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  1. So I have found a spring. I don't want cash. I want something cool and Korean. Sound like a plan?
  2. Rich

    My Lupo Gti

    I need to remember which side I'm missing and get on it.
  3. I do and I still don't fancy it. Not blue enough....
  4. I've seen this somewhere. I think I want to work in Amazon
  5. Yup, 1/3 of the value of my daily car may go on one for the car I haven't finished/driven.
  6. I really like that retro dab. Does it come in green?
  7. Go on then, what's my system ? Keeping in mind I don't actually physically go anywhere.
  8. I've been done a lot for many things, I even got a years pedestrianism as punishment. These days I'm just smarter about it. (I developed a system)
  9. Clean license. You all need to learn to behave.
  10. Rich

    Ad free?

    MattyB for president.
  11. I'm going to flog mine soon to make space for a forge.
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