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  1. Rich

    Lupo tdi breaking

    I dislike this thread.
  2. Very nice. Plating parts is good but things like where the oil filter goes on is a very bad idea.
  3. I think I have the specific part you're after in a kinda broken tower I'm keeping for spares. I guess today is the day I do some packaging and a little digging.
  4. Rich

    Lupo GTi head

    Compression test?
  5. I've found when the seals go on the intake somewhere (plastic **** specific) it starts making these kind of allegations but it's more of a deviance code.
  6. It is specific. They are ****. Mine wasn't leaking, it was just very worn when I replaced mine. I do however have a spare, what's the offer?
  7. Been there, done that, still wants a loom. Amf is a surprisingly nippy thing
  8. There was a lot of silver floating about my engine but I did catch it before the hole appeared. Tbh I could do with an injector loom. Mine used to run nicely too.
  9. Rich

    [WANTED] Lupo GTi

    I'm not that against it but the blue doesn't work. I get that something was needed.
  10. I threw my old cam in the scrap car the other day and the traditional concave lifter/set. Still runs like **** on idle after changing it
  11. Rich

    [WANTED] Lupo GTi

    Why all the silver hatred?
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