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  1. More details on the 'as is' but I do like a cheap Lupo.
  2. You can't leave it in place. End of. Bolts in using the stub axle bolts which you will need to replace.
  3. It's a quiet test. Get someone to sit in it pulling it out as you rock it back-and-forth.
  4. You have missed the opportunity to take the battery tray out there. I suggest you go back and do so. Especially with the acid. Plastic tube is for venting fumes from the box
  5. I have an associate nearby for collection. What do you want for them? Keeping in mind they are shitty 1984 golf MK2 steels.
  6. So nothing buggered on the tower/selector? Selects all fine? Look at the clutch pedal and see if the cylinder rod is bent. Also check the white plastic clip and the metal that keeps it in place are intact. Then I would suggest bleeding the clutch. But then you would be able to tell all this by just starting it up in gear and holding the clutch in.
  7. Probably not as important as your anthracite plans.
  8. Do everything with the battery off and hope for the best.
  9. Sticking it on the stand?
  10. Because the pump says unleaded doesn't mean it is.
  11. Get one with massive hooters then. Switch wheels from front to back as well.
  12. Remove the arch liners and clear the crap out.
  13. Get the girlfriend a boob job. You'll enjoy the shaking.
  14. It's coming from somewhere. If it bugs you that much take the carpet out.
  15. I once had a Lupo which leaked at the screen. Must have had a replacement at some point in its life Possible here? Been messing about behind the door cards? Does the boot swish when you open and close it?
  16. Stick your hand under and operate it manually, if this fixes it then strip the undertrays and it is pretty simple.
  17. Sounds like the bush in the tower itself. I once replaced one with some chopped around rubber hose.
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