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  1. Why don't you turn your headlights on?
  2. Bueno, al menos te lo van a arreglar... alguna otra gente ha tenido también problemas con las piezas la verdad. Dame tu teléfono por privado y te meto al grupo, paisana
  3. Buenos días y bienvenida! Lo más probable es que tengas que buscar el paragolpes entero en lugar de las partes por separado... Para piezas la web más completa por lo general es una de eBay Alemania, suele haber de todo para nuestros coches. Aquí tienes un paragolpes (caro, pero te lo paga el seguro, no?). Por cierto, de qué ciudad eres? Tenemos un grupo de whatsapp en español por si quieres unirte
  4. Sorry, i've been off the forum for a while. It's been on the news non-stop since day one. Apparently they're still expecting more lava to come out as it's still quite active. More than 2000 buildings have been reported destroyed... We'll see when it stops and what can be done about it, it's a real shame for those people.
  5. It's a shame it's a bit far for me to go... but it looks like you had a great time!
  6. Looks more like silver if you compare it to the van in the last picture. Good to know it was saved
  7. @Silver! is a crap colour.
  8. That's looking good!
  9. If you sell it you'll end up looking for another one.
  10. SDi since 2003. (It was in the family since late 2000) GTi since 2015. No plans to sell either of them...
  11. Blue Loop

    My new car

    Car's looking good!
  12. There were 2 silvers. Reflex and Moon
  13. Good to see another one driving on the correct side of the road!
  14. I'm looking forward to this summer... I might be doing Switzerland-Spain in the Lupo once more!
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