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  1. Rich

    Ad free?

    MattyB for president.
  2. I'm going to flog mine soon to make space for a forge.
  3. 210k in an sdi and the sleeve was holed and thin where intact.
  4. Release bearing sleeve.
  5. I think I've seen it.
  6. I thought as much, parked in a Newcastle back alley somewhere.
  7. 6n with an arc engine is where it is at. Fsi is essentially a petrol 3l in so many respects
  8. I've seen an fsi in Spain. All sorts over there. Fabled AHT.
  9. MK2 GTi uses 256, as do sports and TDI lupos. They all run 14". Kam once ran 13” but had to shave calipers.
  10. If you're really stuck and going to scrap for a spring I'm half tempted to let you.
  11. I'd hope that isn't the case. I join loads to fence stuff to interested parties. Good marketing.
  12. Rich


    Go to a different dealer
  13. 22, recently bought at bushes from VW.
  14. I understand why they have done this. eBay is **** in the respect that it saves nothing and it's easier to simply have a listing that won't sell than to type the whole lovely person thing out again. Also, just for the record, I too could do with a high level brake light but I just don't think I'm going to do it and I will probably think up some way around it.
  15. Hello. Where in the country are you?
  16. Technically speaking, the hydro boxes have their own failure, it's just less common.
  17. Wasn't it laser and has been up a few times with fluctuating price?
  18. Pull the plug from the coilpack first.
  19. I have some low mileage great condition standard ones. What do you wanna pay?
  20. If it was simple, everyone would make one. If it was that hard, nobody would. You need : Lupo GTi pedal box and gear selector. mounts fabricating. shafts making. intercooler and pipes. wiring. Exhaust. that's the simplified version.
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