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  1. Yes you are correct. If they arent listed chances are it is sold with cover only and if your grommets dont have part numbers then that is a given.. What size diameter are they? Audi 32mm one is 07C103226 Gold Mk4 TDI 038103638K
  2. https://volkswagen.7zap.com/en/rdw/lupo++lupo+3l+tdi/lu/2001-231/1/103-103055/ Looks like 038103638B
  3. Maybe your map is too aggressive low down the revs and peak torque is too early or boost is spiking, the gearbox wont like it at all and tend to make noises to tell you. Try the stock map and see of the noise goes away. There is (on the 1.4 tdi at least) a heat shield that can rattle and drone on the gear cables but usually at idle, also PS pipes make a nice noise touching the subframe if not secured right.
  4. http://wiki.ross-tech.com/wiki/index.php/17560/P1152/004434 Look for air leaks.
  5. Crack or hole in the system of baffles loose in the silencer maybe, get someone to do the pedal while you rummage around on the floor looking for clues. Welcome btw....
  6. if it seems like the lifters / tappets then you could try some additive. My TDI was getting a bit rattly, so i bunged some liqui moly lifter additive stuff in and it shut it right up.
  7. if it sounds like it is from top end then lifters / tappets. You can probably pin it down to one cylinder just by listening to it. Bottom end will be more serious. Oil level / condition? If new oil was it right grade?
  8. Best to still charge the battery right up using a charger as alternators dont like being overworked charging flat batteries.
  9. It has been known for fuel to get contaminated and cause lots of problems for customers, pretty rare but it happens. Seawater getting in the fuel on the ship comes to mind that happened local to me a long while back. So rule out fuel 1st by checking or changing fuel filter etc. to see if it has muck or water in it.
  10. Try and pin down where it is. Generally if you can feel it thru the steering wheel it is front, if you cant it is back. If you can feel oscillation on braking as well could be duff tyre, bent wheel etc. It could be nothing to do with wheels / tyres and might be the engine, so rev it in neutral to about 4000 rpm and see if it starts misbehaving.
  11. Check for slop / binding at the shifter mech. You can move the selector thru all gears by hand, but probably need the cables off it first. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/163589140615 you can get the bushes in plastic for a lot cheaper.... While there check for slop on the tower as if that moves about it messes with the gear selection as well. It could also be the gear lever mech obstructed or worn.
  12. Noice! I like the mk1s... Forced induction for the win.
  13. Sausage

    GTI Upgrades

    0.8mm will be fine, you will be just doing overlapping spots for a lot of it anyway. Welding upside down is a pain in the ass (or ear when the weld blobs go in there) so get some height on the side if you can. Do some practice on your scrap, clean tight joints help a ton as does no wind if outside. watch some urchfab for panel welding technique:
  14. Sausage

    lupo tdi

    How are they balanced? Do they have more meat on the back of the head area? They are a very marmite wheel and i fall into the disgust camp on them but those splitties do make them easier to stomach...
  15. Amazed that got past the swear filter LOL. Best bargain was my black TDI hillclimb shed i am currently driving. I got a 6 speed TDI box for £1. No use to me, but i bid on it and got it.
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