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  1. Rich

    Lupo GTi head

    Compression test?
  2. I've found when the seals go on the intake somewhere (plastic **** specific) it starts making these kind of allegations but it's more of a deviance code.
  3. It is specific. They are ****. Mine wasn't leaking, it was just very worn when I replaced mine. I do however have a spare, what's the offer?
  4. Been there, done that, still wants a loom. Amf is a surprisingly nippy thing
  5. There was a lot of silver floating about my engine but I did catch it before the hole appeared. Tbh I could do with an injector loom. Mine used to run nicely too.
  6. Rich

    [WANTED] Lupo GTi

    I'm not that against it but the blue doesn't work. I get that something was needed.
  7. I threw my old cam in the scrap car the other day and the traditional concave lifter/set. Still runs like **** on idle after changing it
  8. Rich

    [WANTED] Lupo GTi

    Why all the silver hatred?
  9. You're not the lowest mileage by any means. Go drive and enjoy it.
  10. Rich

    My new car

    Some Audi version. Ring the stealer with the reg and get the paint code.
  11. Stalk, inspect for melted wires. Pull fuse for now.
  12. There's a set of four in my weigh in car. You can see them through the window.
  13. Rich

    Lupo tdi breaking

    Buy it, save it and I'll chuck you some free labour to restore
  14. Rich

    Tow bar for my TDI

    I'll send you a pm. One of the previous came as he needed that switch wire sorting after he pulled it out.... I saw the leak and he had filled it full of steel seal and also had a belt/pump done but that didn't stop it. I decided to keep away at that point as I decided on the hole in block theory.
  15. You're both not looking in the right place or asking the right person. What are you after?
  16. I can cover some of that list with shite lying around. Handles, clips, seat rails, etc. Cupholder, if you mean the nice double din one, that's not happening. I have a load of black interior plastics...
  17. Surely a carpet can be compacted and shipped back the same way?
  18. Just collecting bits as ever.
  19. I want a South African MK2 golf carpet so I will participate in this. Make a concise list!
  20. I welded that clutch pedal.
  21. Rich

    Tow bar for my TDI

    Can I have the vice grips back? If you send me a number Danno will pay you for them and the inconvenience. Lazy ****er was always meant to take them off and give them back. I also suspect the coolant is a hole in the block somewhere.
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