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  1. I dunno what the a pillar loop we are referring to is. I'll take wiper credit. I did mine last night, was easy but ****.
  2. GTi uses a ceramic chip type thing instead of that glass thing.
  3. That was going to snap off soon. I'd say the legend is he who diagnosed.
  4. You should be telling her what's happening.
  5. Green temp sensor, buy oem. Collecting gtis is fun. Do it.
  6. You should park it up somewhere safe for a decade if you don't need the money.
  7. That was years ago. When I got that car it was a 2.0 16v ecotec.
  8. Rich

    My new car

    TT is the way forward for TDI bases.. Pd150 is nice.
  9. 170k, they were worn out. Just swapped the whole assembly with those from a 60k auto. Very nice, cost effective too.
  10. Rich

    My new car

    Bloody club polo. TT forum is a thing but nobody responds. I still have a Lupo, as does Danno. Danno has two.
  11. Drilling bolts which only need a centre punch? It consists of a repaired pedalbox and then I just do yours for the next person.
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