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  1. sj2112


    Haha i know I know But saying that, ironically all the German cars I've had, I've had more trouble with. French cars, nothing... Go figure.
  2. sj2112


    Hi guys sorry not been on here in a while. I ended up in a clio 182 trophy on 44k no lupo grabbed my attention sadly. Cheers
  3. sj2112


    Hello guys Looking for low miles/owners if possible, rarer colours preferred, strong budget. Please contact me with what you have.
  4. So gutted to have gotten rid of this for work reasons. If old owner is on here contact me please.
  5. Well i best update and close this thread... I sold the lupo on Saturday just gone, change of job meant i needed a bigger car so now own an s4 avant. Im sure the car will be looked after by the new owner who i think is on here. All the best
  6. I will check mine when i get back bud
  7. Yeah i thought it would come spaced out, so i think i will order another set just to be safe... ? Cheers pal
  8. Washed the car this evening as what with the hot weather its been put off a while Also bought some plain plates to tidy it up..
  9. So i got the car Back earlier on in the week, it was indeed the alternator... Car is all good now. Ive spent a fair bit on it, but i like my car to be spot on. But i am missing the power the r32 had and am getting itchy feet to get something quick again, being a single lad.....
  10. Cheers rich, i got jump leads on it and it started straight away... To me it seems alternator? Dropped the car off at the garage so its atleast there come monday.
  11. So update time.... And not a good one, the little lupo has broken down. Battery light was on/flashing, im guessing alternator or battery on its way out... Currently waiting on a lift.
  12. Nice car, i was looking at tornado red before i got the laser blue
  13. Cheers chris, it wasnt an expensive job but one that has made the drive much more enjoyable. I think it's the little details that make the biggest transformation tbh, i was suprised myself how well the exhaust came up as i wasnt holding much hope haha Will update as and when i do bits...
  14. Haha you n me both mate, its next on the list to replace with plain plates, will be stuck on as not fan of screwed on
  15. So another day, another little package arrived.. Noticed this split after cleaning the car, only ordered yesterday, great service. And i took the rest of the week off, so popped to the pub. Really do love this little car Cheers stefan
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