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  1. Nah, it's easier for me to wait till one comes into the right yard and then it's a fiver if I remove it myself.
  2. Rich

    GTI Upgrades

    Be a couple of weeks but absolutely fine. Need anything for the mk4?
  3. I've gotta find one in a scrappy as I need a window mech (crap rivetted things), I can get a stalk if you're really stuck.
  4. Rich

    GTI Upgrades

    I'm breaking a Bora.
  5. No offence but there's nothing that VW about a fox, they're South American and a lot of things are very different. Knowing inside and out will get you nowhere on this. Fit a big red kill switch for the battery.
  6. Rich

    Lupo V5

    MK4 chassis sucks unless it is 8n.
  7. As long as there is a physical connection it doesn't matter. I'd say zip ties but it wouldn't hold.
  8. There's not enough voltage in the car to kill you. Stop being a pussy. Also I generally probe the back of the pins.
  9. Rich

    Lupo V5

    Just no. And I have a v5 daily.
  10. Tape a needle to them
  11. Clearly cheapskates not enthusiasts. But it keeps them on the road
  12. You know the risks, you take your chances. Good luck.
  13. Download an image resizing app
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