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  1. AFAIK GTi's never had the Colour Concept option, so that one you mention with a blue interior must have had the seats added afterwards.
  2. The idea is to paint one of them anthracite. Are you looking for one?
  3. I don't think they're numbered according to the order timing. I got two (at the same time obviously ) and they are +100 numbers apart!
  4. Mine is also supposed to arrive today
  5. Looks tacky imho. Just the GTi badge for me
  6. I bet that 6th gear was a nice surprise Keep the good work!
  7. First LHD Lupo's (1998+1999) didn't come with a glovebox either. Blue doorcards are cool. Jazz Blue is best.
  8. Just drive it. No point in worrying about value if you're not going to be able to enjoy the car anyway...
  9. Danke schön! Nothing's cracked or broken. I can't believe you actually thought I'd let that happen
  10. I'd keep one set of each instead of 2x the same... As for the colour, that's a very personal thing. I rarely like wheels in any colour other than silver (this is +200 positive points )
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