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  1. Rich

    Tow bar for my TDI

    I'll send you a pm. One of the previous came as he needed that switch wire sorting after he pulled it out.... I saw the leak and he had filled it full of steel seal and also had a belt/pump done but that didn't stop it. I decided to keep away at that point as I decided on the hole in block theory.
  2. You're both not looking in the right place or asking the right person. What are you after?
  3. I can cover some of that list with shite lying around. Handles, clips, seat rails, etc. Cupholder, if you mean the nice double din one, that's not happening. I have a load of black interior plastics...
  4. Surely a carpet can be compacted and shipped back the same way?
  5. Just collecting bits as ever.
  6. I want a South African MK2 golf carpet so I will participate in this. Make a concise list!
  7. I welded that clutch pedal.
  8. Rich

    Tow bar for my TDI

    Can I have the vice grips back? If you send me a number Danno will pay you for them and the inconvenience. Lazy ****er was always meant to take them off and give them back. I also suspect the coolant is a hole in the block somewhere.
  9. Rich

    Tow bar for my TDI

    Why are you breaking it? This car has been on a downward spiral since Danno sold it.
  10. They are the same. The Korean user is also after one. Can't you rebuild?
  11. It's a nice low mileage but you're probably about £400 overpriced unless you fix it.
  12. Location. Nature of fault.
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