sprayed acf50 on all metal components. Wheels and arches before And some afters Cheers
  11. Hi mate, if I do it will be a job down the line but for now I'm not sure i will.
  12. Managed to source some Cambridge rear lights, finishes the back end off in my opinion ☺️ Quick halfway through pic.. And finale..
  13. Mate come round in his sunflower ph1 172, quite a rare sight.
  14. Bit of adjusting as yes they do have some meat on them as you say I won't be driving it in the rain so can't tell. Will be used on dry days.
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