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  1. Another one to the ‘outside ‘ collection of paint jobs, this is as we all know it ‘the famous helicopter pad’ for flies!! Just painted my Rossa bonnet and chanced it, it’s paid off today!
  2. Well I’ve just replaced my 109 as it conked everywhere and was dangerously inconvenient. Mine went so hot you couldn’t touch it but the new one runs lukewarm only. As for your other symptoms I’m not able to tell
  3. Oh yes, it was bound to happen, the dreaded low clutch pedal. I’ve chanced it for a while now knowing that the location tab is about to snap and a job I didn’t want to do but yesterday I got it down to 1/3 travel and I know it would end in tears so I’ve pulled it apart now.
  4. That crossmember is 3mm thick and hand folded!! As for the paintwork I can’t be arsed and I just do bikes these days as it’s easier.
  5. It’s a 1960s merc 190SL. They did the 300SL too but it had gullwing doors. It’s a three month metalwork job and I’m two and a half in.
  6. This is what I’m on with currently…..
  7. Well paintwork and restoration is a real labour of love as it’s what I’m involved with.
  8. I replaced all four this time last year but I’ve a harsh noisy ride. I’ve replaced many other things too as they are so cheap but I can’t say I’ve a car of luxury after doing it all.
  9. That reminds me… bought a spurious 109 and it works perfectly! I’ve still left the rhs dash lower off and check the top of the new relay daily for temperature and it’s luke warm so problem sorted at last!
  10. I need a very clean or close nsf arosa mk2 wing. I don’t mind a slightly dented item but it needs to be scab free by that I don’t mean for someone to just knock the top off a scab and aerosol over. Any colour will do although I prefer not to have red if it’s a choice. Needs to be sensibly priced too.
  11. Well it’s a waiting game and a very exiting one too. Half of the fun is the find.
  12. It’s quite a big step in price from an ordinary to good condition lupo. I personally can’t bring myself to pay those eye watering prices vs what you actually get but still they are nice and will become assets. In my opinion the best of the bunch for real value, still a drivers car and fun is the lupo Tdi. They also are becoming assets. Obviously this won’t answer what you want to hear.
  13. It’s not a major make over I need right now as I’ve lots of other jobs demanding my time on the car but thanks
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