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  1. If there is slop on the selector tower then that could well be your problem. Crack the oil level plug though and make sure oil weeps out to confirm there is sufficient oil in there while you are there I'd jack up one front wheel at a time and see what it does when going thru the gears. Can you manually select all gears on the tower in the engine bay by hand? Nothing in the way of the counter weight etc? Syncros could well be knackered but that doesnt fit with a sudden problem after a pothole tbh unless you have bent a fork or put a lot of force on the gear stick when hitting the hole, but the oil will be shiny metallic when drained most likely. If you need a gearbox then a tdi 02J with suitable ratios, or a tdi 02R will fit too, you need to shave the gearbox webbing for the mount and make about 7mm packing for the outside on that mount (not the inside like i did), swap the speedo drive over and get some 02R cable ends. There might be something to grind off in the bellhousing as well (i read that after fitting mine) as i got some nice noises from mine for a few minutes which sounded like the thrust bearing wasnt seated right but it shut up after a bit.
  2. Try resetting the selector cables as well: EXB is the code for them and they were in the polo 1.4 tdi until 2001 as well. Other gearboxes will fit though you just need to know the codes and ratios to make sure they are suitable.
  3. Sounds like its breathing heavy (no not that kind) so try venting the crankcase breather into a catch can instead of it going back in the engine. Or else that is all blocked and needs a good clean as well. Burning oil and white smoke isnt a healthy combination but see what it does with the crankcase breather cleaned and venting into a can. Fuel / oxygen ratio could be all connected to the heavy breathing as the burning oil is messing with the mix or sensors / cat etc. Probably worth doing a compression test as well to see if it is mechanically healthy or not.
  4. Sausage


  5. They are rare in the UK so not many here have had them let alone tuned them, I think this has been mentioned already, the Fins tune this quite a lot so best info will be via them. For starters you will need to convert it to manual otherwise the pre-engaged clutch becomes the major weak point when tuning, which is no easy task as the ecus are linked but it can be done and guides are available via usual search engines. Then it is a weak 085 gearbox with small clutch and the engines max out around 140HP as well and the gearbox wont like that at all. So if you are serious about power switching all the front end to 1.4 or 4 pot TDI seems like a sensible plan tbh.
  6. Red TDI Mot'd today and on the road. Gearbox ratios are very close to original box with a much better 1st gear. Should be picking up a PD150 engine and bits for a conversion in the next week or so too, not sure on what yet just getting them as they have turned up local and well priced.
  7. https://volkswagen.7zap.com/en/rdw/lupo++lupo+3l+tdi/lu/1999-231/8/847-847000/ Expensive new, but plenty of lupos being broken on ebay. Or bodge whatever has broken with glue etc.
  8. AFAIK it was all done via the photos i sent. They had asked the storage / recovery guys for pics but never got any in the 24 hours it was in their "care" so I took them and sent them instead. The car had only passed an MOT 3 days before the crash so maybe that factored into it some, if it had had 3 days left on an MOT instead I wonder if they would have been so relaxed about it. You are correct, only if a serious incident and police are forensically inspecting the vehicle and insurance get the report. But even then it is mostly safety aspects and obvious engine mods affecting speed and acceleration in the incident they arent going to itemise the stickers and cup holders unless those impact on safety.
  9. Insurance is an effing joke, the whole industry needs a good poking from government. Declare all your mods and go with a good company they say, well Brentacre wouldnt even give me a quote on my very mild Lupo TDI yet are well regarded in the modded car scene with crazy engine swaps and bags etc, so go figure. Thats why i ended up back on standard wheels and just the obvious mods declared. if your insurance company is so a n a l they need to know about a cup holder or a sticker find a better insurance company, I would take that as a good sign they will use any possible means to wiggle out of honouring your insurance in the event of a claim.
  10. Drop was about 50mm on mine, not super low.
  11. The brakes were pretty hopeless on the black tdi for a year or so, they got thru MOTs just turned out they needed bleeding and fresh fluid. It has braided hoses too.
  12. Get the fault codes read and post them here otherwise it is just guess work. Although if the priority is to just value and sell the Lupo then that is what you should be doing not over complicating things just to try and make them a few hundred extra quid. Stick some pics up here and you'll get more realistic answers.
  13. Depends how low you are but that ET and tyre size is pretty much guaranteed to rub the rears with weight in the back and the fronts on hard cornering unless you roll the arches. If it is at stock ride height it will look terrible btw. I ran 195 50 15 on 15x7 with higher ET and they rubbed like that, et20 will be a lot worse. You could try 185 tyres though.
  14. Without MOT you will get £200 - £500 depending on lots of variables, with MOT you will get twice that. If you have to pay someone to sort the egr and get it thru an MOT then you have to weigh that cost in. If you can do it yourself, (take it off clean it, find any vacuum leak, clear the codes etc) then its a no brainer. Colour, condition, extras, mileage, history, if it has all those then get it fixed.
  15. it got marked up by the recovery storage yard (pic is one i sent insurance): But it is just paint tbf and if you are chopping and welding it wont matter. Yes it will be chopped up, but it wont be for a while yet if you can wait. I can take a pic of the side better tomorrow. Red one: Yesterday fixed broken bonnet release after cable snapped with it shut. Sorted the lights, one headlight was reluctant, got passenger door opening from outside. Today, ABS sensor dead front left wheel, ordered some, stripped rear coilovers off as it had failed twice back in 2017 on insecure rear shock absorbers. All i could see was the springs had no top mounts so not sure if that was the failure so not worth chancing it. Bilsteins all round, the rears going on tomorrow.
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