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  1. Blue Loop

    New member Lupo GTI owner

  2. Blue Loop

    Lupo GTI saved from the scrap yard

    I was referring to modifications. What you list there are basics
  3. Blue Loop

    Lupo GTI saved from the scrap yard

    KW's are more than enough. All else isn't needed
  4. Blue Loop

    My Raven Blue GTI

    Now that's where it should have started wheel-wise
  5. Blue Loop

    Lupo GTI saved from the scrap yard

    It's always nice to see them well kept
  6. Blue Loop

    What’s wrong with a fox ?

    Needs to be sold and another Lupo bought really
  7. Blue Loop

    Lupo gti with 244k

    Sell something and get one. It makes sense. Agree with Rich on the TT's. They will be a future classic, especilally V6 ones as they aren't common!
  8. Blue Loop

    Lupo gti with 244k

    If well kept, SDi's will last forever. What's surprising is that GTi's tend to last for quite long as well
  9. Blue Loop

    Lupo gti with 244k

    Polo and mkIV are boring cars. Knowing how long a Lupo GTi will last is interesting.
  10. Blue Loop

    Lupo gti with 244k

    You should do it.
  11. Blue Loop

    Anthracite GTi

    I can. But it's a car I'd definitely like to keep for as long as possible It's been a while since then! I have to visit soon Going stace for 2019 I do!
  12. Blue Loop

    Anthracite GTi

    Thanks Thanks
  13. Blue Loop

    My Lupo Story

    Cambridge lights come for sale online every now and again. They're never cheap, mind!
  14. Blue Loop

    Custom shift/gear knobs :)

    Just source a 3L centre console + Audi TT 8N knob. It's way better looking than that. [
  15. Blue Loop

    My Lupo Story

    Agree with Richard, good story Sorry but I've never been a fan of ATS Cup wheels 😅

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