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  1. So got the kw's and spacers fitted, need to have a jiggle around with height or spacers and dos occasionally rub of cornering hard or pot holes. But otherwise really good. Grabbed few pics today on way back from food shop..
  2. Thanks, no won't be going silly low, Just reduce the arch gap currently.
  3. They are v1, I'm looking forward to getting them on.
  4. These arrived today, ordered beginning of the year but were out of stock 😍
  5. Oo handy to know many thanks, went of the halfords guide πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ
  6. Yeah i always found myself grabbing the keys to this out of the two. Really is a nice example, so am glad it's stayed.
  7. Huge thankyou to @CLAYTONJONESfor your help with answering my questions, and figuring out better way to upload pictures 🍻
  8. So got round to getting the windscreen washers working again, turned out to be the motor.. Got the call from jkm that the car was all done. Today I gave it a 'deep clean' since hadn't been done since start of November..Two bucketAuto finesse latherAf Iron outAf De tarMaguires wheel cleanerAf drying towelFinished with af glistenAlso changed front and rear wipers to some new bosch one Before After
  9. I'm sure mine's a janspeed.. and it doesn't sit wonky?
  10. Lovely, this won't hang around long! Glwts
  11. Yeh the laser blue was lovely, actually prefer the interior of this one personally, ages better, then the leather that just sags.
  12. So moving forward, with the car only really being used summer/good weather and in a garage when not in use I decided to put the new mats in, gave the car a hoover and is probably sacrilege to some putting them in, but I wanna enjoy the car and these lift the interior over the rubber mats albeit ideal for winter but not likely to see another winter in my ownership Have purchased some parts for the car which I will update as and when they get fitted. Cheers guys
  13. Well had a deposit placed on my clio 182 trophy today being collected tomorrow, so the lupo is now staying put.
  14. I appreciate your comment and I take it onboard. I'm sorry but this isn't a 5k car nor a 5 speed early car that I see up for Β£6,500 so should it not sell so be it. Not really relevant the golf gti when completely different cars though and a fair bit older?
  15. Hello Yeah ive had interest, not best time of year to sell, granted. I know its going to divide opinions on its price, but there is no other like for like for sale that I've seen.
  16. True I never spotted the cd player other way round... Kinda works better for me that way weirdly. Yeah ive had leather Interior in my last two gtis (black, laser blue) but I knew this time round it had to be the this Interior colour combo. I quite like the silver tbh not like I see any lupo gtis on the roads. Yeah the keyring come with the car 😁
  17. I'd rather not disclose but will say was top end of the market still.. ☺️ And thanks guys I'm loving the little gti
  18. Yeah they certainly sweetened the deal. Knowing how rare they are.
  19. So going in from last post, the lupo had a couple of niggles I wanted to sort out..The car came with a coin holder that wouldn't close and the previous chap used it connect his phone to play music through, wasn't for me so replaced with another cup holder..Before After Next was a tempermental drivers window switch, I knew about these two issues..So bought two new switches which solved the issue πŸ‘Œ Next was the cd player wouldn't light up or play cds, tried taking it out and seeing what the prob was but couldn't get it to work, looked on eBay
  20. HelloSo I purchased this lupo gti on 3rd October 2020, I happened to just be browsing autotrader/pistonheads/ebay for cars like you do when you're bored, always kept my eye on lupo gti's as they don't often come on the market.So fast forward I happen to see this one come up, was very much an impulse buy what with already having the 182 trophy.Spec of the lupo isuk car6 speedAir conCloth Interior52k milesJanspeed exhaustBrand new mats in the bootWent to go see the car with @Ash J did a deal and drove it home this being my 3rd lupo gti now, first with the cloth Interior which is my favourite, th
  21. I bought new bud. Think for both was Β£37 come from Germany.
  22. Hi mate I've not long bought a lupo gti (is my 3rd now) my drivers side was tempermental. Replaced both switches on the drivers side panel and now both work fine. Got to take the door card off in order to replace them πŸ‘
  23. sj2112


    That blue one sold months ago.
  24. Looks awesome bit of fabrication. Keep up the nice work.
  25. sj2112


    Still have an itch for another gti... Nothing I've seen for sale grabs my attention. If anyone is looking to sell, send us a message. I'm not a dealer or anything. Preferably no imports. Cheers πŸ™‚
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