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  1. Rich

    2002 Lupo 1.0 Not Starting

    Hello Jennifer.
  2. Rich

    GTI Upgrades

    The AUM engine is long gone now, I am talking about the TT itself. Would go nicely with a red lupo.
  3. Nice GTi ones there for the taking.
  4. Go to u pull and fit rear speakers whilst you're at it. You will thank me later.
  5. Rich

    New member owner of around 3 months

    That's not cool, that is junk.
  6. Rich

    Lewis' Soft Blue Lupo

    Engine time.
  7. Rich

    New member owner of around 3 months

    Yes, something interesting, use your imagination and tell me when you want to collect it. Gilly at veedubs ran a TDI arosa for years and years and I'm pretty sure they will know that the SDI is a 1.7
  8. Rich

    New member owner of around 3 months

    Bring me something cool and it is yours. That's a fair deal.
  9. Rich

    GTI Upgrades

    One day I will collect my medal. Maybe on the day you collect your TT? Shall I get an oil return bunged in the sump when I take it off?
  10. Rich

    Black Lupo GTi, Heaton Sainsbury's.

    Waitrose used to give me free coffee but then they demanded that j bring my own cup so I now boycott due to the disgust that they have for me fishing old Gregg's cups out of the car. I am slumming in the Sainsbury's and if you think aldi then you clearly have no idea whatsoever.
  11. Right now, lowered and loud, wheels kinda looked like teledials or pepperpots.
  12. If you practice the airbag with the wheel off you will soon master it.
  13. Rich

    New member owner of around 3 months

    I have a spare jazz blue bonnet if you want to make a rust patch on it?
  14. Rich

    SDi Daily fantasia

    Very nice.

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