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  1. Piers

    Piers' Gti... SOLD!

    Sold the golf. Currently don't own a car. Winning
  2. Piers

    2016 awards

    I should be member of the year
  3. Piers

    Nominations: Joker of the Year 2014

    can everyone just nominate rich and nobody else... that way he gets it by default. he would love that.
  4. welcome along... some awesome motors! id love a 3l... just to **** around with it and do silly things to it... get it on air!
  5. Piers

    Nominations: Trader of the Year 2014

    Rich: Rapey trading ltd.
  6. Piers

    Lupo GTI - Bad Low.

    quality ross
  7. Piers

    Pitbike Racing!

    stretton in leicester. They are always on Motors TV with it there... ive not been to watch but i have heard they have a good turnout.

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