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  1. After a week of running it to work you'll keep it.
  2. Rich

    1.4TDi Gearbox

    Linkage bushes aren't the way to go. Take the tower out and I'm 90% certain you'll find the play in that at the top. I once repaired one with a trimmed down piece of radiator hose and it still holds to this day.
  3. Rich

    1.4TDi Gearbox

    You should remove the selector tower and have a look inside. What's the play like in the stick?
  4. Piston rings. Burnt out valves.
  5. If he drove a TDI he would realise that it is the way to go. Otherwise he would be better off either looking at A2 **** or changing the subframe/rack/install Pas/wishbones/everything Collosal task which is why nobody has bothered.
  6. If you're really good MK2 (frank) will show you how to move it to get it stuck on the windscreen which doesn't involve taking anything out. If you're local I'll give you a free fix on something if you're under 40.
  7. Go waste money on something which goes fast. Buy a TDI.
  8. Rich raids scrappies.
  9. Rich

    Cheap GTI

    Wouldn't touch that.
  10. Very nice. It is actually a ggv.
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