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  1. Thanks. Interesting video I will take another crack at seeing if it can adjust further but it is weird. Saying that, Clarkson does have his arms resting on his thighs although they fit under the wheel/dash better than my son.
  2. Good thought Rich but I already have 4 cars. A 5th might end up in divorce !
  3. Yep. I sat in it and made sure it was adjust to the max points.
  4. I think you might be right. His height must be mainly in the length of his legs !
  5. Don't get me wrong. He just fits and he is happy but I am not, because his knees have to be positioned either side of the steering wheel with his arms resting on knees ! I think his height is mainly in the length of his legs as opposed to his body Not good if he is in an accident. He sat in the Up and he fits in that like a normal person so the plan now is to sell the little GTi and get an Up. It is a shame as I have enjoyed the Lupo and he also likes it. He had plans to change the exhaust, alloys etc but all that is out the window now.
  6. Hi All, It is with deep regret I am selling my Lupo GTi. Only selling because my son has started learning to drive and unfortunately at 6' 3" he is too tall for it It is a 2002 model with aircon and the 6 speed gearbox in black. It has just 2 previous owners and 89k miles backed up with a Full Service History tons of paperwork including a fully stamped service book, service invoices, MOTs and original sale documents. It has been serviced to within an inch of its life, primarily by VW main dealers and a VW independent specialist. I will post more photos and details up s
  7. Seat adjusted fully ie lowest and furthest back it will go with the steering wheel at its highest setting but the knees are still either side of the steering wheel with it practically touching. How can other tall drivers not have an issue with this ?
  8. Resurrecting this thread from the depths of the forum. A fair few people here commenting on the head room in the Lupo but do you not find that your knees are almost touching the steering wheel with your arms resting on your knees ? Surely this can't be safe in an accident as the dash and steering wheel will crush your knees ?
  9. Hi Chris, are these still available ? if thy are, I will take them
  10. Offers tend to be in Winter
  11. Thanks Silver - Order for two black ones incoming
  12. Don't be fooled by EP discounts. They always seem to be quoting some ridiculously high discount yet whenever I check, the prices seem to be pretty much consistent give or take a few quid.
  13. I can't believe I have only just seen this despite coming on to the forum fairly regularly I would like one but a little confused as to the choice of colour. I have looked the thread and can't see where there are any colour options. I can only see the white/red one. Help?
  14. Thanks Mickster. I wasn't sure if I had a duff one but it looks like they all do it then
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