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  1. 100k for me. Still got a GTi and remains of one sitting outside. Guess I must have enjoyed them.
  2. I'll do it for £15 posted But yes, a washer or a flat piece of metal with a hole in?
  3. Frank is close enough! And touts for work. Personally, I would suggest rings and valve seals, possibly guides once you're in there. Asides from that I'd leave bearings alone and wouldn't actually take the engine out of the car.
  4. Send it to Frank. I'd do it but I'm further afield.
  5. Link wouldn't go amiss here.
  6. Time to make a bracket for that or buy a spare from me but if that is flapping about it's a disaster waiting to happen there
  7. You should have just built something, kept the seats dropped and felted the whole thing. Maybe a sealed box hooked up to a dehumidifier and a second alternator, get more tips for crispy food
  8. Gotta love a pd I have a pd150 tt
  9. Come on Frank, rear speakers.
  10. The size seems to be very specific when covered in the past on here. I have speakers, tweeters, screws, fittings and the original speaker plugs with a decent amount of wire.
  11. I mean the proper ones. Go pull your rear door card off and marvel at the holes which are there for them.
  12. Is this where I should talk you into some rear speakers?
  13. Polo gti's are rare
  14. I'm a Lupo GTi guy. I have one in front of me.
  15. 90's, came with the engine I put in my GTi.
  16. Durham! Yourself?
  17. I've got a GTi slam lying in my scrap pile if you need anything?
  18. But then I'd still say end bearings are a consideration
  19. For £300 you can have mine which I know was good.
  20. What's a box go for these days?
  21. I have an end plate with a similar hole in. Asides from that I just have a spare box. The broken one I have blasted another hole in the casing near the diff as well. But I do know it was driven on for a little afterwards as well, hence why it isn't a rebuild job, just spares.
  22. Repair or replace. There's none on fleabay. I only know of one six speed spare.
  23. Patience is key with the front panel
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