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  1. Six years is a long time for a little car.
  2. A wash would have shown things in a better light. Shame it is dead.
  3. If you wanted to use picture b (better imo) then you'd only have to change the shifter to a 6n polo one or something similar.
  4. 90 bhp mk3 or mk4? Ahu/1z or asv?
  5. Asides from female parking ****ing the bodywork a bit I can't even remember what was broken.
  6. Being male, you should man up and be in charge of it, she is relatively easy to master
  7. I've been hearing that for years. Ship it up here and give it to me.
  8. The switches are fixable.
  9. There's a multitude of sneaky screws to remember.
  10. When the Flexi and egr/asv is off you then into four more bolts and take the inlet off. I've cleaned some spares to stick on my car when I do some things which facilitate removal and it is immaculate!
  11. Remove the Flexi pipe then you can get the bottom bolt. Enjoy cleaning the inlet manifold, remember to clean the head as well.
  12. I have some crispy GTi rears. Leather is a bit ****ed but the speaker bit and mesh is spot on.
  13. I put a yellow rear bumper on a black fox a few weeks ago, that's a modification.
  14. I once watched someone externally paint a senator bonnet. Exceptional amount of flies that day.
  15. TDI doesn't like lowering that silly as the sump hits.
  16. Rich


    Surely you don't mean it.
  17. **** taper on aftermarket parts. Common, split the knuckle on the TT.
  18. Put your fingers in the cubby hole, feel the top and yark till your fingers hurt.
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