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  1. Glad you're ok and good to know it's still alive!
  2. This thread is in need of photos !
  3. First thing I'd check is the pollen filter. Replace if not been replaced in a long time or unsure when it was last done. Then as mk2 said
  4. As Bems pointed out, people tend to use 195/45's instead of the more expensive 205/45's
  5. Blue Loop

    Hi From Japan

    Diesel purge is always the answer 🙊
  6. Blue Loop

    Hi From Japan

    Welcome Check the connections between the spark plug cables and the coil-pack. Mine had a bit of corrosion there and made the car judder even with new plugs.
  7. Blue Loop

    My new car

    4,5 years since I picked mine up. Should have bought it earlier Good to know you're enjoying it!
  8. I just went to VW and ordered one when mine died
  9. Sometimes, you even find them for sale https://www.anibis.ch/fr/d-automobiles-voitures-de-tourisme--113/vw-lupo,-2001,-206'000-km--29855696.aspx?fts=lupo&view=2&pi=3&fcid=0&pr=1
  10. AFAIK GTi's never had the Colour Concept option, so that one you mention with a blue interior must have had the seats added afterwards.
  11. The idea is to paint one of them anthracite. Are you looking for one?
  12. I don't think they're numbered according to the order timing. I got two (at the same time obviously ) and they are +100 numbers apart!
  13. Mine is also supposed to arrive today
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