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  1. Sausage

    EML and EPC lights on.

    Might not be the valve itself but something to do with it and it's function.
  2. Sausage

    EML and EPC lights on.

    P0106 looks like N80 valve. Strong suction on oil filler cap while running means crank case ventilation isnt happy.
  3. Sausage

    slammed lupo

    There's very likely steel sumps that will bolt straight on, you could always plate that as well for extra protection.
  4. Sausage

    Emisson issues

    Vagcom live data might show you something relevant for the sensor readings etc. I dont know as i drive diesels. You can certainly test them for free if you have good multimeter. https://www.hella.com/techworld/us/Technical/Sensors-and-actuators/Test-lambda-sensor-4379/
  5. Sausage

    Emisson issues

    Lambda sensors out of wack?
  6. Sausage

    Coilover advice

    How low do you want to go? if not very low then lowering shocks and springs are best bet for ride and handling.
  7. Sausage

    Lupo Sport 1.4 16v 100 bhp for sale

    In the text box there is a paper clip at the bottom, it says drag files here to attach or choose files. Click choose files and then navigate to your pics locally. If on mobile then maybe it is different or not like that though...
  8. Sausage

    Lupo 3L low power in high gears

    Air filter, fuel filter, vacuum lines, boost leaks, stuck vanes (do these have vnt?) MAF and MAP sensor. EGR stuck open or not blocked off. Is this no codes using Vagcom / vcds or something else to read with? Logs are done under load not neutral.
  9. Worth a read; http://forums.tdiclub.com/showthread.php?t=269354
  10. Sausage

    4x4 Volkswagen Lupo Mod

    Diesel would be my choice. 5 speed haldex kit, but proper 4x4 only inline with VAG stuff I think, but haldex would do. If you jack it up enough you can keep gear ratios with big tyres. A3 / S3 quattro kit already been done: http://adetuning.co.uk/customer-comments/ade-tuning-customer-cars/quattro-vw-lupo/
  11. Sausage

    Bottom arms and bushes

    The longer arms are same as on the red TDI, so I assumed standard but they might not be as he had silly camber and lows going on on it.. With a tape measure they are 36cm metal tip to centre of front bush. The shorter ones are 35cm metal tip to centre of front bush. There is some wiggle room on the joint mounts so the 10mm difference can have slight adjustment by a few mm. Those LF are still £20 delivered. Got some epoxy goop to glue the washers on now as want solid bond so will redo them.
  12. Sausage

    slammed lupo

  13. Sausage

    slammed lupo

    Dry sump it...
  14. Sausage

    Bottom arms and bushes

    The longer arms are standard, the shorter ones (10mm difference it looks like) look interesting to me, stitch welded all the way around and the rear bush mount is seam welded both sides so the bush has much better and deeper support. If it looks like the track rod ends have enough adjustment and the drive shafts dont bottom out I'll get another one.
  15. Sausage

    Bottom arms and bushes

    Things that make you go hmmm, .... All are supposedly for Arosa, I figured Arosa and Lupo are the same no? Top are Unipart GSJ1680 Bottom one is GSJ3073 Thought this arm was a winner as it is stitch welded all the way around unlike the GSJ1680 Still a pair of these and you can run fatter wheels I guess... (or your driveshafts will bottom out)

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