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  1. Only early 3L's (from 2000 and 200) came with the weird shape bootlid. After that, they came with the standard one
  2. If you have all the buttons there, you won't be able to install those cupholders. You have to look for the ones that fit into the DIN hole under the radio.
  3. As LR5V says, the hole is probably for a tow hitch. As for the heater lights, its probably the bulb. See here.
  4. That was quick! How about some pictures?
  5. It's looking good so far!!
  6. You can use mobile.de as mk2 pointed out, that's mainly for Germany. You can also check on autoscout24.es and use the filter for it to search all over Europe, here: https://www.autoscout24.es/lst/volkswagen/lupo?sort=price&desc=1&ustate=N%2CU&size=20&page=1&version0=3L&atype=C&ac=0& Welcome
  7. Glad you're ok and good to know it's still alive!
  8. This thread is in need of photos !
  9. First thing I'd check is the pollen filter. Replace if not been replaced in a long time or unsure when it was last done. Then as mk2 said
  10. As Bems pointed out, people tend to use 195/45's instead of the more expensive 205/45's
  11. Blue Loop

    Hi From Japan

    Diesel purge is always the answer 🙊
  12. Blue Loop

    Hi From Japan

    Welcome Check the connections between the spark plug cables and the coil-pack. Mine had a bit of corrosion there and made the car judder even with new plugs.
  13. Blue Loop

    My new car

    4,5 years since I picked mine up. Should have bought it earlier Good to know you're enjoying it!
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