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  1. KAM racing manifold and exhaust system and a good remap (no mention of remap) maybe it might get somewhere near there, but it sounds optimistic or a generous dyno or else just a wild guess. Or, it could just be a typo. The rear camber is shameful though...
  2. H'mm hope it isnt nearly as bad as that, but didnt poke it to find out. I have a co2 extinguisher i forgot about so dont need gas. Police are here tomorrow for my statement, they will be looking to charge him with dangerous driving among other things.
  3. I'm on it. Supposedly better weather all next week so will see if i can get most of it done then. Dragged it out today, has a rust hole in front subframe that will need welding so I'll see if i can get gas sorted out. I'll stick the original engine back in with a new clutch and JDD box instead of doing double duty moving everything across from my wrecked one.
  4. Not sure yet, I'll see if i can pull / push the damage out and get the door opening and shutting again mainly just to see if I can. Track day car? Does the shell actually have to be crushed? I doubt it, I'll send the docs in though as I think i have to.
  5. Someone on reddit said the car has done 120k in 3 years, I dont know as i havent checked to confirm, but if so, I think he drives like this most of the time would be my guess. I am on to the tigra insurance for the £350 excess, if no joy then the free motor legal solicitors will pursue it for me.
  6. Nothing definite yet, I dont need a car for work so there isnt a huge rush. The red TDI was the main idea originally, but a Golf TDI 4motion has reappeared, shame about the VED band on it but i do fancy one.
  7. Correct, I misremembered on reddit when I said he was blaming the overtaker, he actually just couldnt understand why the black car stopped in the road and was blaming him, i told him why he'd had to stop to avoid the head on. So yes he wasnt paying attention or was too close. It could have been much worse, I saw him stick his nose round and was about to make the corrections when he changed his mind and dived for the verge. Time was running at half speed in those last few seconds, all i know is try not to make it worse by taking desperate measures to avoid a minor shunt especially if that puts you at fault. Distances and perspective in the footage are nothing like what i was seeing. i go quiet in the footage when i am on extreme concentration and threat assessment, it took a while to realise the black car was actually completely stationary, the car up the bank appeared over the subarus bonnet from my perspective likely as I had been looking at the brake lights of the two cars ahead of me and my distance to them which had closed, they got off their brakes and resumed their journey, I was distracted by the car going up the bank and then the Tigra appeared as well. As said already, that was fine, but changing his mind was not. Ever had a dream where you cant run when pursued by things or people? It was like that.
  8. Dog is fine, the seats were down in the back like a van and he was on a tether and harness to stop him entering the front of the car in a sudden braking or crash, he hit the back of the folded seats which flop about and is mostly foam with heavy wire supports. He indicated some stiffness in right shoulder the next day when getting up from a nap but that was after normal idiocy and running about, normal since then. I'm with Aviva. I have always viewed insurance a necessary evil who will do everything in their powers to avoid paying out, so i always go no frills. Protected no claims sounds great but you are paying the same as the difference every year to have it instead of just taking it on the chin after a claim. Legal protection there are free alternatives available (i just signed up to one thanks to @mk2 I should get the £350 excess back but not sure off who. I am an insurance claims noob having never had a crash (involving more than just me) or made a claim before.
  9. Probably not bent, i got a new wishone to go straight in it today when i was expecting it to be a pig if bent any, looks to have just moved it a bit but wont really know until i take it off and see it rocking on the floor from twist. i didnt have my phone with me so no pics, I think the wheels hit so I ripped his rear left suspension back.
  10. There could be a valve in the rack that is sticking, if the fluid is old and dirty try draining it and fresh stuff, or there are additives that might unstick it. Otherwise balljoint, strut top etc. Undo the steering ball joint and see if the strut all moves happy, then try it with a jack under the bottom balljoint to simulate some weight on it.
  11. notchy or consistent extra effort?
  12. It's CAT B, parts only and shell crushed, never to return to the road and DVLA will not issue docs on it. I didnt bother contesting that as it is quite bad on the corner and A pillar plus the VIN number disappeared down behind the dashboard so it wouldnt get another MOT without it anyway. Front subframe moved back about 10mm on front mounting bolt so probably bent, steering rack is fine it wouldnt move while unloading because the hub knuckle castor was at 90 degrees from normal and the wheel was jammed in the arch (it was outside the arch at the scene), track rod end thread was stretched and bent.
  13. Oh, why? I own it, I bought the salvage. Or do you mean some other reason? I've stripped the damaged corner and going to put a drive shaft, wishbone etc back on just to get it mobile again today.
  14. Red one needs the back seats and belts as it was used as a van, same red mouse seats too. What do you need
  15. Loads of bits for sale? Naw, every panel is damaged or marked up from the crash and stupid recovery / storage yard. I did get it delivered back to my drive next day by the insurance though when i was thinking i'd have to recover that home on my own time and money. But the nice bits remain except one front shock which got beat about quite hard (not burst as I initially thought, that was a loosened brake union on that caliper pouring brake fluid on the road, I thought it smelled and tasted like brake fluid but was a bit foggy with other things to sort out at the time). I'll try and shift an engine though as dont need 3 TDI engines and a gearbox or two. Engine, gearbox, suspension (if that beat up Koni looks worth saving) and stainless exhaust will go on the red one. I might stick the long ratio JDD in instead and flog on the LSD box though, not sure yet.
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