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  1. Welcome along, not many 3L's over here as they were never sold officially in the UK. Post some pictures of the Lupo!
  2. Looks like the Lupo is tackling the cold winters with ease!
  3. Too far gone, buy a standard one and enjoy from day 1.
  4. As I was reading, I was going to tell you to order a coilpack. As spray cleaning is nothing but a temporary solution (been there done that). In my case it was two clean, two corroded. Changed the spark plug cables as well while I was at it
  5. My parents have had their SDi for 20 years 😅
  6. That's been ruined.
  7. That ride height looks very similar to mine, I like it!
  8. That's a very well kept example, nice to see. We all know Anthracite is the best colour.
  9. Give those calipers a lick of paint while you're there!
  10. That's come a long way! As @LR5V said, it does need a little bit of lowering
  11. If it's not a complete change of colour (without interior and engine bay) it will look crap... Stay with the black or a metallic variant of it. Cambridge lights and nice alloys and there you go
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