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  1. Cool. Not sure what my profile says but I'm in Cwmbran. Pm me your mobile and I'll give you a text.
  2. Bought as spare but taking up space and could do with the cash. Comes with bulbs and balasts. There's a slight mark on the drivers side unit as shown in the photo. £200 no offers. Can bring to UD.
  3. isn't that info based on DfT published figures or something? That 761 doesn't include the 89 SORN'd either. I can't think of any other place to check.
  4. A little slow on the replies sorry. I will post for £27.50 as Silver suggested.
  5. Thanks mate. Its always nice to read things like that. There's not been a lot to report. A house purchase has slowed plans down a little but I can't wait to get the car back out again for show season. Gave it a little clean on the weekend.
  6. Huw Pugh


    They'll change colour as they warm up. The final colour will depend on what bulb you have (4300k/6000k etc) but stock ones will have a blue tint when switched on and then change to a white.
  7. I did a light wet sand and polish on it which improved it but it needs another go. It'll definitely polish out with a bit more work but it's not really noticable ordinarilly.
  8. Sorry mate, I think i'd have trouble shifting them then so would rather them all go as one.
  9. I'll have a look mate. Most places price on the basis of 4 wheels but I'll see what I can do.
  10. Bought as spares but taking up space. Theres a small mark on the top of the drivers side light as seen in the last picture. £250 collection only South Wales
  11. Only 3. All have marks. They have decent tread but they've never been inflated while I've had them. Bought as spares but taking up space now. £150. Collection only South Wales
  12. The seats have finished it off nicely mate and suit the install to a T!
  13. This makes me want to sell the S2000 and get a red Gti. That looks lovely!
  14. Love it! They look so good with the cage too. Do you get to use it much?
  15. That won't fool anyone. I'll just have to get air
  16. Last weekend I got around to fixing the splitter. It was so much easier this time with a template to cut and drill from Then the winter prep began this weekend. The car will be going in after E38/VW Action for the new subframe to be fitted along with new calipers, coilovers, topmounts, wishbones and bushes etc. I picked up some spare calipers a few weeks back so stripped them down and repainted them. I'm not sure I'll win any awards for painting but they're certainly a lot better than before. [/url And a couple of shots from Inters ]
  17. Man that makes me feel old. 2000 does seem that long ago
  18. Thanks guys great shot too! I nearly didn't go yeterday. Shortly after leaving I hit a dead rabbit. I thought I could clear it but it hit the front splitter and pulled it down. I managed to fix it and made it to Inters but finished it off on the way home The only consolation was winning the class in te show and shine.
  19. I haven't checked the dates but it always seems to clash with Gti Festival at Pod. If its the same this year we'll be at Pod again Cheers mate
  20. A quick shot from Bristol Volksfest
  21. No. They could probably be made to fit with some spacer rings and modifying but it'll be fiddley. The outer switches are a bit smaller than the Lupo's. The middle is a tight fit and the mechanism behind the switches are different.
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