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  1. If you used the term 'baby g60s' I would find you......
  2. You can make one, some people use pirtek. Just keep the original ends.
  3. I still dislike the fox. It's just so ugly and as it was known for years as the Lupo replacement I'm that little bit more against it still. I do drive a fox on Tuesdays so I'm allowed this opinion.
  4. Approval. Love a red lowered one. Needs steelies.
  5. Rich


    I remember when cherry stalked Pete. He wasn't game
  6. I once had a picture four. Never above this though.
  7. #6 is unmutual. See if you get the reference.
  8. Going to say, that coilpack is very very common across the world.
  9. Seems like a misfire, isn't a misfire, green temp sensor.
  10. 80-95 Bosch alternator, two screws on the regulator, you know the one. Best alternator ever. Everyone used them and they never went wrong. Clearly they had to evolve to make more money.
  11. They want more money from me for things that break that I don't need. Glow plugs are over rated also.
  12. Bam. What do you wanna pay?
  13. No, you can't use the box. Use an 02j or a. Will be fine. You don't have to change the pedal box at all. I even remember reading recently that someone managed to use the Lupo potentiometer in a 20v conversion so that doesn't even need ****ing with. Gear selector is fine but if you use an 02a then it needs an 02j tower in it.
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