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  1. I recently had the same on my TT. I replaced the mech but not the motor. There's a lot more to this on a TT btw, crap job.
  2. You've had an unusual fail for these, buy an OEM one and not a cheap one. Likely to last longer. I'm pretty sure I can lay my hands on a driver's side one.
  3. The eBay option is about it.
  4. Rich

    Lupo GTI

    Go whip one off a mk4 golf. Alternatively swap side to side and the hole will be at the bottom.
  5. Rich

    TDI Subframe wanted

    **** me. I'm widening your search for a second hand one. Weld yours.
  6. Rich

    TDI Subframe wanted

    Ouch. Either buy a 6n2 TDI one or a Lupo GTi one. Or break out the welder at that price.
  7. I got you some girder clamps. Bodge it yourself.
  8. Plan b does jump the starter without that much **** around.
  9. Rears are so easy, buy spares but if you don't have to take the drums apart, don't. Just give them a bash/spin to clear the dust. In fact bash the whole thing with a hammer enough in the right places and the nipples will come out. Small needle nose vice grips are nice for this job, I wish Danno would give mine back.
  10. If b does the same. C. Start sticking jump cables on things to create lots of earth points.
  11. A. Try the car with jump cables on another car. B. Take the bottom column cover off and put a 12v loop from the red wire to the red/black wire. B should crank it without starting it.
  12. Rich

    Lupo GTI information

    Too far gone.
  13. You threw the original springs? I've been looking without putting any effort in for some of those for a while.
  14. The engine is too much of a working engine to pull bits off. I do have a sump with a little hole in and a guy who is excellent at repairing them cheaply if you're stuck.
  15. Rich

    Abs pump 1.6 gti

    I have no idea. Think of a price and I'll whip it off tomorrow.
  16. New I wouldn't think is feasible. Second hand however, there's that guy on fleabay selling both sides. I have one but I'm loath to part with it but if there's enough in it I could always get the grinder out.
  17. Rich

    Abs pump 1.6 gti

    I've got a few of these.
  18. Rich

    Abs pump 1.6 gti

    Me. I'll sort you a pic tomorrow.
  19. Rich


    No, you have a cross with the light circuit somewhere.
  20. Smartziz. Get him in the next one.
  21. You 90% know nothing. Stuck thermostat? Failed impellers on pump. Oil/water mixing at the oil cooler?
  22. I think you're on the right track. But this has been done before without issues.
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