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  1. Does the display work? Does the Speedo work? Mileage is nearly as low as when you got it. You have done so little miles.
  2. There's more to life than mpg....
  3. Same 1.4 engine as a polo 9n. Not the head gasket. That's my opinion.
  4. I loved mine and never complained about the mpg but I was getting around 60.
  5. And I will be pleased to know I have so many from ripping doorcards off in scrappies.
  6. Just fed it £15. Should get me to work and back tomorrow. Anyone want to buy a v5 TT roadster? It's a lot of fun if you only do short journeys. (Ray)
  7. Tenner a day here..... Sometimes more.
  8. Rich

    New vw lupo

    Take the surround for the wheel off and get a 10mm, you'll see where when you study it.
  9. Rich

    New vw lupo

    You'll have to define wobbly a bit more. Actually wobbles or the height adjustment is buggered and loose?
  10. I've still never come across a balance shaft issue asides from it does nothing and three cylinders suck. Usual pd issues are more hassle than that.
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