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  1. Shove it on axle stands and run it in all gears then freewheel it to a holt and see what it does or not in this case
  2. It’ll probably do stupid money and that’s because of the bonus plate history. Anyone want to guess the sale price??????
  3. I’ve known the rubber weight on the drive shaft cause that if it’s rotten. It might have been disturbed and it’s just as you described
  4. Hey Rich that’s exactly the same thought I had, 50% of the value in my case but you’ve got to look at it as personal accessories ‘loaned’ to the car whilst in ownership. @ArosaScott sorry for side tracking off your subject
  5. If your referring to the post what I put I believe so and blue too. Best part of £400 ouch!
  6. Bolts already in acid pickle to get the OEM look.... more pics soon...
  7. So as bits are so cheap for std stuff I’ve pushed the boat out and virtually bought.... EVERY THING! Just on a rip out today. Even dropped the subframe, I'm replacing....... wishbones, cv joints, front struts, rear struts, rear bump stops, arb, in exchange for gti version front discs and pads, front wheel bearings, The rest is getting soda blasted, etched primed, 2k satin black and zinc plated for which I’m new to.
  8. No but was thinking about those dab window aerials and how ugly they are. As it happens Ive just bought a Retro blaupunkt dab Bluetooth new as I wanted a fresh start as I have some ugly space craft radio in the ‘Rossa’. I spoke just this morning to a friend of mine with a sprinter van and he mentioned and showed me he’s got an aftermarket dab too but replaced his ‘not very good reception’ aerial with a ‘combined ‘ bee sting style one from eBay that does both ordinary FM and DAB.
  9. Back to to story.... again.. first week of use and I took it to work. I shoved it on the two poster ramp and properly inspected it... One hole, near side drain plug surround, thin jacking point humps on the floor then came the scary bit.. a brake pipe that could only be described similar in looks to a heavily frayed handbrake cable where all the outer strands have gone to just leave a couple of inners held together! Omg 😱 I left the car at work that night as that SURELY WAS DANGEROUS! mit had only done 418 miles from its last mot six months ago but no way can it deteriorate
  10. Spotted on Varley road Slaithwaite Huddersfield silver lupo GTI
  11. I’m on ‘The Triumph Forum’ as they have a successful premium ad free policy for £5 pa. This is optional to whoever is happy with the payment. I’m happy to double that because a good percentage of info on here is useful to me. If people just come on here occasionally then adverts won’t kill them but regularly users might also be happy with ad free for a running cost fee.
  12. @weslangdonI’m curious to how much it was for your remap vs chip vs difference over std then difference over chip.
  13. Ok that’s a fair point to do it. Cheers Eric
  14. @weslangdonI was trying to think about that one, tdi sport? Thought they didn’t do one but then I remembered about ‘a petrol car’ as I’ve been fixated with diesels. Is it so much better to have a re-map than a simple cost effective chip ? The chip was summat I already had lying around from the previous vw and convenient to hand.
  15. Its not that severe, I mostly use an iPhone and I'd rather pay a premium that have my phone cluttered with rubbish I dont want to buy.
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