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  1. I havent but intend to. I have (or had) a PD150 lined up for this reason but sadly didnt get it before the lockdown has made it pretty much impossible for now. Driveshafts and probably a bit of chassis leg trimming will be the biggest headache, probably worth going wide track using GTI bottom joints as well but i am only guessing, i was going to use my black tdi wreck for the trial fit before chopping anything about on another lupo. You need the N75 stuff for the turbo and might need some engine loom as well. gearbox use a 5 speeder from a suitable TDI with decent ratios. Later PDs use different ecu so stick to the earlier ones on same ecu type as the diesel lupos to avoid extra hassles.
  2. Put the battery on slow charge over night, dont use the alternator to charge a flat battery it will stress the alternator. Once it is fully charged then see what it does. or swap a known good battery on as Rich said.
  3. If the engine itself is idling and running normally (look in vcds for idle speed etc) then look for things knocking on the subframe, like exhaust, power steering pipes, loose / worn gearbox mount, heatshield, gear change cables etc.
  4. Agreed, looks like wrong bootlid as well. Mk2 meant the oil pump / balance shaft chain not the timing belt btw....
  5. Not sure about Fox but pretty sure lupo is 17mm for the steering balljoint nut and 22mm for the track rod lock nut, I used 7/8 spanner as dont have a 22mm open ended one for that or else use adjustable spanner etc.
  6. Make sure the door drain holes are clear as well. Also if you park on a steep enough slope the rain pools in the door sill and gets over the rubber seals.
  7. Tow bars (at least the two i have) are made to mount to factory holes, no drilling required and having towed my 6x4 Ivor Williams trailer with about 150kg in it (so about the 400kg rated limit) with my tdi it was totally fine.
  8. Stick welder is a no go unless he has mad skills and very thin rods especially so as there will be gaps to fill as well most likely.
  9. Weld in a new flexi? I used this on my TDI (trimmed about 10mm off it though) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Weld-On-50mm-X-200mm-Exhaust-Flexible-Joint-Repair-Flexi-Pipe-tube-Flex/253949451538
  10. There might be some adjustment on it if the play isnt much.
  11. Sprayed fabric goes hard and unpleasant to the touch, The GTI headlining is very soft and tactile (assuming the black one in my 1.4S is a GTI headlining). I'll have a go at something with my TDI sunroof headlining, not sure what yet though....
  12. Should be a diagram on the back of the fuse holder cover. Otherwise: https://knigaproavto.ru/shemy/en/volkswagen/lupo/25-volkswagen-lupo-fuse-box-diagram.html Fuse 45 - 15A.
  13. When you posted the video i thought it sounded fine but that was playing it on a laptop speakers. I've got some lovely rattles on my TDI, exhaust doesnt fit very well after i welded in a new flexi for the mot, the heat shield is rattling on the back box and the gearbox dog bone mount is very very soft so the engine rocks around too much to compound the exhaust problem. Am I bothered? Not enough to do anything to it until i get under it to fix something else. There's a heat shield at the front that can rattle on the gear selector cables too, not sure if it is the same for SDI though.
  14. Thats the one i was interested in, it sold for around £2k, then got flipped at twice the price minus the extra engines and wheels (the link above ) and now is being flipped on again for twice that. Ridiculous.
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