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  1. Rich

    Wanted Urban Fox

    I also thought about asking for pics.
  2. Rich

    Wanted Urban Fox

    I just hate how high you sit, you can't text whilst driving and asides from wishbone bushes nothing seems to go that wrong. Windows are ****. Engines can burn oil. I haven't got but I have seen bad rust. All the buttons and switches are in the wrong place. Wipers looks ****. 9n3 selecting reverse makes the wiper go, even dry. Revs are too high at speed. There doesn't need to be six cup holders. I can't fault that much but I definitely don't endorse it.
  3. Rich

    Wanted Urban Fox

    Don't do it. Buy an A2 or a 9n3. The fox is awful, don't do it. (Other half has one)
  4. It won't fit. 02j gearbox uses a different mount. Find a polo TDI (6n2) or a Lupo tdi/GTi. Alternatively fix yours, I presume rust so get it repaired and sealed. Cheaper option with less labour
  5. Wtf looks decent about that for £800?
  6. That bung would bug me if I didn't know it covered the crank sensor and allowed for the wire to go through. A pd has something similar on the head for the cam sensor.
  7. Looking good. Riding well?
  8. You'll have to trace it.
  9. Rich

    VW Lupo GTI

    I'd hold for the 4k you want. They're not making more and the demand doesn't lessen.
  10. Service union under the brake servo.
  11. Lupo top mounts don't seem to age badly. Unlike TT ones.
  12. Another cover bites the dust.
  13. Hello, didn't even cross my mind that you might be female/milfy. If you're north eastern I'd be pleased to offer my services and assesment. I can also attempt to steer away from the French **** by giving her a go in a TT.
  14. I'd suggest parking it up as a 208 is a newer car, it doesn't drive like a modern car and typical of anything from PSA, it won't last. Why not an up!
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