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  1. But he did get rid of it, I saw it earlier. Showing its age a bit but it's all still intact.
  2. Sdi, selling one soon.
  3. Thicker oil does provide more pressure.
  4. I've encountered a few. So much so I keep spares.
  5. They go exactly like mk4 golfs and TTs.
  6. I have no £££. Everything is for sale unfortunately. The GTi will be up soon and many things are already for sale in many places. If the sdi is to go to Becca then I'm afraid someone shall have to pay for it. If you do some research and look to buy one they are rare now therefore I should actually get some much needed funds for this.
  7. Huddersfield is still too far.
  8. I have an sdi I could be convinced to part with.
  9. I wouldn't endurance test the 1.0. You'll crack valves and it will fail. Find a better base.
  10. Frank, send me an address and I'll send you some ball joints.
  11. I got mine from vw but then I haven't used it since I fitted them years ago.
  12. So I need to find a 6n ball joint and a GTi ball joint and compare ?
  13. I did mine on the fly press. It worked beautifully and it took longer to get the rotten knuckle off. £12 bearing at euros.
  14. Mk4 golf alloys 9n /9n3 polo ones. Mostly any 5 stud VW wheels which are 5x100 pcd. Commiserations on the fox love.
  15. I've got a mk3 restoration project for sale. Three door mulberry highline, original.
  16. Ha, it hasn't seen daylight in a decade and it is pretty covered if I had to be honest.
  17. Nice blue five door 1.3 with some chrome bits Would look well together ....
  18. I couldn't get away with it. Plus the fox like stance. Not for me, inferior oil pump chains.
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