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  1. I'm stripping a Bora soon which contains the loom.
  2. Rich

    My Lupo GTI

    I'm pretty sure there's a DIY on here if you search.
  3. You're thinking too practical. TT roadster for the summer. V5, red with added lacquer peel.
  4. Scrappy. eBay Facebook breakers Someone else's car.
  5. Reddit is the internet.
  6. Rich

    Untidy GTI

    I've seen when you leave it. I've tried for replica panels and offcuts from breakers. You're only seeing 3% of the rust there
  7. Remove the dogbone mount and swing the engine. Same as doing a vr6 when the sump gets in the way.
  8. Rich

    Untidy GTI

    Some fun mystery lurks beneath those sills
  9. Rich

    CJ1's GTI Project

    Refurb is a lot quicker than you're thinking then. Plus you only do the work once this way.
  10. Rich

    Untidy GTI

    How cheap and where?
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