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  1. Far too early to tell if it has worked. He didnt wait to see what happened after flushing, so the old catch 22 of was there a problem or did someone put oil in the water by mistake and he's wasted £40? If it is a leak it could well be quite slow anyway otherwise a cup of oil will be off the dipstick and obviously being lost and would have shown up in routine maintenance. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sodium_silicate#Automotive_repair interesting stuff...
  2. A tenner might be worth the gamble, I dont think £40 is. You may as well use it as is while monitoring its oil and water quality and levels.
  3. Sausage

    Change gear ratios...

    You can see the case webbing that gets in the way of the puller legs there, although it is other shaft in pic.
  4. Sausage

    Change gear ratios...

    You wont be getting any 02J bits on 085 shafts...
  5. If oil is getting in the water and not water getting in the oil then the oil is under higher pressure, I doubt any treatment you put in the water will work in this case, but if you can find it cheap enough then a few quid is worth the gamble. There is oil seal in the head gasket around high pressure feed, that area would be prime suspect. Worth flushing system out and seeing what happens then though, maybe some doofus has put oil in the water by mistake (it happens).
  6. n18 does egr. Three solenoid valves on bulkhead where ecu sits, n18 is middle one. Look for broken pipes or wrong plumbing.
  7. OK thought you meant the metal one, that is just vacuum hose, if the split is near an end or there is enough slack just shorten it. Any motor factors should have suitable stuff by the meter otherwise. Yes probably throw that code, as no vaccum moving the egr valve. I think the electric connector is for position sense, but could well be entirely wrong.
  8. https://www.clubpolo.co.uk/topic/213191-afh-14-16-16v-bottom-end-conversion/ havent seen anything similar for 75hp 1.4 though....
  9. Sausage

    Change gear ratios...

    The little legs are from a 3 legged puller and there was no way 3 legs will get in there as there are bits of gearbox case in the way of one of them under the gear, so I put those little legs on a larger 2 leg puller. There is only one viable position even with two legs, that is why i had to shave one right down to get it in there. 100c on the heating if i remember right, I suppose the plastic can take that or else they just expect you to renew them. I just gave it some juice on the burner until it was too hot to touch while the puller had some pressure on it. Didnt bother with heat when refitting though.
  10. Sausage

    Change gear ratios...

    Finding a cheap / scrap box with the right codes to pillage 5th gear would take some luck and time. I fixed 5th on my 1.4s under the arch, hardest bit is making a 2 legged puller and shaping the legs to fit the gear, luckily it wasnt on there tight so the thing i ended up with worked a treat.
  11. What is the prize for guessing correctly?
  12. Sausage

    Change gear ratios...

    eqx and fff 1.9 diesel have longer 5th gear, but not by the amount you want. https://workshop-manuals.com/volkswagen/polo-mk3/power_transmission/5-speed_manual_gearbox_085/technical_data/gearbox_identification/code_letters_gearbox_allocation_ratios_capacities_2/ 185/60/14 is indeed the sweet spot for 14 tyres.
  13. The angle the reel is at seems to do the trick as well.
  14. what are your windows doing / not doing? Switches are weak, regulator bits are weak. You can bypass switch as here:
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