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  1. Get some velcro chess pieces for the floor.
  2. Rich

    3 rear seats for Lupo

    Too far for you.
  3. Rich

    Central locking

    Have you tried the resynch method? Google will tell you more.
  4. Can't be dead, makes a joke of democracy.
  5. Rich

    3 rear seats for Lupo

    Nothing works except Lupo ones and there's so much that goes with them. Danno has a set.
  6. https://www.gumtree.com/p/volkswagen/vw-lupo-1.7-sdi-£30-tax-diesel-good-condition/1336950793
  7. Rich

    Lupo GTI

    Looks a nice car. Shame to destroy it. A notch is an instant death sentence in the long game.
  8. Rich

    Brake light switch/left foot braking

    Just add another loom over the top and zip tie the other away somewhere.
  9. Rich

    GTI Upgrades

    I'd open it up. You're only seeing a small percentage. Trust me on this
  10. Rich

    Audible alert when lights on and doors open

    Door microswitch. Does it beep when you open the passenger side?
  11. Rich

    Greetings from the Canada!

    Same relay in a pd diesel so should be easy enough.
  12. Rich

    Need more lows (Rear)

    Re drill the holes for the struts lowerin the beam....
  13. Rich

    Lupo Lexus Lights

    And they made you admin......
  14. Rich

    Lupo 3L 1.2tdi Spares or Repair

    you couldn't be further away!
  15. Rich


    If you search I once told someone how to do it.
  16. Rich

    New Lupo 1.7 SDI Owner

    Location? Also I wouldn't pay 2.5k with a black tailgate.
  17. I'd just bring back any tailgate and drill two holes in it. I would also use your glass.
  18. Rich

    Bagged Lupo GTI 2005

    If you 100% standardise the car you will have a bigger audience and might sell it. This way you're very limited and the idiots who would buy it don't have the money.
  19. Specific to the shape of each dash

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