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  1. Clearly you don't need to translate it as Pete clearly understands Japanese now and has done the job for you. Clearly the picture was clear enough.
  2. You could get a multimeter, set it to continuity and then use the access post bits on the fuses?
  3. £27 in my local motor factors. I like that.
  4. I'd have faith in the steel seal. But I would also take the spark plug out of each cylinder and run it on three for thirty minutes each, unplug the injector too. You should also devise a way to increase the water pressure.
  5. Easy doorstep job for skezza.
  6. Just fit a voltage regulator, three screws and some fiddly time but not hard at all.
  7. New dash. Adhesive failing. Sorry.
  8. No. You would have to change stub axle.
  9. It's on the passenger side inside of the scuttle panel although not every Lupo had one fitted...
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